Advertisement Essay

Anywhere a person looks; there will always be some form of advertisement. Billboards, posters, fliers, and other forms of media are visible almost everywhere. Advertising is a mass communication in the world today, and has been around since 1841. Whether people agree with it or not, it’s not going anywhere. Advertisements are essentially everywhere. No one can go anywhere without seeing at least one advertisement. They’re placed on radios, TVs, magazines and even billboards. Advertisers pay media companies to place their ads in such places and therefore the media companies make money off their ads. Advertiser’s main purpose is to influence the consumer to buy their product. They may lie about the product to make it sound better so more people would want to buy it. It can mislead the consumers to believe that any given product can make them popular, or beautiful. I don’t necessarily like advertisements, but I don’t like them either.

Advertisements are everywhere, and it’s your choice to read and believe them or not read and not believe them. I agree, they are misleading but how else would people know about a new product or new improved or additions? Advertising exerts a large impact on us, bringing about good and bad consequences in people’s life. An example would be, if you were looking through the summer edition of a magazine and you see a Hollister advertisement on a page and the models are in bathing suits, in which they are all fairly skinny. If you were a little meatier than them you would probably think to yourself “I wish I was that skinny.” Or “I wish I looked like that.” That’s the bad consequence about advertising. There’s a huge impact on teens while looking through their favorite magazine or even watching TV. Another reason I feel advertising isn’t the best is, it can mislead the consumer into wasting money on something that either doesn’t work or will end up breaking.

The good side to advertising is it can let people know about free clinics, blood drives, and events coming up in the area. Of course, it’s not going to tell you everything about the event or clinic because an advertisement is something brief about it, and they’re trying to get you to be interested about it. Some companies sponsor charity events or sport events to advertise with blimps, airplane signs; on-screen ads and even t-shirts in exchange for free advertising. If you were to think about every ad you’ve read, there really isn’t a limit to it. They really don’t care how vulgar or misinterpreting it could be, they’re getting paid for it so whatever they have to do to get your attention, they will. Advertisement should have a limit of what they can put on ads.