An Indian Farmer

* Intro — India is an farming nation. It is a land of farmers. They reside in village and die in town. They lead an easy life. Their homes are made of mud and straw. They are extremely small and easy. The farmers are the true sons of the motherland. Gandhiji said India resides in town.

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* His costume — the farmers don’t use fashionable attire. They wear basic clothes. Normally they use dhoti, kurta and a cap. The ladies wear cheap and easy dhotis.

* His food — The meals of the farmers can also be extremely easy and cheap. They eat rice, pulses, green greens and chapaties. Very poor farmers get solely dry bread and mirch-masala. A few plentiful farmers take sufficient milk curd and butter.

* His work — The work of a farmer is extraordinarily robust. They must work of their fields in all the seasons of the yr. In rain or sunshine they want to work. They work from early morning till late within the evening.

They plough fields, plant seeds and lift crops. Their work is definitely extraordinarily robust however actually helpful. Our farmers offer us meals, vegetable and oilseeds.

* Fairs and celebrations — farmers take part in gala’s and celebrations with full curiosity. They use vibrant gowns, take rounds in merry-go-round, and purchase some fancy goods and toys.

* Bad practices — some farmers have dangerous routines likewise. They eat white wine. They are superstitious. They have dangerous customs. They are illiterate as properly. We need to try to remove their bad practices.

* Politics — previously there was no politics in village.

The life of villagers was simple. They liked and co-operated with one another. The elders of the village were the punches who settled their disputes. But now the politics of the cities has reached the villages too. It has spoiled the atmosphere of the villages. The elections of the punchayats are contested with much bitterness and quarrels. This situations wants reformation because villages are the roots of nation. If they are poisoned the whole of our nation will be destroyed.

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