Agribot Mechanical structure


Agribot is a robot that’s designed for agricultural purposes to reduce the labor of farmers in addition to growing the pace and accuracy of the work. It is a multi-purpose autonomous robotic that helps in seed sowing and pesticide spraying to prevent crops and increase the productivity. Agribot is a revolution, which enters into orchards and plantations. Completely changes the way we think about finishing up work on the safety and plant breeding. Find out how you can benefit from this revolution.

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Literature Review

The major function of the project is to increase productivity and effectiveness of agricultural land. It will assist in sowing of agricultural land and to stop it from undesirable pests. It will use picture processing for pesticides spraying to determine the undesirable weeds and can sow seeds after common intervals.

A lot of research has already been carried out on agribots and they’re getting used successively in agricultural lands. In July 2014 a paper was printed by Amritanshu Srivastava.

This paper describes the DTMF technology to control the robotic automobile for farming. In Feb 2016 ASHISH LALWANI published a paper on autonomous agribots for sensible farming. This paper describes the harvesting and seeding by using Agribot which is controlled by Arduino. In April 2017 Arnold Flavious printed a paper on Agricultural Robots. This paper describes a robot contains a hopper, harvester and plougher mechanism. These elements are controlled by AT89S52 and operated by remote control.

Mechanical structure

The mechanical construction of our Agribot are mainly comprise of following components.

  • Acrylic frame
  • Aluminum sheet
  • Fly wheel
  • Bearings
  • Shaft
  • Chain drive
  • Tank Caterpillar Mechanism
  • Solenoid valve
  • X-Y Plotter Mechanism

Acrylic Frame:

It is often utilized in sheet type as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. PMMA means poly methyl methacrylate, also called acrylic glass. It is also a clear thermoplastic.

Acrylic is used for signs, displays, windows of roofs, and screens. Acrylic is a clear plastic that’s used because it is ability replace the glass. But it’s also used for demanding constructions for similar to home windows in fiber optics in the flat TV screens.

Aluminum Sheet:

Aluminum sheet is outlined as chilly rolled material over zero.2mm thick but not exceeding to 6mm thick.

It is a sheet that may be a uncooked materials for components as various and as automotive facet panels, storage tanks partitions, structure panels and indicators. The properties of aluminum sheet show that it has excessive performance, durability and long life for its end merchandise. These includes: Low weight. Excellent corrosion resistance.

Gauge sizes are the numbers that point out the thickness of a sheet steel piece, with a higher number to a thinner sheet referred. The equal thicknesses completely different foreach gauge measurement that have been developed for a given material based mostly on the weight of sheet.


It is a wheel in a machine that’s heavy revolving and that’s used to extend the machine’s momentum and provide stability higher or of obtainable energy reserve.

A mechanical gadget that is a flywheel is particularly designed to retailer rotational vitality efficiently. By their moment of inertia it resist the adjustments in rotational speed. The flywheel has stored amount of power is proportional to rotational pace of squares. By making use of a torque with its symmetry axis the is method to change a flywheel’s saved power is it by increasing or decreasing its rotational velocity.

Common makes use of of a flywheel entails:

Smoothing the power output of an power supply. E.g. In reciprocating engines flywheels are used as a outcome of the torque active from the person pistons is damaged.

Energy storage systems.

Rates at delivering the vitality past the of an energy supply capacity. By summing energy of flywheel over time and then releasing it shortly, at charges that enhance the skills of the energy supply it is achieved.

Mechanical system orientation controlling , response wheel and gyroscope.


A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative movement to solely at the desired motion, and reduces friction between shifting components.

Bearing is used to for linear or rotational motion, whereas decreasing friction and stress handling. Bearings actually allow units to roll, that reduces the friction between the surface of rolling and surface of the bearing.

A mechanical bearing is a component used between two parts that enables rotational or liner movement, reducing friction and enhancing performance to avoid wasting power.


A shaft is basically a machine factor that’s moving or rotating , usually circular in the cross part, which is used to transmit power from one type or half to another, or from a machine which makes energy to a machine which absorbs the power.

Shaft can be a factor for reworking torque and rotation, due to distance or the necessity to permit for respective movement between them. It is normally used to attach other elements that can not be fix immediately.

Chain Drive:

The way of transforming mechanical energy from one place or point to another place or point is chain drive. To convey energy to the automobile wheels, largely bicycles and motorcycles. It can additionally be used in a most number of machines.

Tank Caterpillar Mechanism:

Caterpillar tracks work on the same precept as a conveyer belt. The tank engine rotates a number of metal sprockets, which move a observe made up of lots of of metal links. The tank’s wheels journey alongside the moving monitor, just like the wheels in a automotive run alongside the street.

Solenoid valve:

A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve. The valve is managed by an electric present via a solenoid: within the case of a two-port valve the move is switched on or off. Solenoid valves are essentially the most regularly used management parts in fluidics. Their duties are to close off, launch. In this method solenoid valve like arrangement is used to drop the seeds within the farm when seeding is to be carried out by robot.

X-Y Plotter Mechanism:

An X-Y plotter is a plotter that operates in two axes of movement to have the ability to draw continuous vector graphics. The time period was used to differentiate it from commonplace plotters which had management only of the “y” axis, the “x” axis being constantly fed to supply a plot of some variable with time

The invention of the X-Y plotters is to recording or plotting two-dimensional data on a rectangular coordinate system. This study emphasizes the fabrication of a XY plotter by using mechanism from scanner and microcontroller system (Arduino) to control the movement of XY axis. Modeling and evaluation on X-Y plotter is carried out via the pc linked with the Arduino software program. It is executed by way of the algorithm and G-Code and Java programming.