Advantages and drawbacks of using web anonymously

Internet freedom is a controversial concern nowadays, and there are some findings found that utilizing web without registered their real name will trigger some important issues as cyber bullying, stealing or intimidating since customers don’t must have any responsibility about what they stated. However, utilizing internet anonymously are also some advantages which gives a vital safety to web users. In this text, the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. Using web anonymously provides some advantages to some internet customers.

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First, it may possibly shield users’ privateness in an effective method. In this period of know-how development, social community platform like facebook or twitter, it required customers to upload their personal information and maintain an everlasting report. It is a darkish facet of the use of social network platform that those information may be used in a industrial method with out users’ authorization. This action is stealing our data and invading our privateness in a gray zone. Using web anonymously can help protecting user’s data.

According to Andrea (2013, P.32) , privateness is similar to human right, which must be protected preferentially. Therefore, anonymously utilizing internet is a approach to protect users’ information not to be leaked.

Also avoid that users’ info is not going to be utilized in a worthwhile means or an illegal method. Secondly, anonymously giving a remark to some crucial points or controversial subjects can even shield customers not to be traceable. Andrea (2013) noted that for some individuals who do not want to use their real name for giving some donation, not using their real identification is their privilege to take action.

Some of the customers are inclined to touch upon some points in a critical method and aggressive method, if using internet needs them to register their actual name, thus, customers who gave powerful feedback may be investigated their responsibility, and users then may not prepared to tell the truth so as to protect themselves, they usually could left their comments in a pretended way. This state of affairs is said to the social justice. A discovering in 2013 (Fu, Chan, & Chau, 2013) launched a real-name registration system to microbloggers in China which required them to give comments with their nick name or real name, and this policy cause a chilling impact on commenting on microblog, especially on political criticism and sensitive subjects. Therefore using internet anonymously is an efficient way to encourage citizens to criticize on controversial subject and contribute to the society.

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Alternatively, using internet without their real identity additionally has some disadvantages. Lack of accountability is a primary downside which brought on by anonymity. Clapperton (2013) noted that using user’s real name to comment mean that before they write, a transparent pondering is needed, and when user is going to write some contentious then he should discover some helps for it. It implied that virtually all of anonymous web user won’t have responsibility to bear with what they’ve commented, and they can issue some misleading expression without any consequence. Through the media on internet, these expression can be simply send to the others, thus the credibility will hold growing that citizens might mistakenly consider in it. Therefore an environment with lies and rumors is built in our society, which may disrupt public order. The last and the most important point is that anonymity will cause some illegal activity. Cyber bullying is probably one of the essential problems among youngsters in this technology. Based on the view of lacking responsibility, Clapperton (2013) discovered that some internet customers are inclined to use some offensive remark to criticize the others.

Some of the remark recipients are being intimidating which broken their vanity, and it may drive them to self-harm and suicide after being attacked to have the ability to escape from the blame. This view reveals that those customers could not know what consequence and influence they made to the remark receiver, additionally the stress they built on the remark receiver. In the analysis (Claudia, 2012), some anonymous message were posted in AgriBioTech Inc. company’s forum in 1999, which declare that the company was bankruptcy, it caused that the company’s shares plummeted, and have a severe loss. It demonstrated that the power of rumors, and this illegal action can brought on a company to be beset with a crisis.

Those issues are vital and ought to be improved in the future. In concluding this transient article, there are each advantages and disadvantages on utilizing web anonymously. In fact, using internet anonymously may help stopping privateness leakage and defending users’ freedom of speech, which can preserve our social discipline. However, utilizing internet anonymously can also weaken internet users’ responsibility, and provides some offensive comments. It may possible to evolve the state of affairs to cyber bullying, which provides the receiver an enormous mentally impact.

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