American Dream In the 1920s

In the Nineteen Twenties, many Americans were making an attempt to attain the notorious “American Dream.” The dream was to be wealthy, profitable, joyful, and one of many social elites. However, despite the fact that this was the dream for Americans in the Nineteen Twenties, the overall commonplace has changed over time into the present time. Since the Twenties, the dream of putting a excessive emphasis on an individualistic and materialistic life has evolved into a present day dream of working exhausting, holding a well-paying job, and raising a household.

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The Twenties was an period of declined social and moral values, as proven by its elevated pursuit of pleasure. When World War I resulted in 1918, the young Americans who had fought the warfare grew to become deeply disillusioned, because the battles that they had just fought in made the Victorian social morality of the early 1920s look like hypocrisy.

This caused those that had fought within the warfare to not care as much about upholding traditional morals. Also, since World War I was the “war to end all wars,” Americans had been quite optimistic during the 1920s.

The uncontrolled satisfaction that led to self-indulgent parties and wild jazz music resulted ultimately within the corruption of the American dream, because the uninhibited want for pleasure exceeded other, less necessary goals. Americans’ pursuit of enjoyment within the 1920s resulted in the end in a decline in values. Many of the values of today’s dream are similar to these of the Twenties. The dream at present does consist of delight and happiness. However, the dream of the Nineteen Twenties was to place a a lot stronger emphasis on it than today’s dream does.

The values and morals right now are also more widely accepted by the general public. An example of that is girls sporting bathing fits to a public seashore. In the 1920s, it was dangerous enough that those bathing suits have been even in the least revealing.

Today, however, it’s perfectly acceptable for girls to put on bikinis to a public seashore, which are far more revealing than those of the Twenties. This is as a outcome of the standard has steadily changed over time. Many of the values of the Nineteen Twenties have been extremely new and deviated from the norm tremendously. The “new” values crashed right into the 1920s with the emergence of the flapper, a brand new technology of ladies who bobbed their hair, wore quick skirts, and listened to jazz music. People had no time to adapt to these values. On the opposite hand, the values of the trendy American dream were gradually integrated. Americans today have been around these values long enough that they are now accustomed to them. During the Twenties, family life was each similar and different than it is now. Advancements in industrial manufacturing and expertise enabled odd Americans to amass what once had been unattainable luxuries, corresponding to vehicles.

These luxuries that were a part of everyday family life within the Nineteen Twenties are nonetheless part of the dream today. There are, however, differences between family lifetime of the Twenties and modern family life. In the Nineteen Twenties, husbands were the “breadwinners” for their households. While the men had been at work, their wives cooked, cleaned, and looked after the home. Wives additionally did a lot of the elevating of the youngsters. Women within the Nineteen Twenties did hold jobs, but that was one thing extra for younger, single ladies. Married girls usually did not get hold of a job because it will trigger them to take their focus off of taking excellent care of their family. The dream today is that both men and women perform equal shares of raising the household. Instead of just the boys holding jobs, girls additionally maintain jobs at present. Instead of simply the ladies caring for the home and kids, males additionally take part.

Through these efforts, Americans can hope to realize the part of the dream of elevating a household. Throughout the Nineteen Twenties, Americans went on a spending spree. The rise of the inventory market led to a sudden increase in the nationwide wealth and created a society full of materialism. People began to eat and spend more than ever, they usually had the idea that money and popularity would solve every little thing. A particular person from any social background could, probably, strike a fortune. Speculators and industrialists who achieved the American dream in the 1920s of “getting rich” have been labeled the “new money.” The aristocracy disliked the new cash. The so-called “old cash,” families that had at all times had cash that was passed down from generation to era, felt that the “get wealthy quick” ways of incomes money weren’t as fulfilling as the traditional ways.

Today, money is valued differently than it was within the Nineteen Twenties. The dream isn’t centered a lot around cash because it was. Yes, money remains to be simply as important, but people these days keep other objectives in thoughts other than simply incomes cash. The dream right now consists of getting a job that pays nicely and that is pleasant, not just a job that only pays nicely. Another a half of the American dream that ladies had in the 1920s was equal rights with males. The ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which allowed girls the best to vote, helped them come even nearer to having equal rights with males. In the dream today, women appear to not be as involved about women’s rights as they did within the 1920s.

This is because of the reality that most of the work that needed to be carried out has already been carried out, such because the women’s rights motion and the ratification of the nineteenth modification. Today, on average, girls earn seventy seven cents for each dollar that men earn. Women nonetheless hold far less ownership, CEO, and other high positions inside corporations than males. These two facts are proof that work nonetheless stays within the battle for equal rights for women. However, ladies undoubtedly came a great distance and it is just a matter of time before they are equal with males, for many of the work has already been carried out.

In the Twenties, there seems to have been an American dream that everyone was attempting to attain. Many individuals appeared and some still do look toward this as a mannequin for their own particular person American goals. However, although this might need been the dream for so much of Americans in the Nineteen Twenties, the final commonplace certain has modified through the years into the present time. Since the Nineteen Twenties, the dream of placing a excessive emphasis on “materialistic” life has evolved into a present day dream of working onerous, holding a well-paying job, and raising a household.

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