A&F company

Companies like J. Crew (http://www. jcrew. com) and banana republic (http://www. bananarepublic. com) are targeting lots of the similar consumers as Abercrombie & Fitch. Visit their websites and focus on how their advertising strategies are different from these of A&F. Would you counsel any modifications in these strategies that would enable these two corporations to higher position themselves in the minds of consumers? Banana republic and J. Crew’s advertising plan is geared more towards the yuppie crowd.

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Viewing their websites you are drawn to the clothes, the patterns colors and styles.

The again grounds of each sites are white giving no distraction to the viewer. The format on both websites is clear and to the point not giving incentives to look and keep on the location longer than essential. For both banana republic and J. Crew, it’s concerning the product they’re promoting not the fashions who are wearing the garments. A&F’s site nevertheless is the whole opposite.

It’s all in regards to the models and how the fashions look of their garments. Their website again ground is charcoal gray which boosts the features of the models.

The models have next to nothing on posing in very alluring positions. They actually have a models club on the site where you possibly can view former models. I even have discovered something fascinating, I had no thought Channing Tatum was a former A&B model! They should comply with a little bit of the A&F design, add color to the back floor of the location, and have a club page not for the models however perhaps for contests, particular occasions or group service.

Something that can enable viewers to stay on their website longer, engage them perhaps gets concerned in something they are offering.

They ought to enhance their follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram; making the icons a lot bigger so that you wish to simply click on and add.

The success of specialty clothes shops has come on the expense of enormous department shops like Sears and J. C. Penney. What can department stores do to make themselves extra related to the youth subculture? The department shops ought to do a advertising examine on the youth marketing phase and how they store, what they store for and what inspires them.

Today its technology, social networks, clubs stylish clothes etc…. department shops have to gear toward this phase and develop a advertising plan that comes with in retailer runway exhibits, contests to win the latest cellular phone or tablet, higher younger individuals, dazzle the shop windows with the younger parts to call a number of. They can use up and coming stars to endorse their stores.

Check out the Hot Topic web site (http://www. hottopic. com). Compare the sub- markets (subcultures) Hot Topic is aiming for with those of Abercrombie & Fitch. Identify the behaviors, affective responses, and cognitions most essential in shopping at each retailer. Hot Topic is aiming for the subculture of grunge youth.

The radical youngsters with the piercing, tattoos who journey skateboards love raves and dare to wear the outrageous kinds. This tradition doesn’t care about picture, prestige and designer hand luggage. They usually are not competing for coolness; they’re a group that their skate boards, music dance and events are the necessary factors. Their garments principally depict how they really feel, and the onerous core statements they are attempting to make. A&F youngsters wish to be cool; they’re over the top aware of keeping up with their pals to remain within the cool standing. Their seems are put collectively very carefully, they want standing and prestige.

They want to be noticed. This youth has a uniqueness of eager to be beautiful, be a part of one thing maybe a charity, maybe fashion, maybe an athlete. The interesting thing is at Hot Topics shops the music isn’t loud and the gross sales folks say hiya and ask when you need help. A&B as you is aware blast their music and sales people don’t discuss to you unless you strategy them.

How can A&F guard towards turning into too mainstream and experiencing a buyer backlash? Do you consider it’s attainable for A&F to remain popular with younger shoppers for a span of many years?

A&F has a really distinctive advertising strategy which works and can continue to work. They don’t pressure themselves on everyone, they draw their customers within the form of beauty, and the way gorgeous one could look if they simply buy their clothes. They use perception very methodically. I’m undecided if they may ever turn into to mainstream. They need to make sure they don’t go overboard with in your face advertising; they want to keep it at a perception level, keep on track with the horny tactic, don’t go heavy into the children market and make sure they stay on prime of the developments. I do consider that A&F will stay popular for a few years to come back.As long as there is a need and want to look lovely and sexy and to have a standing of popularity A&B will stay in good standing.

Both A&F and The Gap try to use their brand names to market clothing to totally different age teams. For instance, A&F has opened a series of children’s stores known as abercrombie (lowercase “a”), whereas Gap, Inc. has had success with GapKids and BabyGap. Discuss the advantages and potential disadvantages of such a diversification strategy. There is a good benefit to this as a concentrated concentrating on technique . They found a niche where kids and baby garments have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds.

All parents want their babies within the cute little jeans with the polo shirts or the leggings with the belted dress shirts they’re too cute! As the children turn into older mother and father need them to remain fashionable and this will likely transfer into sustaining a standing, and elegance. These mini grownup clothes attraction to the parents who put on the brands and to the grandparents who know the way lovable these youngsters will look in them. The kids themselves who now are extraordinarily into their own style mindset and have money to spend are drawn to those shops because they are replicating the grownup kinds and since youngsters need to grow up quick the appears are excellent.

IF they have a advertising group concentrating on just this segment they can put all their ideas into understanding the wants, motives and satisfactions of this phase and on growing this specific advertising combine. The drawback to this strategy could probably be “If the section becomes too small or shrinks due to environmental change”. This may happen if there’s a decline in pregnancies or if folks resolve that it’s just not interesting anymore and it not becomes a necessity.