American Dream in Novel “The Great Gatsby”

“The Great Gatsby’ repeatedly talked about desires. Everyone has an ‘American Dream.’ The ‘American Dream’ refers to a lot of money, has a excessive status, has lots of power, and becomes the upper stage folks. And in this article some folks have realized their desires, and a few folks have been destroyed because of their goals.

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Gatsby dreamed of being a big man in his head. After some hard work, he lastly stepped up and adjusted his name to Jay Gatsby. When he was in the center of a military training camp, he fell in love with Daisy.

When he returned from abroad with a navy medal, she married a rich Tom, and Gatsby, who was immersed in the dream of affection, worked hard and became a millionaire by a poor navy officer. He bought a luxurious villa at the western finish of Long Island, across the bay from Daisy. ‘he stretch out …. I distinguish nothing however a green light’ (Fitzgerald page 16).

His only want is to see the lover who has been separated for five years. When they reunite, Gatsby thinks that point can be Back flowing, revisiting old dreams, but over time, he discovered that he was not like his dreams, nevertheless it was not long before he realized that his husband’s mistress was drove, Tom blamed Gatsby, and Gatsby was lastly killed. She didn’t come to the funeral.

Nick is the narrative of this article. His goals started to turn out to be rich and impartial. Because he began to journey with wealthy folks usually, he envied the wealthy, so he additionally wanted to turn into rich.

He desires to be a person who desires Tom and Gatsby to be a senior social class and wants to be as profitable as they’re, so he wants to please them and wish to benefit from them. But after Gatsby’s dying, Tom discovered that the world of wealthy folks was difficult, scary and harmful. So he desires to be an ordinary person, and he doesn’t need to turn into a rich man. He desires to reside a meager life and wants to stay nicely. The citation describing his desires is ‘so we beat the current and return to the past’ (Fitzgerald, p. 140).

Daisy is Tom’s spouse and a favorite of Gatsby. Her dream is to marry the rich, let her have the money to spend, and let her have a excessive standing, so she desires to marry a noble. However, Tom is very rich and he is a nobleman. Even if Tom beat her at house, she isn’t separated from Tom, as a result of Tom may give her what she desires and the life she needs. Tom can let her stay a rich life. On the day, he helped her to finish her ‘American Dream,’ so she wouldn’t leave Tom no matter how Tom did it, which reveals that she loves cash. Gatsby loves Daisy in the novel, however Gatsby can give one thing to Daisy with out Tom, and after Gatsby useless, Daisy did not attend her funeral, so I determined that Daisy is just love cash. Her dream is that anybody who can turn out to be a wealthy particular person may be desperate.

We have to strike a balance between life and goals. Because most characters in the novel choose to chase their desires and so they don’t care about actuality. That’s why their goals had been fully destroyed. For instance, Gatsby died as a outcome of she liked Daisy to meet all her requirements and finally passed away. Nick is the only one who chooses actuality. We can see it from ‘so we beat, fight towards the present, and continuously return to the past’ (Fitzgerald, p. 140). We can understand that Nick solely thought about the lifetime of ordinary folks. We need to control the stability between desires and reality, not too idealistic.

Everyone has a dream, but the dream isn’t straightforward to attain, and some dreams are not sensible. Some folks can understand their desires and ruin themselves because of their desires. Therefore, if you need to understand your goals, you have to not solely work exhausting, but additionally stability with actuality. Don’t wreck your self due to some unrealistic goals. You still have to be practical and do every thing significantly.

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