American Connector Company Analysis

Quality and effectivity is the important thing to American Connector Company (ACC) success. ACC has misplaced market share to DJC over the recent years, which shall be exacerbated if DJC opens a production facility within the United States. DJC has gained a lot information from its Kawasaki plant and is going to enter the US market with factories that will be environment friendly. ACC is in bother and must drastically change the means in which they do business in the occasion that they wish to survive.

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Looking and emulating DJC is step one American Connector needs to comply with.

American Connector can regain market share and survive by focusing on high quality and effectivity. ACC needs to do the next to ensure success earlier than DJC enters the US market:1)Redesigning their manufacturing facility structure for a extra streamlined operation.

2)Purchase new gear that’s in higher form and extra efficient. Institute an excellent upkeep program to make sure the gear runs correctly.

3)Work with the consumer to create an excellent simplistic design.

4)Continue to maintain employees happy to verify they remain at the company and ACC retains this intellectual property.

5)Implement a Quality Control Division. ACC can’t depend on figuring out defective components only after manufacturing. They must implement high quality control all through the method, which will scale back costs and improve effectivity and profitability.

Industry Background

Japan and the United States have had a special mentality and work ethic over the past centuries but it has turn out to be especially obvious over the last 30 years. The United States depends on money, technological sophistication and reputation/name recognition.

Japan has been in a position to get forward with exhausting work, improvements, and technological advances. To the hate of many American firms, Japan has taken applied sciences created by US firms and reverse engineered and improved on them till they have been the dominant company in the trade. A good example is shown with the DJC Corporation in Japan. They took ideas, ideas and know-how from American firms and made them even more environment friendly and profitable.

The electrical connector business is giant. These connectors do every little thing from connect wires to wires, wires to outlets, attach wires, elements or chips to PC boards, or attach PC boards to different boards. These connectors have two main parts: a plastic housing and steel socket pins or terminals. The applications vary from navy and aerospace to computer systems to telecommunications to automobiles. There are hundreds of standard connector product lines. The pricing of the connector depends on its stage of know-how and business use.

In the 1970’s there was a large increase within the United States and firms took advantage of it. Demand slowed in the 1980’s leading to many suppliers for a lowered need resulting in customers being able to demand their costs.

The miniaturization of circuitry and technological advances led to the need for new connectors and manufacturing methods. The demands of the patron had been extremely specific. This allowed other competitors to enter the US market.

Lessons LearnedA. DJC on the Kawasaki Plant1) Efficiency – DJC continued to evaluation and regulate their production services to find probably the most environment friendly method to operate. This give consideration to effectivity has created a value environment friendly means of producing wire connectors that can’t be rivaled. It will take other corporations years to match the efficiency of the Japanese manufacturing facilities.

The Just-In-Time supply of assets and demand on their uncooked materials suppliers to have almost daily deliveries of supplies, DJC lowered the necessity for large warehouses saving cash. The use of tape rolls of connectors was a design that the consumer favored and found straightforward to be used at their manufacturing amenities. The design of their product packaging led to a extra environment friendly way to palletize and containerize their merchandise for cargo to distributors. While DJC maintains about two months of completed items, the design of the packaging reduces the room it requires within the warehouse.

2) Quality – Japan’s streamlined operations has allowed it to add quality assurance to their production process. Through this prime quality and lack of flawed components they’ve gained a great popularity, which was one thing that was normally reserved for American companies. The steady inspections, replacement or worn parts and the excessive degree of maintenance of the equipment allowed the factory to run easily. The concentrate on fixing problems earlier than they occurred has led to fewer issues encountered on the manufacturing line.

3) Links to Customers – DJC maintained an in depth hyperlink with its customer and took the client input to regulate the connectors to satisfy buyer needs. This allowed DJC to be proactive and keep forward of fixing tendencies throughout the pc trade. The simplified designs they created required fewer raw materials rising effectivity and decreasing prices.

4) Trade Secrets – DJC reverse engineered lots of its early connectors from designs from other firms. This sped up the design course of and allowed them to shortly enter the market. They didn’t need the identical thing to happen to them so that they had contracts written up with suppliers and created an internal design division that did their work in house. This allowed DJC to keep their revolutionary concepts to themselves, maintaining their benefit over the competitors.

5) Plant Layout – DJC targeted on the best way to produce connectors. Their plant format and simplified design process allowed for an environment friendly operation, using the manufacturing facility house to its fullest. The process was set up in probably the most logical and environment friendly method allowing for a rise in quality and reduction in personnel. The new Japanese vegetation were highly automated but DJC centered on “pre-automation” to make sure the plant runs easily. All folks that work within the manufacturing unit perceive their function and are properly trained, materials are centrally situated, high quality and targets were clearly laid out and continuous enhancements are sought. The limited variety of merchandise that DJC produces for their shopper permits them to schedule lengthy production runs.

6) Goal Setting – The management was involved in all features of decision-making. They understood the importance of the having an overall objective that is understood by all divisions. They created the overall aim and allowed the managers of the totally different divisions to create their very own targets that conformed to the focus of the company. Employees on the line knew the objective of the corporate and what management expected and solved most of the issues on the lowest stage.

B. American Connector at Sunnydale1) Operating Problems – The American Connector amenities especially in California are experiencing will increase in prices and deterioration in quality. The performance in the plant is leading to the patron dropping confidence in ACC. This will lead the patron to different options like DJC with a better popularity.

2) Investments – Complacency allowed ACC to consider there was no international competitors within the US. They did not make investments time or money into upgrading their services, quality, or capacity. The gear throughout the facility is changing into outdated and isn’t being replaced.

3) Efficiency – The production facility is not run effectively. There five production areas in the plant. Different areas run at different speeds leaving stockpiles of components. This leads to inefficiency and an increase in facility space required to carry the entire components awaiting further assembly. The facility is not absolutely automated which finally ends up in slower assembly on small runs, which are assembled by hand.

The packaging of the connectors is inefficient with the wide selection of package designs awkward for storage and shipment. The awkward packaging doesn’t lend itself to correct palletization or containerization taking up additional room in the warehouse.

It is tough to regulate production traces with the forecast being done three months prematurely. With a difficulty amongst clients of predicting the success of their products, it is onerous for ACC to get ahead or modify shortly to changing demands. If a unique producer is more adaptive they will steal the sales.

4) Quality – ACC quality has slipped at the Sunnyvale plant. There is a high price of defective parts. While most of the defective components don’t make it to the customer, the waste of time and provides costs ACC cash.

RecommendationsAmerican Connector Company has two choices: 1) stick with the standing quo; or 2) learn from the success of DJC and alter their approach to head off DJC’s competition in the US market. Really there is solely one possibility for American Connector. Whether ACC believes it or not DJC will enter the US market. They want to change their mindset and do what is finest for the company. With the finest way the US connector market has performed out, it’s open for worldwide companies to enter the market. ACC should change their mindset and stop being complacent. The lack of rivalry did has not spurred ACC to be progressive and create new ideas but allowed them to stick with the status quo missing the surge from their opponents.

Complacency has led to outdated tools and an inefficient plant operation. By taking the teachings that DJC realized at their Kawasaki plant, ACC can enhance efficiency. If ACC streamlines their plant operations, buys new tools, works with their customers to create an easier product design, and makes more transportation pleasant packaging they will have a extra efficient operation.

ACC has a few advantages over DJC that they should money in on. First, they’re already in the US market. ACC is already established in America and can keep away from many of the barriers to entry i.e. tariffs, taxes and preliminary monetary layout that international companies will expertise. ACC needs to construct on their good reputation with their US customers.


DJC is not keeping their staff longer than a median of 9 years. While they’ve a good salary for the entry-level staff, their advantage is reduced as workers advance within the firm. They do rotate employees to totally different jobs yearly giving them good experience in numerous areas however can not keep them until retirement. If ACC takes care of their staff and gives them a competitive wage, good benefits and development alternatives they should have a bonus over DJC with more environment friendly workers.


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