Amelie – Intercultural Film Review

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8 November 2021

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Amelie is a French movie a couple of young twenty one thing woman who’s world opened up to her when her mom dies and she is allowed to enterprise out. After a health misdiagnoses at a young child Amelie is stranded in her home away from all folks and relationships until her mom passes away and she or he finds herself free. She becomes a waitress and decides to assist all of the folks around her until one day she herself finds love. This movie shows a French cultural pattern the place the people are open minded, whimsical, unique, and quirky.

The primary character Amelie, wants to get probably the most out of her life. She takes the viewer on a path by way of a collection of subplots the place she is attempting to help people who encompass her find happiness and joy. Paris and the individuals of France are proven in a whimsical and fairytale environment. All the whereas, Amelie, is removed from all human contact which makes for an interesting movie if one is attempting to view this film through the lens of interpersonal communication.

All the speaking within the movie is finished through using metaphors, scheme, plots, methods, and the like. It’s attention-grabbing as a outcome of Amelie doesn’t directly talk with folks even though she is not anti-social. She could be very social and likes to help folks however she does so nearly completely nonverbally.

One exception to that is when Amelie helps a blind man to cross a busy road and, opposite to her normally silent nonverbal character, she proceeds to in a quick time describe everything that she sees and every little thing that is taking place to the blind man in exceptional element.

This is finished as an act of kindness for somebody who can’t see and never as a type of actual or actual communication. All actual communication on this film, is finished in a childlike style of cat and mouse. It feels virtually like interpersonal communication on this movie is a recreation that is not to be taken significantly. When Amelie finds a boy that she is romantically excited about, she finds herself needing to communicate with him solely from a distance. Amelie as quickly as once more performs certainly one of her games to have the ability to conceal her id. Nino, the object of Amelie’s affection, is a boy who collects old pictures from an old photograph sales space. The use of pictures in this movie is overwhelming and should have some reason behind it. It’s virtually as if the characters are communicating through the pictures rather than with words.

Even when Amelie was quickly describing the encircling to the blind man she was serving to across the street, it was as if she was creating an image in his thoughts so he could join with her. Perhaps Amelie can only communicate by way of imagery like metaphors and photographs as a outcome of she spent her whole childhood alone with only her dad and mom because they thought she was too sick to be around others. I even have combined feelings about this movie as a end result of I can recognize a great romantic comedy and I perceive the sensation the director was making an attempt to create however I’m not a fan of the fanciful fairytale romances which I suppose this movie falls into. I would have preferred a film with a real underlining tone and I might do with out all of the whimsy. Amelie felt like a child in a woman’s physique, not unlike 13 going on 30¸ and for me the doe eyed cutesy character started to wear on me and I discovered myself more irritated than anything by the end. The setting is Paris, however not the actual Paris but somewhat a fantasy model of Paris not not like a dream or the Paris you probably can see in old films. The story itself felt very Disney-like in that the mother dies at first which is the impetuous to the principle character being compelled unprepared onto the world, the main character then helps many sub-characters out along the way to discovering her true love.

Very Disney indeed. I’m certain that I wouldn’t suggest this movie to my pals or my household, however maybe it would have a place in a cultural communications classroom. I assume the only downside I would have with it is that it doesn’t portray an actual or real tradition, and only portrays a fantasy like tradition. The lead character is ready to kind relationships and make the viewers care about her without having to say much in any respect, which can have some worth in relation to the study of nonverbal communication. Also, there might be a price to getting a really feel for the French tradition from this film, as a result of even though I didn’t love the story or the film-making, there was something about the ‘sound’ within the movie. The dialogue did draw me into the French culture which was interesting as a end result of I don’t speak any French. Even although I struggle to pinpoint the feeling or environment of the film, I do suppose that something was captured even when it was just the Disney version of Paris and French Culture.

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