An introduction to amplifiers.

Amplifier Amplifier, a device for rising the magnitude of some quanity and, as usually used, applies to a transistor or vacuum tube and an associated citcuit organized to reproduce a larger magnitude of voltage or present. Amplifiers are classed in varied way in accordance with their use, however all kinds depened on a few fundamental circuits. In any vacuum-tube amplifire circuit the fundamental operation is the contolling of the plate present by a voltage utilized to the grid.

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In the junction transistor amplifier circuit with a grounded emitter, voltage appliedto the base-emitter circuit controlas the amplification within the collector circuit. Amplifiers have all kinds of purposes. In the odd radio recervier there are usaully a quantity of levels of tuned amplifiers handiling the high-frequency singal earlier than detection, then a number of audio voltage amplifiers, resistance- or transformercoupled, and an influence amplifier to drive the loudspeacker. Phonographs and public address techniques are different appliacations of audio amplifiers. Radio and tv stations use a extensive variety of amplifiers.

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