An Analysis of Writing Techniques within the Achievement of Desire

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13 November 2021

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This essay is elegantly written with well-chosen words. Besides that, Richard Rodriguez’s adept expertise in depicting the author’s difficult yet conflicting psychological activities by way of various literary gadgets is also the shinning level of this piece of work. In the essay, the creator mainly used a number of techniques similar to flashbacks, comparisons and contrasts, definition, citation, and satire to boost the readability and entertainment of its content, which cater to most readers’ tastes and will make them further and in-depth thinking and reflection.

Before analyzing the Rodriguez’s skills to form and present his concept, a briefing on the essay is critical. Rodriguez, the writer, devoted most of his time to gaining knowledge. He noticed schooling as the easiest way to do away with his embarrassed status as an immigrant Mexican and to escape from being a poor educated particular person as his parents. However, after studying lots of and thousands of classics, he found himself becoming a “scholarship boy”, otherwise pedant or book worm, overweighed with data but wouldn’t have his personal views on things.

In other word, the whole studying process of him is mimicking and memorizing other’s phrases. He didn’t understand this until he wrote a dissertation on Renaissance Literature. He turned bored of ceaseless studying and grew nostalgic and missed the household intimacy and consolations. But what irony is that in his efforts to return his family life, he discovered that it was education that enabled him aware of his established order and gave him one other chance to cherish the forthcoming life.

Now, after gaining a rough concept of the essay, we may turn to his first writing technique-flashback. Most tales started with such a written pattern, which may go away the readers in suspense and provides them a lingering aftertaste. This can be true of Rodriguez’s work. In the opening of the essay, the author appeared because the visitor speaker to provide a lecture on the thriller of the sounds of phrases to the ghetto college students. No one was actually interested in his speech except a lady whose eagerness to study and methods of taking notice reminded the creator of his faculty days.

In order to propel the readers to move on, he makes use of such a sentence “It is myself (as a boy) I see as she faces me now (a man in my thirties)”. How could an adult see his youth in a girl’s eyes? A question like that will occur to most readers’ thoughts, and consequently they would learn on with the intention to unravel it. This sentence also performs play the function of linking the preceding and the next passage, as a result of within the second paragraph the writer began with phrases like “the boy”. The following paragraph all dwelled on in a sequential narration matter.

Apart from main the reader to run alongside the plots, the principle intention Rodriguez employs flashback is to introduce the principle question, which is also the clue operating through the whole essay, “How did I handle my success? ”. By placing forward the question, the whole work has a pivot on which the reader could acquire a better understanding of Rodriguez’s strange behaviors and complex feelings in the remaining content material. The sharp and stark comparisons and contrasts between classroom and residential, family life and school life, teachers and oldsters are also prevailing in Rodriguez’s writing.

In Rodriguez’s eyes, home is a spot one could really feel the extreme pleasure of intimacy and consolations whereas classroom is a spot comparatively reclusive and lonely, however the latter is more favorable when one is able to embark on a highway to knowledge. School life is uninteresting and attentive while household life (concerning the author’s scenario, the working class could additionally be more pertinent) is an grownup life filled with trivial and petty things associated to mundane life, such as Rodriguez’s description of his mother’s ironing and father’s habitual self-talks.

Teachers, as Rodriguez sees it, they’re the idols who might information him in the strategy of looking for more data. We can see this in his narration that at the equal time as a fourth grade college students, he asked his trainer for booklists and librarians even reserve books for him. Parents, nonetheless, are poor educated who converse English with Mexican accent, making Rodriguez rather shameful in the grammar school commencement ceremony when the nun condescended to talk to them. These three comparisons and contrasts might be concluded because the conflicts between examine and family.

The author, with the eagerness to learn extra and the ambition to become elite, he selected the previous. All these may render a robust sense of sympathy in the readers. They could also be sorry and even curse the training which brings the author into such a tragic state of affairs. Some readers, who have an intense curiosity in unrelenting pursuit of data, would possibly awaken to the reality that also they are leading a tragic life similar to the writer. Consequently, the illuminations individuals obtained from this essay might even change their lifestyle. Definition may be noticed in this essay.

The key term, scholarship boy coined by the author, has multiple levels of meanings. Definitions like “the scholarship boy should move between environments, his house and the classroom, that are at cultural extremes, opposed”, “. . . The scholarship boy doesn’t straddle, cannot reconcile, the 2 nice opposing cultures of his life. ”, “the scholarship boy makes only too apparent his profound lack of self-confidence. ”, “The scholarship boy is a very bad student. He is the nice mimic; a collector of thoughts, not a thinker. ” and so forth so forth.

Any reader, who follows closely with the author’s circulate of ideas, might readily determine the scholarship boy he referred in distain and disgrace is himself. We may additionally draw such a conclusion from the last paragraph “I was a scholarship boy at the time…” So why does Rodriguez outline it so frequently with totally different interpretations? What’s his purpose? In my view, Rodriguez in doing so is simply want to highlight his regrets of distancing himself from household life and his shame of being a machine studying by mimicking and memorizing without originality.

Like an individual who dedicated some dangerous deeds, he would keep bubbling and muttering to level out his regrets and sorrows. This would additionally give a pointy impression on the readers, making them mirror on the purpose of education and their very own methods of studying. Quotations are scattered in this essay, most of them are from The Use of Literary Written by Richard Hoggart. For instance, in order to clarify a scholarship boy’s nostalgic feeling on the finish of his education he cited a paragraph from Richard Hoggart’ guide, “The nostalgia is the stronger and the more ambiguous as a outcome of he is actually “in quest of his personal absconded self but scared to find it.

He both desires to go back and but thinks he has gone past his class, feels himself weighted with information of his own and their scenario, which hereafter forbids him the less complicated pleasures of his father and mom. . . .” The contradicting moods are vividly presented in these words, which additionally makes the readers easier to grasp Rodriguez’s painful and conflicting feelings. He desires to return to the family life and enjoys the intimacy however his want for knowledge prevented him from doing that, which resembles a woman who is eager for a chunk of sweet but her decayed tooth deprives this enjoyment.

So the creator should be very helpless and painful during this course of. Satire can also be another major method the writer used to better present his concept. The repeat definition of scholarship boy is a satire, people’s constant inquiry of the key of his success and his sudden reply (I couldn’t forget that education was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed earlier than changing into a pupil. ).

The biggest satire of this work is that the author found that the training made him distant himself from his mother and father whereas it again offered him chance to care for them. What an irony it is! These ironies add an entertaining yet painful impact to the essay and the readers, driving them to think deep. To sum up, all these writing technique do convey the readers ahead and maintain their consideration, but the unique experience of the creator is the trump card of this essay’s success.

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