Air Pollution of Speaking

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30 October 2021

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Look out the window, should you critical, you’ll find a way to know the sky are black. The azure sky turns into cloudy. Pure shade has cast a black veil. Jiangmen’s poor air quality could be solved, in part, by limiting the usage of automobiles and bettering the public transport system. Cars are major reason for air pollution in the city. To scale back air pollution, Jiangmen should enhance public transportation.

Cars are main explanation for air air pollution within the city. Population makes the variety of vehicles increases.

Cars burning gasoline produce the carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide full in air and break the atmospheric, acid rain is shaped from drops of liquid and carbon dioxide in air. Gasoline and diesel engine exhaust emissions are the principle components of automotive air air pollution. To scale back air pollution, Jiangmen should enhance public transportation. People used public transportation. People used “green” transportation, for example, bicycle, walk, and run , that is low carbon environmental protected life.

Air air pollution impacts the human health and the air pollution makes by individuals, for instance, in the great “Smog Disaster” in London in 1952, 4 thousand folks died in a couple of days due to the excessive concentrations of pollution.

We can know the air pollution may be very severe problem! Jiangmen poor air high quality direct affect human well being. We need to enhance the air high quality makes it better than before. We used public transportation good for you, “I for all, all for one”. Protect the environment is equal to protect the earth, is every person should have obligations.

Please defend the pure air.

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