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Fast meals could be very important for American. In their daily lives, they cannot adapt the life that with out fast food restaurant. Because American have a high effectivity life, so fast foods have developed quickly, even have turn into a special native American tradition. At the identical time, American fast meals is most well-known on the planet. How can American fast meals restaurant entice American, even the most of individuals within the world?

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There are many fast food eating places in America, so the competition is quite cut -throat.

How can these companies exist in the market? Except America native tradition, the most important thing is the moderate differentiation. Different kings of American fast meals cater to completely different sort of taste. American fast food restaurant market is monopolistic competitors, which is near a perfect competition because there are so much of quick food eating places but the market has moderate differentiation.

If people need to study American quick meals restaurants, they should know the market profile of America quick food market.

Now there are eighty five,000 quick meals restaurants within the USA. ( rants_are_ in_the_US) Even although there are so many fast food eating places in American, but most of them are chains. For example, McDonalds has more than thirteen,000 US restaurants, they serve about forty six million people a day. There are many main rivals in America.


Some excellent quick food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Subway are also well-known on the earth. To be value rising, McDonald’s is the largest fast meals restaurant in America; it shares 15.3% of the American quick food market. McDonald’s has an extended history; it had built the first restaurant in 1975, and constructed the primary diver-thru restaurant in 1975. McDonald’s is also well-known on the earth, it has 300,000 number of fast meals restaurant in 121 nation. Because McDonald’s is an indigenous quick meals restaurant in America, and it has a really stringent guidelines to workers, so McDonald’s could be very profitable.

The market of American quick meals is monopolistic competition. First, we are in a position to show in numbers. There are eighty five,000 fast meals restaurants in American. So many eating places in America, it accords the variety of monopolistic competition. Second, The American fast meals restaurants have reasonable differentiation. So the market accords the second attribute, products differentiated. Third, value is a call variable, but restricted.

So it accords worth characteristic of monopolistic competition. Forth, the quick food is not like any other firms, need governments particular examine and approve. The fast food restaurants in America solely need hygienic license and tax compliance. So the market is simple to entry. It also accords the attribute of monopolistic competitors. Last, the quick meals market is value and high quality competition. However, if we see the variety of American quick food restaurant, it might be too many available within the market. This might be acknowledged as perfect competitors. To sum up, most of characteristic of American fast meals market accords monopolistic competition.

The American fast food market has average differentiation. Why the market is not prefect differentiation? Because some of quick meals restaurant still sell same merchandise. In different words, the merchandise in American fast meals eating places have intersection and repetition. For instance, McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, each of them sell the same product, hamburger, so we only say the market of American quick meals only moderate differentiation. The differentiation of American fast food has many aspects. Then, this essay will introduce two features of differentiation, differentiation of merchandise attribute and differentiation of service characteristic.

First, I will talk in regards to the differentiation of merchandise attribute. I divide the American fast meals market into two components, indigenous American quick meals and exterior meals. The first and crucial half is the indigenous American traditional fast meals. These restaurants sell traditional America. IHOP, JACK IN BOX, KFC and McDonald’s are the typical emblem. Especially, McDonald’s, it’s an indigenous restaurant, and the taste of McDonald’s accords American. So it may have thirteen,000 eating places in America. The exterior quick meals can detailed divide in three elements. First, Mexican Food, the everyday emblem is Taco Bell. Taco Bell has Mexican fashion. All the waiters in Taco Bell put on Mexican national clothes. The restaurant has the Mexican type decoration. And in the restaurant, you’ll hear the Latin music.

The foods are additionally has the Mexican taste. The characteristic of foods are tortilla rolled with mixture containing and chili known as salsa. Second, Italian pizza, as a result of pizza has go into America for a protracted time, so most of people assume pizza has turn into a American meals. However, pizza comes from Italian. The most successful pizza restaurant just isn’t belonging to Italy. Pizza Hut is a typical emblem of Italy pizza in America. Third, Chinese quick food, the everyday emblem is Panda Express. Panda Express is opened by two Chinese. Panda Express sell Chinese meals, the seasoning was blended before, so it can hold each of the food have the same taste. Cookers in Panda Express put the food in a box and keep it sizzling, and they’ll prepare dinner a brand new one after the old was offered out.

Second, I will introduce the differentiation of service attribute. I have two typical examples. First, IHOP, it is a special fast meals restaurant. IHOP is excellent at breakfast. And some of the IHOP close to the varsity have the space of the examine and it has free water and 24h system for scholar. So IHOP could be very popular with college students. Moreover, a few of the quick food eating places have drive-thru. The first drive-thru is built by McDonald’s in 1975.

In conclusion, the American quick food market is monopolistic competition, however due to the number of the companies, it near an ideal competition. The market of American fast food has differentiation, but the differentiation just isn’t very detailed. So we call American fast meals market is moderate differentiation

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