An Analyses on Mount Franklin Market Positioning Strategy

1. Introduction
Water is the fountain of all life and is a prime need of the physique. Over 60 percent of our body weight is made up of water. In Australia, most people are consuming tapped water instantly at home, but while touring or consuming out in eating places, shopping for bottled water has turn out to be one of the most in style decisions This want has been nicely explored by some beverage producers, both native and overseas. So right now there are various manufacturers of consuming water in Australian market.

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Among them, Mount Franklin’ (start from 1994) has become Australia’s favourite water brand and the most recognized. This paper focuses on studying Mount Franklin’s marketing positioning strategy through the use of perceptual mapping methodology, in order to analyse a profitable brand in drinking water industry and supply suggestions for a new brand that want to enter into this market.

2. Marketing concepts

a. Market positioning
Positioning may be defined as ‘… the act of designing the company’s providing so that it occupies a significant and distinct place within the goal customer’s thoughts.

’(Jobber & Fahy, 2009) It is the final and fatal stage of the process of target marketing technique which entails designing product options and image which are distinguishing from competitors within the present market for the purpose of appealing to the precise goal market section. It is mixed marketing methods that lead to how the organisation needs a product or brand to be perceived by the market. Positioning is directly associated to brand values, market demographics and the picture of the product within the marketplace.

b. Perceptual mapping

Perceptual mapping is a diagrammatic approach utilized by asset entrepreneurs that attempts to visually show the perceptions of customers or potential customers.
three. Brands introducing
a. Mount Franklin
Owned by Coca-Cola Amatil, Mount Franklin took the leading position in Australian bottle water market in past decade, and accounted for 20% off-trade quantity sales in 2012. According to Coca-Cola’s market analysis, Mount Franklin water has a 99 % model awareness and forty three percent of females aged 25-39 say that Mount Franklin is their favourite brand. b. Mount Franklin’s market positioning strategy

Mount Franklin represents and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing. Young female model Jennifer Hawkins as brand celebrity which promotes the healthy and contemporary picture of its product. Make the brand intently related to the group; to this finish Mount Franklin has established the Drink Positive, Think Positive, marketing campaign. Moreover, the brand has enhanced this connection through its community partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Make customers really feel the purchase of Mount Franklin as serving to themselves and the environment by changing the bundle to “the easy-crush bottle” which is good for the environment in addition to being similar to that of the unique product. The new 600ml Mount Franklin Easy-Crush Bottle is made with 35% much less plastic and has a carbon footprint which is 27% lighter than the earlier bottle. Be of assist to Australian financial system by consuming Mount Franklin water as the native brand. c. Other manufacturers in Australian market

Along with the number one bands, there are tons of of other drinking water manufacturers in Australian market. Although hardly near Mount Franklin’s leading place, a few of them are making rational market share, including Pump (another ingesting water brands owned by Coca-Cola), Evian, NU Pure, Mount Lofty, Coles bottled water, Woolworth bottled water, and so on.

4. A perceptual map of consuming water market in Australia
A perceptual map could possibly be in two dimensions or a number of dimensions, relying on the attributes taken into consideration when analysing a goal market.
a. Quality
As a necessity of life, quality of water is most critical attribute when people select a bottled water. ‘Mount Franklin’ spring water is collected locally and bottled day by day. It is filtered thrice via micro filters, to get rid of any tiny particles naturally found in spring water. This ensures that every bottle of ‘Mount Franklin’ is of outstanding purity and quality.

b. Price

Drinking water, as a industrial product, its worth ranks secondly necessary. Usually, shoppers will compare the price accessible in market when buying a product. Mount Franklin’s prices differ from store to retailer. In CCA vending machines the price for a 600mL bottle is $3.00, which comparably larger.

c. Accessibility

It is about how simply consumers may purchase a goal product and make an essential role in fast moving consumer items business together with ingesting water. Mount Franklin is found widely in supermarkets, comfort stores, vending machines and different vendor providers e.g. petrol stations and newsagents.

d. Brand awareness

Consumers are extra probably to choose a well-known brand when the face more than one choices. As mentioned earlier than, Mount Franklin water has a ninety nine p.c brand consciousness in Australia.

e. Design and packaging

Stylish design in package may entice extra consideration, by printing Jennifer Hawkins’ picture on light sparking water bottle wrap, it is considered trendy by some young folks to carry a bottle of that water.

f. Perceptual Mapping

Technically, it’s exhausting to attract a perceptual map by taking all these attributes into consideration. Three of them shall be demonstrated within the following diagram:

g. Analyse on perceptual mapping
Usually, manufacturers with high awareness in public price greater on their merchandise, in the meantime, high quality is required to maintain the optimistic picture in consumers. As drinking product, consumers usually have a tendency to make choices rely on the model awareness. Price can also be an important attribute, so the products with reasonable value additionally make good sales. Big manufacturers such as Coles and Woolworth can easily develop related ancillary products by using their brands influence.

5. Conclusion
As a important technique, positioning plays a major function in making market selections. As an environment friendly software, perceptual mapping provides marketer a visual indication of consumers’ notion of how a brand or a product compares with its opponents. An necessary level should be talked about right here, the place of a model is moveable quite than fastened. (which related another marketing course of i.e. repositioning) By inspecting the positions frequently of their own and opponents, marketers might resolve the place and when essential make a change to their place. 6. Recommendations

As a model new model planning to enter into a selected market, it’s an efficient method of getting a associated perceptual mapping to analyse the target market. It can be critical to place the model in an inexpensive method. Usually it is a sensible alternative for a new model to start from the market with less competitors. Sometimes corporations that are situated in similar position in conceptual map might not rivals. Mount Franklin set a great instance of positioning brands with social connection.

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