American President

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10 November 2021

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The president plays a wide variety of key roles on this film. He demonstrates legislative management by working to pass a crime invoice. Another role he demonstrated is commander and chief when he provides the order to bomb Libya. The president also workouts his function as a international coverage leader by having a dinner with the French president. During the movie, the presidential election is developing quickly, so the president attends fundraising parties, which is an instance of political celebration leader.

Interest group are groups of individuals with a typical curiosity that seek to influence political leaders that have an effect on legal guidelines. In the movie, the curiosity group GDC hires Sydney Ellen Wade to lobby the federal government for a reduction in fossil fuels by 20%. She does this by providing compelling statistics which will persuade congressmen and cabinet members in the course of elevated regulation on fossil fuels. If profitable, interest teams and lobbyist have a big affect on the American culture. In the film, the media plays an essential position by exposing the president’s personal life.

As the president begins to fall in love with Sydney, the opposing celebration uses this to hopefully acquire votes. They do that by discovering something and every thing that Sydney has done mistaken in her life. After a few days of looking, they lastly find Sydney taking part in a protest the place she was caught burning an American Flag. The opposing political celebration exposes this to the media. The media makes it recognized to the general public that Sydney dedicated such an act.

Once the American folks realize this, they change their opinion based mostly on somebody concerned in his personal ife. As a outcome, the president’s popularity declines dramatically which affects his political affect. In films similar to The American President, aspects of our political system are depicted precisely. The president within the movie demonstrates many key roles of our president today. The GDC, an curiosity group, is trying to have legislators approve a invoice in-favor of their beliefs. There can be the media that exposes the president’s personal life to the general public. All of these elements symbolize our modern political system.

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