Agricultural Tools

Farmers in Medieval instances didn’t have tractors or farm machines as we do at present. All that a farmer wanted was a horse or ox, a spouse and a plough.

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The mould-board plough was invented after the autumn of the Roman empire by Slavic tribes. This sophisticated device was made out of metallic and wooden. The design allowed six or extra oxen to pull the plough which was used to interrupt up floor, or heavy, clay burdened soils.

The second invention was the horse collar.

The old horse deal with was ineffective because an animal couldn’t use its full power. The new horse collar did enable horses to use their full energy when pulling a plough, or heavy loads. This created an enormous enhance within the horse population, because the horse was extra versatile a beast of burden than the ox.

In later years people discovered the 3 area system from trial and error. The 3 area system was the system the place a field was left fallow for a few years, relying on the standard of the soil, while two different fields have been planted with crops.

Farmers would then rotate fields leaving a different area fallow in order that it could rebuild its fertility.