An Analysis of The Story Of Tom Brennan

In “The Story Of Tom Brennan” written by J. C Burke in a narrative about destruction, guilt and shame via the story there are allot of up and downs after the crash the family isn’t the identical and tom is aware of that it will never be the identical the story makes use of destructive energy to add some issues to the story to keep it going the crash causes a couple of problems to everyone not simply the household the entire group is effected guilt tom and kylie each really feel responsible like they were the trigger for the crash shame the family lie in shame they really feel like there family is dangerous and the group don’t assist that is why they mover because the entire family is seemed down upon by the city of Mumbili.

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The household is affected by destruction in each means the family has changed after the event it has cause the whole neighborhood to vary fin who was in the crash and her family are affected As properly after fin turned paraplegic her mum has to change the way she raises her son and fins goals are crushed after one evening so much has occurred to the families and associates of the victims in the crash.

Tom’s life has modified him and his mum grows additional away slowly not talking to every other. Kylies life has changed to she has lost all her pals as a outcome of they needed to move schools. And fin has nothing left and her mom has trouble taking care of her it’s hard on each one.

When the crash happens tom looks like he’s the one who has trigger the crash he feels responsible in every method he looks like he may have stopped what happened and kylie feels the same means she has the same feeling as tom and they’re in the identical place each feeling guilty of what happened that night time each hiding it and maintaining it bottled up inside them that is why they at all times struggle it’s as a end result of they both feel like they could have done something about it stopped the entire incident from occurring fin sought of has the same feeling that if she didn’t get in the car that evening nothing would have happened and it might all be the identical again but she is conscious of she can’t do something about it. Daniel is also responsible and knows what he did was mistaken he feels guilty as a outcome of he was the one which was driving the car. Daniel couldn’t even take a glance at Nicole and Luke’s mother and father because he knew he took something away from them and he feels guilty about it.

The complete family will reside in shame for the relaxation of their life seeing that it was their son that cause the crash they will be in shame as a result of they didn’t cease him they didn’t cease him from ingesting Daniel particularly affected he will never recover from the very fact they he killed two individuals and can at all times know that there’s a household lacking one thing that they love and they will by no means get that again just trigger one individual did something they shouldn’t have however was it really Daniels fault he was not the one which made them get in that automobile and perhaps they want to have stopped him from driving that evening. The whole story is made up by certainly one of these factors and they play a big part in the story is none of these3 issues happened the story would not have much in it.

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