Air Pollution in Nigeria

Indoor air air pollution studies in Nigeria are few and scattered. This is especially soin the agricultural countryside where majority of the households rely on biomass fuels for Cooking and different home activities. In these areas, the levels of indoor air pollution haven’t been adequately examined. In most of the rural households, gas is burned indoors on open fires or poorly functioning stoves, typically with no technique of ventilation or smoke extraction (Fredl et al., 2008).

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As a consequence, large numbers of girls and young youngsters are uncovered to excessive ranges of indoor air pollution.

Exposure to the smoke will increase the danger of the households suffering from a number of health conditions and in addition affect domestic animals and pets around that neighborhood.

Indoor air air pollution research in rural are scanty and so Information on the various pollutants and exposure degree are not obtainable (Bruce et al., 2000). Also there is no much awareness of the consequence of using domestic gasoline, many of the rural population are ignorant.

These wooden getting used are extracted from the forest without substitute, this act also have an result on the broader surroundings.