Agrifort Technologies Company Analysis

Activity: manufacture of other chemical products

Agrifort applied sciences is a start-up joint venture newly established agri-input company integrated in 2016. Within a short time period,company had an incredible development by enhancing productivity,extra gross sales as each year passes,extra varieties of product have been launched and bettering high quality by way of merchandise. Now,agrifood has turned out to be a leading position within the farming-agricultural sector.

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Agriculture is probably the most very important & necessary sector of indian economy.India has emerged as a second largest producer of vegetables and fruits.

It contribute 18%of india’s gross home product(GDP) and provides 50% of employment to the international locations workforce.The commitment of agri-business in the nationwide revenue is more,it’s mentioned that agriculture is the backbone for indian econmy.

They initially operated their start-up from uttrakhand and uttarpradesh because the soil is highly nutritious,provides good yield and a great climatic condition to proceed with experimentand have suggestions from farmers about product efficiency and its need then after some period of time they’ve expanded their business in states of Himanchal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh & African international locations dubai-as an international boundaries and few extra in state of india.

Expanding gave additional motivation to increase operations with higher confidence.

Their goal clients are farmers who they want to offer increased-yielded farmed revenue through numerous vary of our eco friendly and price effective methods. They have advertising networks inside the geographical boundaries and also tie-ups with international community.

The firm guarantees on introducing new product yearly by way of collaborations with and aadvanced expertise and is continuously analyzing to introduce the most recent research primarily based product for the betterment of farming sector.

Their centre focus remains the same- TECHNOLOGIES. With a fast rising financial system and rising per capita income, india is considered one of the most favorite destination for brand new applied sciences and investments significantly in agricultural areas.

Agrifort is now properly poised to show a techno leaf in serving to farmers to improve their productiveness and quality via revolutionary products. Mission is to develop,collaborate and offer excessive technologies,services and products for optimum farm output source.

Agrifort applied sciences have international tie-ups with blue quadrant,Spanish international commerce corp international presents greater than four hundred products for foliar fertilizers.

They have an unlimited plan for product,market and customers but now they are planning to introduce big selection of merchandise in several varities of product like plant well being,bio product,crop protection chemicals,seeds,water soluble fertilizers and aquaculture enterprise in select geography the country and few African markets.

MERE GAON-MERE SAPNE is an uniquely progressive initiative the place agrifort technologies as a company is aiming at inspiring and motivating the rural youth to serve farming sector in course of scientific and sustainable agriculture.

For agrifort applied sciences, FARMERS IS THE PRIMARILY FOCAL POINT TO SERVE. They have given commitments to the farmers to introduce innovative products for progress and growth of crops, options and providers for them and want to contribute significantly and make a mark in the market.

Agrifort focusses on bringing price objects for soil and plant, Biocides, protected Crop Protection Chemicals, Hybrid seeds and Aqua Health Products and so on. Their vital highlight might be on Research and Development for cutting edge Nutrition items as a team.

  • Mission-To turn into one of the most trusted Agri-Input Companies to serve farming neighborhood in India and overseas for scientific and sustainable agriculture.
  • Vision-To develop, collaborate and offer worth added applied sciences, services and products for optimum farm output.

There are number of plan with merchandise and markets but,they’re desirous to present extensive scope of merchandise like Plant Health, Bio merchandise, Crop Protection Chemicals, Seeds, Water Soluble Fertilizers and aquaculture enterprise in select topography the nation and couple of African Markets.

MERA GAON – MERE SAPNE is an imaginative exercise which is remarkable of its thoughtful the place AgriFort Technologies as a corporation goes for rousing provincial youth to serve cultivating community towards logical and supportable agribusiness by bringing them into enterprise.

For AgriFort Technologies, FARMER IS THE FOCUL POINT TO SERVE. They are focused on convey creative items, preparations and administrations for them and wish to contribute essentially and make an imprint in the commercial center. organization’s institution is based on our worth frameworks which acknowledge us and information our every activity.



Organization construction is the framework which states that how actions are directed so as to obtain the goals of an organization which embody rules, roles and duties.

Organizational structure is internal sample of relationship, authority and communication. Inculcate the skills such as teamwork, communications and sensible knowledge.

The motive of summer internship program is to get an experience of varied sector and to gain practical knowledge about the way it works, alternative to work and be taught, what products are being supplied by company, how they promote, how they set and achieve their targets and give priviledge to fulfill professionals who’re within the area of their sector.

An authoritative structure of company ranges from managing director, chairman, chief working officer, director common managers. Name of director Designation

  1. Mr.L sharma Managing director
  2. Mr.sharad awasthi Chief operating officer
  3. Mr.Dk chopra Chairman
  4. Mr. Pradeep gangwar DGM-sales
  5. Mr.Alok bhadauria DGM-sales


L Sharma is Director with Global company Blue Quadrant. He is also Advisor with Agrifort Technologies for abroad Marketing and Strategies based at Dubai. Under his management, Agrifort is planning to open workplaces in USA to expand business over there.


Sharad Awasthi is Chief Operating Officer and Director with Agrifort Technologies with 20 years of experience in Agri-input industry. Previous to this he was handling Pan India Business operations for leading Indian home , leading a team of 200 professionals. During his tenure, he has additionally worked with renowned world companies


DK Chopra is Honorary Chairman with Agrifort Technologies with very rich experience of greater than four a long time in Agri-input Industry and globally recognized legend to develop businesses, markets and other people. He has labored with famend leading Agrochemical Companies.


Pradeep Gangwar (DGM- Sales) having extra 19 years of wealthy experience in agri enterprise he plays necessary function in establishing Agrifort product range in North Zone.


Alok Bhadauria (DGM- Sales) having more 15 years of wealthy experience in agri enterprise he performs important position in establishing Agrifort product vary in East Zone.

Continuity in offering Excellent Services and buyer satisfaction is increasing their demand out there.


Agrifort applied sciences is a kind of enterprises which guarantees to be amongst the entrance leaders to comeup as supporting palms to the farming sector in india by offering them new research based mostly solutions to improve their productivity of various crops.Agrifort is a start-up as they are introducing their merchandise in a variety to the community and getting excellenct outcomes. They are offering value added products for plant well being,nourishment,development,hybrid seeds and aqua health product and so forth.

Their main focus is on research and improvement for advanced vitamin merchandise. They offers varied types of products like:

  • Crop diet product
  • Crop safety chemicals
  • Biocides product
  • Seeds product
  • Micro nutrients
  • Seeds
  • Water soluble fertilizers
  • Aqua well being products

Initially, they began with the states of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and parts of Haryana and Madhya Pradesh by leading a strong foundation for its business in the fertile areas.

Agrifort products like vikelp, nutriflax, converter and hortis have discovered nice acceptance to farmer level as they emerged out in market with remarkable outcomes.

There are some merchandise of agrifort which had carried out excellence and an advanced outcomes to the crops of the farmers an the sale is growing at a steady fee. Few are as below and others they’ll introduce quickly in the community.


  • A most well-liked alternative for 2 major crops (Cotton & Paddy).
  • It is a contact and abdomen poison. It is non-systemic.

Preparation for Spray Solution:

Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required amount of Q-Fort resolution – 25% EC in it. Stir this resolution properly and mix it with the remaining amount of water.



Mode of Action:

SulFort is protective fungicide & miticide. It additionally offers Sulphur which is crucial plant nutrient.

Crop Spectrum Grapes, Mango, Pea, Cow pea, Apple, Cumin and so on.


  • SulFort is a dust free
  • It has instant dispersion and high suspensability in water, subsequently it don’t cause scorching.
  • It has sustained action for longer impact.
  • There are no stains on leaves and fruits after spraying, nor do leaves get burnt.


It is scientifically saturated into user pleasant soil-degradable granular formulation for higher injected in the subject. This course of which is unique and mastered by Agrifort Technologies imported from Ireland makes Vikelp Granules eco-friendly, hazardless and compatible with granular pesticides besides that are of alkaline in nature.


  • Seedling progress.
  • Early germination
  • Increased soil microbial exercise.
  • Higher nutrient uptake.
  • Reduction in the fruit and flower drop.
  • Better development of grains/fruits.
  • Increase in the measurement and weight of the grains/fruits.
  • [newline]

  • Higher yield and higher high quality of the produce

Product name-nutriflax(CROP NUTRITION)


  • Early germination.
  • Vigorous seedling growth.
  • Increased soil microbial activity.
  • Higher nutrient uptake.
  • Reduction within the fruit and flower drop.
  • Better growth of grains/fruits.
  • Increase in the measurement and weight of the grains/fruits.
  • Higher yield and better quality of the produce



  • SilFort can be applied with Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides
  • SilFort can be used on all crops including plantations, greens etc
  • It has distinctive property of rain fastness for its use in high rainfall area
  • It enhances dispersion of Wettable Powder
  • Preventive as properly as Curative Action
  • It reduces spray drift
  • Being Anionic/Non-ionic does not get neutralized


Agrifort expertise is a rising group which is performing nicely within the society and will quickly emerged out as front leaders.

First they experiment their new product in an acres of land,verify the outcomes after months-when the crop is well-grown then they introduce their product out there by advertising,campaigning,conferences with farmers are held in several areas.

They have supplied completely different kinds of item like:

  • Crop diet product
  • Crop safety chemicals
  • Biocides product
  • Seeds product
  • Micro nutrients
  • Seeds
  • Water soluble fertilizers
  • Aqua health products

They have strong basis in the areas of uttarakhand,uttarpradesh and selected elements of Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Products like nutriflax,vikelp,converter are having nice command locally.



  • Quality merchandise with clients satisfaction
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Good leadership
  • Distribution relationship
  • Good vary in nutrition
  • Strategic & productive subject acivities
  • Healthier for crops and crops
  • strong network


  • Training programfor subject staff
  • Limitation of resources
  • Limited capital
  • Timely announcement of schemes


  • New products &new technologies
  • International business
  • Market for certified natural products
  • strong network
  • organic pesticide and insecticides are eco-friendly


  • Inform the farmer in regards to the cautions, pros and cons of these pesticides and pesticides.
  • Make them aware of protected and suitable places to protect these pesticides and right doings to maintain its vitality.
  • Tell them in regards to the possible ways to keep surroundings pollution-free throughout and after their using.
  • Inform them concerning the harmful issues which could act upon users’ well being and prevention towards these malign results.


  • Advertisement of product on media like newspaper,television& magazines
  • Hoarding are organised
  • Banners are displayed in different corners of the city/town
  • Rickshaw,loudspeaker,tempos such means arehired to advertise their product
  • Meetings are organised
  • Seminars are organised
  • Trials are accomplished in front of farmers
  • Schemes are launched
  • Research institues are attended to spread consciousness abouttheir organisation

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