America”s Most Shameful Moment

America’s Most Shameful Moment President Jackson ordered Indian removing despite the Constitution, and this was very controversial between the Native Americans, general public, and law makers. Andrew Jackson most certainly did not have the proper to order the removal of the Native Americans. Beside from ethics, his personal authorities department of the Supreme Court declared it unlawful. John Marshall decided that the Cherokees had their own nation, and it might be incorrect for the United States to say the land of the Cherokee their very own.

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Jackson’s people, the individuals of the United States felt that they had the right to cope with the land nevertheless they pleased, however that was just opinion. Legally, he did not have the proper to pressure Indian elimination. Personally, I really feel that Andrew Jackson shouldn’t have eliminated the Native Americans. The American Indians had been on the land first, and had been strongly attached to their land in a religious sense. The Indians did not at all want to “trade lands”.

Jackson acted like a bigot and a bully, forcing out the natives as a end result of he felt that they couldn’t have used the land as nicely as the civilized whites.

Without the Indian Removal Act, the U. S. might be a lot smaller, poorer, and weaker as a nation. Economically, clearly, Jackson did the proper thing. Ethically, though which actually counts, it was an atrocious, horrible, nasty determination. Jackson should by no means have eliminated the Native Americans, and Americans at present ought to be ashamed of this choice.

Jackson argued that until the Supreme Court may keep Indian removing from taking place, it’s going to happen anyway, along with his approval. his proves that Andrew Jackson strongly felt that states ought to hold jurisdiction over the federal government.

He believed in a small federal government. Jackson felt that if the state of Georgia needed to do the opposite of the legislation of the Supreme Court, then they have the right to. Jackson believed in preserving the federal government small, and was even prepared to break a regulation and the Constitution to help his belief in authorities and U. S. energy over Native Americans.

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