An Acting Critique of Legally Blonde the Musical

An Acting Critique of Legally Blonde the Musical
On Friday night time, May third at & p.m., my mom and I attended the opening evening of Legally Blonde in the Buena P.A.C. I should begin by saying that I am slightly biased towards one of the actors who simply so happens to be my sister, so the roles of Chutney, the lady who accidentally murdered her father, and a Delta Nu sister have never been played more perfectly in my eyes.

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While I found the play both amusing and gratifying, there were some huge points so far as opening evening goes. Things like lack of projection (on prime of some critical microphone issues, which I cannot blame the actors for), actors forgetting lines, and sloppy blocking, particularly in many of the dances through the musical numbers, all took away from the general expertise of the show. However, there have been positively some issues I completely loved, which have been mostly specific characters.

Also, the quality of the singing in all the musical numbers was very high, which is something you don’t see usually in a highschool musical manufacturing. That being mentioned, I thought it was value my five dollars, and an effective way for Buena to finish its 2012-13 season.

Like I said earlier than, technical aspects corresponding to microphone malfunctions can’t be blamed on the actors. It is the job of the technicians to make sure all of the gear features properly. However, I imagine that actors should not rely on such technical elements alone to ensure that they are effectively heard by every member of the audience.

Call me old fashioned, however I am a agency believer in projection; making your voice bounce off the walls of the theater. After all, theaters are geometrically designed to do just that. But I guess not everyone feels that means, and it was apparent Friday night when each time an actor’s microphone went out, it was as if they had been whispering. This is commonly detrimental to the plot because if actors can’t be heard, very important items of data are misplaced upon the viewers. This problem might have been non-existent if the actors had practiced their projection. Luckily, I saw the movie first, so I knew the plot before I even watched the play.

Along with not all the time being in a position to hear the actors, line memorization appeared to trigger a quantity of issues on stage Friday evening as properly. I will admit, it was not as obvious of a problem as was the shortage of audibility at occasions,
however I did notice it quite a number of times. The example that stood out to me most was the character of Paulette, the proprietor of Elle’s favourite salon and shut friend to Elle. She was in the course of a solo on stage and fully dropped nearly a whole verse of her track. I will not choose her too harshly as a outcome of I fully perceive the pressures of opening night, and I am certain the pressure of a solo is equally as heavy. I am simply utilizing it for example. Any different line slips I observed have been fairly minor, and after they occurred, the actors did a pretty good job of masking it up and going with the flow.

The final massive problem I had with Legally Blonde the Musical was the blocking. Call me crazy, nevertheless it appeared to me in the direction of the end of the play that both the actors got extraordinarily lazy with their blocking in the course of the dances, or they simply didn’t rehearse the scenes enough. Either method, it was very obvious. Actors had been off tempo, bumping into one another, and have been also completely out of sync when they need to not have been. The actors most responsible of that had been the Delta Nu sorority sisters (except my sister, of course). I also observed that it was not solely the dance scenes that lacked blocking, however so did lots of the conversational scenes. I love watching actors’ faces more than something as a result of I imagine that’s where most acting is finished. I wished so badly to strive this Friday evening, but I spent the entire time craning my neck to attempt to get glimpses. Quite irritating, contemplating the fact that my mother and I showed up almost a half hour early to get seats in the middle of the house. Acting is all about action, and action can’t be understood if it can’t be seen.

Now that I truly have ranted and raved about what I really did not get pleasure from in regards to the Friday night exhibiting of Legally Blonde the Musical, I should probably talk concerning the issues that I really enjoyed, which definitely outweighed the dangerous. My absolute favorite character (besides those performed by my sister) was Enid Hoopes, performed by senior Aubrie Bouchard. She was a women’s rights activist, as well as a full-blooded lesbian, your common powerful lady with a lot to show to the world. She was absolutely hilarious; her timing was nice, her character improvement was awesome, and her projection was great. She had me rolling with all of her completely timed quips, particularly when her inside lesbian confirmed.

My different favorite group of characters was Elle’s three greatest associates from Malibu: Pilar, Margot, and Serena, who also got here to be known as the Greek chorus. This was a particularly acceptable nickname as a outcome of they served the identical purpose as the original Greek choruses in the first plays. They always showed up in Elle’s occasions of need to offer her with assist, and to offer the viewers with data. They also occurred to be hilarious and bubbly, as Delta Nu sisters ought to be. They also had fantastic projection, especially Serena, performed by Jansen Morgen. I also loved Professor Callahan’s character, performed by Braxton Olgetree. He was not a very likable character so far as the plot of the play went, however I could inform the actor put plenty of work into his character, especially on the voice. He was drab and monotone, just like a regulation professor at Harvard ought to be, and his character work really shone through. I additionally must point out probably the most cute and well-behaved character of the entire present, the a half of Rufus, Paulette’s canine, performed by an American bulldog named Sarge. He was both cute and flawless.

The other thing I loved about this play was the general quality of the singing. I was very pleased with all the musical numbers; all the songs have been cute and catchy, no one made my ears bleed, and I could hear everybody fairly properly even with all the microphone issues. Usually, from my private expertise, most high school musicals consist of two teams of individuals: choir youngsters and theater kids. Not all choir children can act, and never all theater children can sing, however I am happy to say that this musical was not that means. Everyone was capable of sing and act fairly effectively. My favorite musical number was the music “Gay or European”, which was performed in the courtroom scene after they were trying to figure out whether or not the pool boy, who claimed to be Brooke Windam’s lover, was homosexual. It was very light-humored and entertaining. I also loved the opening number, “Ohmigod”, which was performed by Elle and her Delta Nu sisters within the very starting.

Like I stated from the start, I was somewhat biased in path of this play from the start simply because my little sister was in it. However, even after I put my bias aside, I can truthfully say I was totally pleased with my expertise as an viewers member as an entire. While I should admit there have been varied issues with things like actor projection, lack of proper blocking, and lack of line memorization, the general quality of performing was fairly enjoyable. The character work carried out by many of the actors was very apparent and applaudable. I loved the entire primary characters, in addition to the minor ones. The singing was additionally unbelievable; I did not discover myself cringing at any of the musical numbers. Instead, I actually discovered myself tapping my ft and sometimes even singing together with the catchy songs. I know the showings of Legally Blonde the Musical are all over now, however I would advocate it to anyone to go and see that show. It was undoubtedly an “A” performance.

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