An Analysis of Broken Dreams by W.B. Yeats

A lot of Yeats’ poems about love are linked back to the love of his life, Maud. She is represented in many forms in Yeats’ poetry and Broken Dreams is not any exception. By utilizing Maud, Broken Dreams involves themes similar to loss, love and time. ‘THERE is gray in your hair. Young males no longer…’ In these first two strains Yeats has set the idea of what the poem will be about, evaluating Maud to what she was like when she was young and what she is like through the writing of the poem.

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Yeats switches between the past and the present to current this however instead of using the previous tense he goes back to how he remembers Maud and uses it as the present. It can subsequently be inferred that Yeats does not wish to let go of the past however has carried out it for therefore lengthy that it has become his actuality, it is no longer simply in his dreams.

The dream he is dwelling is then broken when he sees her again wanting old and gray. After Yeats’ dreams come the reminiscences of the woman. In three of the five stanzas Yeats repeats the words ‘Vague recollections, nothing but reminiscences.’ Yeats’ actual reminiscences of her have faded as he got older, another result of time and ageing.

Yeats can only bear in mind a small quantity about her, a great amount of that being her seems and beauty, he has been dreaming about that one thing for therefore lengthy that he has forgotten every little thing else about her.

It is sometimes recommended that even the memories that he nonetheless has turn into blurred and they don’t seem to be as they really were. In the fourth stanza she enters a lake with one small imperfection that makes her stand out, but when she had been to depart the lake it’s implied that this imperfection will disappear and he or she will be completely good.

That imperfection is the considered one of her traits that makes her so appealing to Yeats and so even more memorable, if that were to go then perhaps he will forget her altogether. Both the themes of time and reminiscence have been to do with the lack of it. Following on from losing the memories of her, Yeats contemplates never with the power to see her again. When she goes into the lake it is not solely the memory of her that turns into blurred however through the time that that occurred she is getting away from him. ‘And I am afraid that you’ll run’, this suggests that the woman does not love Yeats as a lot as he loves her if at all.

It could be interpreted that Yeats pushed her away with all the unwanted consideration he was giving her somewhat than her leaving because she had to like Yeats sees it. Furthermore, in the direction of the tip of Broken Dreams, Yeats has written the road, ‘The last stroke of midnight dies.’ This is line to sum up the theme of loss on an entire whether or not it’s time or the lack of the woman.

The stroke of midnight has awoken him from a dream state serious about this stunning girl, making Yeats realise that he has lost a great amount of time within the day as he might have been doing something more productive. As properly as time there’s also the loss and potential death of this lady as Yeats says ‘midnight dies’ as an alternative of ends or completed. Focusing more intently on the lady, who is based on Maud, her Beauty is emphasised all through Broken Dreams.

At the start of the poem, her seems ‘Recovered him upon the bed of demise.’ Her appears alone gave an old, dying man the will to reside even though she is of old age herself. Further on in the poem Yeats describes her seems when she was younger, saying ‘You are extra lovely that anybody,’ these two pieces of the poem show that Yeats is completely fixated with the girl and perhaps even enchanted by her beauty. According to Yeats, she is the most stunning person in the whole world, however that is merely an opinion Yeats has of her.

This opinion on her seems leads him to believe that her magnificence alone saved a man’s life when this more than likely just isn’t the case. The woman’s obvious magnificence in Broken Dreams seems to have hypnotised Yeats into believing that she is a Goddess walking among us, one thing that I extremely doubt.

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