Aims and Objectives of The Body Shop

For this task I am required to determine my chosen organisations objectives and aims. My chosen organisation is The Body Shop, its objectives and aims are diverse compared to other businesses which are on the markets for expansion and profitability. In this task I am going to consider the most common objectives and goals, in doing so, I will examine its goals and goals to different companies.

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Business objectives are the said, measurable targets of how to obtain enterprise goals. For occasion, we want to obtain gross sales of £10 million in European markets in 2005.

Objective/s should be S.M.A.R.T., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time particular.

Business goals is where the enterprise needs to go sooner or later, its objectives. It is a press release of function, e.g. we need to develop the business into Europe.

Some aims are ‘social’ quite than industrial. The Body Shop goals ‘to dedicate our enterprise to the pursuit of social and environmental change’.

This is an purpose that’s for the nice of society quite than a business one.

Most companies aim to:

– Grow/Expand – this is carried out by rising the scale of the enterprise, perhaps by successful over the costumers or opening new branches.

– Profit – Many companies attempt to make as much of revenue as possible by providing their service or their product.

There are many more aims of businesses but they aren’t relevant as The Body Shops goals differ from regular businesses. Also public sector businesses have completely different goals and aims.

The Body Shops goals and goals differ to other major stores similar to Tesco’s or Boots, its goals are ethically and socially accountable, whereas, Tesco is on the market to expand and make earnings. Even although The Body Shop would like to make profits as a outcome of without income it is not going to be able to survive for long, its primary aims and aims is to care about social issues, health, less creating nations and honest commerce. The Body Shop, due to this fact, is exclusive.

Compared to other businesses The Body Shop is different when checked out its goals and goals, its not about profitability or enlargement, its about helping each other and issues similar to honest trade, the following is The Body Shops aims and how they’re tackled:

– Improving the workforce circumstances – The Body Shop goals to pay its workforces fairly and supply good working situations.

– Against animal testing – The Body Shop doesn’t check any of their merchandise on animals compared to different companies who do, and it goals to hold on in doing so.

– Support neighborhood trade – This is also referred to as Fair Trade, The Body Shop was one of many fist to take this up and pay its suppliers pretty, this was its goal when the enterprise began and still is.

– Human rights – The Body Shops goal is to guard human rights within the UK and over the world, in places corresponding to Africa there are programmes set-up by The Body Shop to defend the peoples right, although this is still in process, The Body Shop aims to protect increasingly more individuals over the world, this goal is turning into a actuality day-to-day.

– Environmental points – The Body Shop already is protecting the planet by disposing their items in an environmentally friendly method, it also is attempting to encourage other to do the identical by way of workshops and programmes set-up by the company.

The Body Shop aims to maintain protecting peoples rights, honest trade etc and on the same time keep on expanding, to do that they’ll want raise funds through workshops, certain amount of income, charity wrist bands and thru costumers who’re keen to donate cash for The Body Shops good causes. This is one way they can achieve their objectives. As many of the aims and aims are met The Body Shop is still aiming to maintain its aims by carrying on what it has been doing for years and setting an instance to other companies.

Below is how The Body Shop carries on doing the good work (meeting their goals and carrying on doing it):

As you can see each chart exhibits how The Body Shop completes every task for animal testing, environmental points, these are just some examples as there are many more. Also The Body Shop cleverly produced a table to point out if they have met their goals and objective or if they are still in progress, they tick off accordingly. Below is the table and as you can see it was started in 1995 and finished in 2005.

It is quite outstanding that The Body Shop actually takes all these step to make sure their aims are met, even Boots who are thought of as The Body Shops rivals aren’t this complicated meaning The Body Shop has a greater management system and that they’re ahead of the competition