An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Short Story Overview

In the quick story, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” Ambrose Bierce uses a quantity of descriptions and specific conversations between the spherical and flat characters to develop the primary character traits throughout the story. Bierce methods don’t give a word for word account of the character’s individual traits, as a end result of he wanted the offered descriptions to permit the reader to draw their own conclusions about each character’s purpose. His technique has produced one spherical character and some flat characters that finally help develop the main character traits.

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The main character in the story is a man by the name of Peyton Farquhar. He is the spherical character because the entire story revolves around what is going on to this man. Most spherical characters can be classified as dynamic because they will acknowledge or can modify to certain circumstances. In this case, Peyton, the principle character is introduced to the reader after the state of affairs had already occurred. The author began off with Peyton about to be hung by the North for attempting to cease them, as a end result of some Northern Scout dressed as a Confederate Soldier baited him into it.

This initial element set the story up for a flashback to disclose his character creating into courageous man who was keen to do whatever it took to help the accomplice, even if he was not supposed to.

The other characters presented in this story have been the Sergeant who hung him, the Northern Scout, and eventually his spouse. Each of those characters may be classified as a flat character as a end result of they are not dynamic in any means, as a end result of each one only supplies one role all through the entire story.

His wife is probably an important flat character because she is the explanation he reflects on his past and comes to a ultimate realization before he dies. The thought of her, which the reader doesn’t know is a thought until the very end, allowed Peyton to also develop his character into something he wished he could have been. The sergeant to start with merely performs the function of a typical soldier and takes every little thing he does very significantly. He could possibly be classified as a stock character as a result of his role is a typical stereotype of a soldier. Finally, the last character described in the story was the messenger. His role was simply to behave as the transitioning character that led the main character to finish up lifeless.

Overall, Bierce’s use of different characters to help develop the main character performed a huge position within the growth of the story. It helped the reader imagine that Peyton actually did escaped and turn out to be the person he wanted to be for his wife, even though he never actually escaped. The completely different dimensions drew the readers consideration and basically advised us that Peyton lastly got here to a self realization as soon as it was too late.

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