American Values and Assumptions

The United States was based on six essential values liberty, equality, the pursuit of fact, respect for disagreement, individualism, and tolerance. This is obvious within the debates regarding their racial and ethnic historical past, equal rights for women, immigration, and the position of faith. While, the Constitution of the United States would not have had the breadth and depth without the huge experiences, respect for disagreement, and tolerance that the founding fathers showed, as a society, they do not always show the same qualities.

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The United States Declaration of Independence says that every one men are created equal. In reality, some individuals in the United States do not always treat all citizens equally, however many Americans feel very strongly concerning the thought of equality. There are many examples in American history the place all individuals weren’t treated equally such because the slavery of black citizens. However, Americans like to imagine the concept all people should have equal alternatives. This concept is a part of what is known as the “American Dream.

” Many early immigrants moved to America to follow the American Dream. They believed that should you worked onerous, you would move up in society.

Today increasingly individuals understand the American Dream just isn’t true. Many people who work very exhausting do not have very much money. Often individuals who come from privileged backgrounds have a better time shifting up in the world whereas folks from minorities or different ethnic or racial teams generally have a more durable time. Still, the idea of equality is a crucial a part of American tradition.

Gay marriage, immigration insurance policies, minority segregation— The united states has a greater variety of racial, ethnic, cultural, and non secular teams than another nation on earth.

One of an important values in the United States is independence. Independence is typically known as individualism. Americans are very happy with being self-reliant or having the ability to take care of themselves and so they are most likely to assume others must also be self-reliant. When somebody reaches a goal, that’s sometimes seen as the result of their own onerous work. This is different than in plenty of other cultures which are more collective. Collective cultures tend to see accomplishments as a reflection of a whole family or neighborhood like we do in Denmark.

Unlike America, here in Denmark, we rely heavily on each other. Our core values embody solidarity over individualism. Those with the broadest shoulders ought to bear the heaviest burden. To help this, we now have social safety companies such as medical insurance, household advantages, illness and maternity benefits, pension, unemployment advantages, every day sick pay, ATP (Danish labor market supplementary pension), and industrial damage insurance financed by every Danish citizen at the value of high taxes. Tolerance can be a value we’ve held with pride. However, by virtue of the recent assimilation crisis, this has actually been put to the test. It’s our ability to say: “I don’t agree with you, however I respect you and your point of view”.

By limiting the ability of the government and churches, the United States got here to be associated of their minds with the concept of particular person freedom. Individual freedom is the cornerstone of all American values and self-reliance is the price to be paid for this.


Americans sometimes appear to suppose they’re invincible whereas they’re actually removed from.

The amount of freedom in the states has undoubtedly elevated however there’s nonetheless a long way to go until they’ll actually call themselves ‘Land of The Free’.

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