America Experience in Nineteenth Century

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8 December 2015

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        During the half of nineteenth century in America, it really brought in experience to the recently happenings. Throughout this period, more individuals were trying so hard to carve out their own versions of the American dream and create their own definition on citizenship. Despite the obvious diversity of experience, most historians such as, Andrew Carnegie, Mary Church Tyrell and minor individuals argue that the mentioned experience shared commonalities are the foundation of American experience.

           Andrew Carnegie tries too hard to explain the gospel of wealth whereby he states that the rich and the poor can be tied together in harmonious relationship by proper administration of wealth. He says that the contrast between millionaires and cottage laborers currently measures change that has come with civilization. This change in wealth approves to be so beneficial and essential for the progress of the race in refinements of civilization that a house is the household for all. There is no bias in the change in the wealth since today the world obtains commodities at excellent quality prices in which the poor and the rich can enjoy with no prejudice (Andrew 23).

          There is a great indifference lynching on the side of the church due to barbarism at homes (Mary 178). She pledges to the missionary work that they should inaugurate crusades against barbarism at homes that has conformed hundreds of people into savage. This context is contrary rebellious to biblical teachings since only ignorance and lawlessness to date has led to people criticizing the effort put forth by the churches in the Negro’s behalf.

             During the times, there were wars and fight that took over so as they could get lands to settle in. they fought with the Indians, took over their properties such as, horses and cattle, and carried them away (Chief Joseph 187). The Indians were left homeless and some lost their lives during the wall. The author always prayed that the white men would live as brethren and that the case today. During the times, America was so strong and worked together for a certain goal and that is why they won the battle against the Indians.

             During the century, people in America slept in a ranch and ate cook shack most of the time. During the round up, and occasional other spells, people slept in the open and ate their chuck when squatted on their haunches around the check wagon. Besides feeding on beef and beans, they played wild games whenever the cooky took the notation or one of the waddies would decide to diverge the meat deal by going out and shooting some games (Sheldon 37).

          From the past, women have been held responsible for the health of the community a function that is now represented by the health department. Certainly, the military conception to educate children so as they are equipped with kindergartens andare given a decent place for play, these things have traditionally in the hands of women (Jane 64). Most of the departments in modern cities can be traced as women’s traditional activities for example; home cleanliness and wholesome was in the hands of women but recently is represented by Bureau of Teenagers House Inspection

            Chinese people were given an appeal from the American citizens, on the pedestal fund of the Bartholdi Statue of Liberty. Chinese never believed in liberty since they had a lot of hardship while the other nationalities were free (American Missionary 290). This showed inhuman since other countries enjoyed liberty but Chinese did not. Chinese loved and adored liberty but they could not allow the ones denying it to them liberty invite them to a graven image and bow to it. In assumption, from the understanding about the America experience, I concur with the shared idea since most of the history can be approved by the recently happenings.


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