Advertising and Imagery: Big Mac Attack!

The health dangers represented by extreme consumption of fast food corresponding to that marketed by McDonald’s, although gaining elevated recognition today, remain largely unknown or unacknowledged by a fantastic many sectors of the American pubic. This is the premise which motivated the image pictured in Adbusters and subjected to discussion right here. Entitled “Big Mac Attack,” the advertisement parody featured here uses darkish humor rather than dry statistical information in order to drive house the purpose to fast meals lovers and the basic public that fast meals results in high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart illness.

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The ad’s subject is a surgical procedure room, which does not in any direct method seem to handle the pictures related to quick food. With an EKG monitor occupying the left hand foreground, the right-bound background exhibits a doctor and an assistant poring over an unseen coronary heart patient. From the angle of the viewer, the patient’s toes are seen, poking morbidly from the blanket overlaying the otherwise obscured body.

The sharp right angle of the EKG monitor cuts in diagonally from off-screen, with the entire of the machine not totally seen.

The bottom horizontal line forming the proper angle serves to underline the lone print featured on the screen. The phrase ‘Big Mac Attack! ’ is featured right here, as if a part of the EKG show. On the decrease register of the vertical line in the proper angle, a perpindicular line indicates the front edge of the skinny mattress body. With nearly perfect symmetry, the patient’s visible feet are angled outward and centered in this portion of the image.

The two surgeons flanking him complete this symmetrical impression.

Other shapes maintain the inflexible consistency of the picture, such as the chart dangling from the bed and the working lamp hanging just above the patient. The lone level of distinction from this rigid angular orientation is in the distinguishing statement of worth. This is the picture of the so-called “Golden Arches,” which have been superimposed into the guts monitor read-out proven on the EGK machine. Here, the familiarity of the McDonald’s brand serves against the company’s image-management.

Without depicting any of the themes such as enjoyable, household and deliciousness that help it to promote its model name, the advert invokes McDonald’s by utilizing its household brand. This is enough to assist make clear the purpose of the set of displayed pictures. Additionally, the farcical tone of the work turns into extra apparent right here. The faded and morose quality of the imagery here is interrupted only by the swooping image and its attendant colours. Indeed, the chromatic contrast right here meant also plays a major part in devising the impression to be drawn from the work.

Specifically, the bleak blue, white and gray which haze over the affected person and his physicians, sharply supplemented by the midnight blue and black hues of the EKG monitor, drive residence a sense of impending doom. In the midst of this, the pink and yellow parts of the ‘Golden Arches’ permit this part of the image to attract the main focus of attention. This underscores the worth of the work, which is driven by each its criticism of the product in question and its exploitation of the success which McDonald’s has loved as a tremendously marketed model icon.

The composition is thusly conveyed, presenting the quite express assertion that quick meals may be lethal. Moreover, we’re lead by the medium and approach to suggest that the authors of the advert parody also consider that McDonald’s promoting supremacy has been a direct contributing factor to the public well being hazard represented by the public. This is, if nothing else, a small try recontextualize the model image to fulfill public well being somewhat than retail goals.