Americans and Civilization

The image represents American to the best way of civilization and can also be symbolic to how this country remains to be oppressed. The first thing I seen is the men carrying baskets, the basket incorporates people. Humans and large rocks are proven on this picture. The physical setting of this image is a mountain. There are many descriptive words in this picture, a few of the words are ignorance, civilization, vice, cannibalism, slavery, brutality, superstition, and barbarism, among others.

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Alternative hypothesis, there is a relationship between the burden of Americans and civilization.

There isn’t any relationship between the individuals being carried in the baskets and residents who are carrying them to the highest of the mountain.

The image was made to indicate the tons of of Americans who had been dealing with trials on the path of turning into civilized. In the picture, two males carrying a giant bucket full of people walking towards a brand new beginning the need solely profit their type, their nationality, and their people.

Even though they are making an attempt onerous, the massive rocks are in their way, and there’s no hope for the 2 weary males reaching to the man at the prime. The deeper meaning of the occurring of this picture struggles America was performing looking for civilization. Which signifies, that Americans stole individuals to enslave them, to have the power to create a civilized establishment.

After inspecting this image, I be taught many classes. The first lesson was that even though civilization is an admired finish for the Americans, it was to come at a price.

The second lesson was that slavery, ignorance, among others, had been the first limitations to achieving civilization. The third lesson I learned after analyzing this image was that civilization required a combined effort from Americans.

If this image was to be completed right now, it would compare. There shall be an addition of the hurdles towards civilization, such as cybercrime. However, a few of these civilization on this picture will stay. For occasion, racial discrimination, which cripples the effort of Americans (Frank, 2016).

America remains to be struggling to achieve civilization. The hurdles of civilizations continue to shape America considering what individuals needed to go through. American civilization is as excellent as its ability to address challenges of civilization, corresponding to ignorance and unwillingness to alter (Frank, 2016).


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