Advertising Campaign for a Soul Food Restaurant

The general goal of the advertising campaign for this soul meals restaurant is to bring customer awareness to ethnic meals varieties. Oftentimes, consumers assume that the varied ethnic foods are particular to that ethnicity. The campaign is geared towards changing these belief methods; deliver consciousness to this model of meals, and create an eating experience that may induce repeat customers. This may entail some sampling promotions of our product and pursuing the customer’s interest in our product.

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If they are at present exhibiting interest in our product, we are going to construct on that by asking these questions that can affect their intent to purchase.

We will also have a look at a bigger scale of promoting and extra methods. The finances for our promoting campaign will be allocated primarily based on historical knowledge generated out there. We will implement the objective-and-task budgeting method. Based on the build-up evaluation, we have identified that we will attain all demographics all through the United States.

Based on this issue and the frequency and timeframe that we wish to run the ad marketing campaign, our budget price shall be in depth.

Once we now have looked on the production price, we’re in a position to determine the media expenditures as a outcome of we’ve gathered enough data. Of course we anticipate having to change the price range, but to not a big diploma. Our finances execution will have flexibility and range primarily based on publicity in the marketplace. Copy Platform: Ad Subject: Soul Food Ethnic Cuisine

Product Characteristics: Delicious, soulful, traditional, rich in heritage Advertising Objective: To attraction to all ethnicities by reiterating that this type of food is not just for the African American heritage however for everybody.

Target Market: Families, couples, singles, professional, all ethnic teams all through the US. Key benefits: Good old fashions house prepare dinner meal, moderately priced. Claims and guarantees: The most favorable food you will style.