An Analysis of “Jamacian Fragment”

The Jamaican Fragment is a narrative a couple of man, who during his regular stroll to and from work encounters an irregularity he views as an act of inferiority. We can assume that the Jamaican Fragment is an actual life experience, rather than a piece of fiction as a outcome of first person writing fashion. In the first paragraph the writer uses visible imagery by describing the colors of the houses as well as the bungalow type house, which presents as the setting. We can begin to conclude that the creator is ethnic himself or very familiar with differentiating ethnic traits.

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In psychology we learn that the race we’re born of, makes us better able to distinguish features and characteristics amoung our own culture. People typically battle distinguishing key characteristics in different races, ethnicities, and cultures. So when Hendricks refers again to the one little boy as a “little Jamaican”, he is presenting us with the concept that he’s ethnic. It is necessary to take discover of the reality that Hendricks may be of Jamaican descent as within the subsequent line within the above talked about sentence he calls the little boy a “strong Jamaican” and this units the tone for the writer’s stance.

Hendrick outlines his passion for his race as a “strong” race versus weak and inferior. The definition of prejudice in accordance with the Merriam Webster dictionary is as follows “a (1): preconceived judgment or opinion (2): an opposed opinion or leaning shaped without simply grounds or before adequate data . ” Prejudice is a very controversial subject in our society that always incites anger and defensiveness in folks.

Hendricks essay Jamaican Fragment is a properly written personal descriptive essay that addresses the concept of prejudice using irony and humour so that the reader stays open-minded.

Hendricks’ simple, relaxed style helps help the reader through the story with out preconceived notions or prejudices in the course of other ethnicities. There are a quantity of figures of speech used to entice the reader and the reflective temper of the essay allows us to replicate on our personal thoughts and hopefully come to the identical conclusions round prejudice. Hendricks’ fashion of the essay is very important in terms of what he wants the reader to expertise and the way he needs them to experience the story. Words that I would use to describe the tone would be casual, curious and ironic.

The creator makes use of on a regular basis language to create the informal tone such as “The other little fellow was smaller, but in addition sturdy – he was white, with hazel eyes and light-brown hair. ” (362) This casual tone permits everyone to read this essay; there isn’t any prejudice towards an educated or uneducated viewers. The sentence structure used can be simple and casual. “For a complete day I puzzled over this drawback. ”(363) This excerpt from Jamaican Fragment is an excellent example of the curious tone that makes use of in this essay.

He is taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery. The reader can be curious as to the sport the kids play, might it really be a game of inferiority? There can be a powerful sense of irony all through the entire essay, it is my belief that the creator uses an ironic tone to additional his argument round prejudice enable the reader to study an ethical lesson. “The exercise is good for me and now and then I learn something from slightly incident”(362), is an instance of Hendricks’ using foreshadowing as a literary method.

We know that he’s going to study one thing and we know by the end of the essay that “little” may be very much an understatement. “How foolish grown-ups we are, how intelligent we are, how splendidly able we’re to impute deep motives to infantile actions! How suspicious we’re when have been warped by prejudice! “(364) This illustrates the ignorance that Hendricks employs and the connection between ignorance and prejudice. He additionally makes use of exclamation marks to emphasize the enormity of his misjudgment.

Syncrisis is a figure of speech by which reverse things or individuals are in contrast. (the free dictionary). Hendricks’ uses syncrisis all through the essay “young vs old” and black vs white”, this system is used repetitively because Hendricks has a us vs them defence. He believes that he has been wronged by judgement and “them”. “Was there really some difference between a white man and a black man? Something that made the white superior. ”(363) This is a good instance of the author using a literary gadget called pathos .

Hendricks needs to incite passion into the reader, he feels incredibly passionate about his feelings around prejudice. “Were we as a race really inferior? So inferior that even in our infancy we realized our deficiencies, and accepted a position because the white man’s servant? ” (363) The writer is asserting his own perspective here, wresting with their world perspective on injustice. There’s a sense that the writer feels inferior as a black person because of the final sentence, even when he doesn’t want to really feel that that method, maybe due to his light tone?

In the final paragraph Hendricks reveals the reality across the recreation to a white man standing on his porch, he soon discovers that the man is the daddy of both boys and a associate in an interracial marriage. Obviously some humor here, the author makes assumptions (of course which is among the toxic components in racism, prejudice, stereotypes, and injustice) about another person’s viewpoint (which is what he did with the boys) and although he has good intentions, he’s again stunned because the thought of a racially blended family (the subsequent step toward an egalitarian and tolerant society) had not crossed his mind.

Irony strikes again. Assumptions and ignorance is what encourages prejudice and although that is what he is passionate towards he turns into the bearer of such conclusions. Through Hendricks’ self-discovery across the “game” we’re in a place to see how shortly folks are apt to jump to conclusions feeding prejudice. What is social equality and the way does this change come about? Education is the vital thing to this problem and Hendricks urges the reader to turn into educated and learn an important moral lesson.

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