An Office Without Walls

The American work setting has to change, not the women. We must be recognizing that what women aren’t fitting into is a very slim, male-dominated workplace of the Nineteen Fifties. (Anne Marie Slaughter) First Union Federal is an integrative case discovered in the Organizational Theory and Design textbook starting on page 588. We might be making an attempt to see what solutions there may be for this case, evaluate, and from that we will determine a instances evaluation. This paper will determine the main problem at First Union, focus on the forces for cultural change, clarify the use of power, and finally discuss what political tactics Meg ought to use to resolve this situation at First Union.

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Meg Rabb has been employed at First Union Federal since she was eighteen years old. She has been recently promoted to Vice President after having worked the last five years as an assistant V.P. Meg Rabb wanted to work very onerous (perhaps more durable than her male peers) in order to be promoted to her vice-president place and is the first lady to earn such a promotion in the firm.

The president of the company might have manipulated the constructing manager into decreasing the dimensions of Meg’s workplace following her promotion. When Meg heard of this she felt everything and she or he felt nothing. She was happy as a outcome of she had an office now, however she grew to become mad as they told her that her new workplace can be rebuilt again to two dimensions smaller. She then questioned herself how the respect she had earned from her friends would go on about after all this.

Meg puzzled if this needed to do with her being a feminine able of such status and energy especially when she had simply gotten her promotion after an intervention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Being a feminine in a power function that has never been seen or carried out earlier than for some is a matter and may result in sure acts because of it. For example, right here we’ve Meg who simply received promoted and received moved into a new workplace and out of the blue the President of the company does a walkthrough of the building and says that Meg’s workplace is too giant. My query is why Meg? Why now that she just received promoted? Is it a coincidence or? There are many many components that come not simply from a job, however from there being cultural differences amongst the people working there as nicely. We have the Senior Vice President Dan Cummings inviting everyone to the Golf Invitational, but Meg who spent an excellent period of time practicing for it did not obtain an invite.

By this you’ll find a way to comparatively see the type of tradition and discrimination in the First Union workplace against girls. Yes, she does have a task of energy within the workplace, however she is not included in anything nor do the others care if the new V.P. is there to assist them or the company itself. Sometimes in a workplace when a female gets one thing rather than a male, they are prone to really feel more vulnerable and make the lives of others who labored as onerous as they did or even more, they make them really feel dangerous about themselves when all they’ve accomplished is worked for something they deserve. There not solely is gender bias, but organizational tradition, and organizational politics concerned now.

Why the walls came down? The severity of this glass ceiling is evidenced by the fact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is inspecting the corporate. Furthermore, the bank’s prime executives do not give ladies the respect they’re due, but that of men they want the uttermost respect for them. The firm ought to certainly provide you with an internal strategy for resolving a few of these points and cultivate morale, equality, cultural differences, effectiveness, and power especially with regard to the derogatory attitude toward ladies within the workplace. It is claimed that we live in a country of the courageous and free, however are we resembling what that really means? We can say we’re brave and free, but we do in any other case. How about as a substitute of putting others down and being biased to the other gender, we assist one another out and solely then and there shall be often known as to be courageous and free for the issues that make us really feel down and have us trapped.

Through the years, girls from different generations have confirmed their strength and independence. Today, women have made wonderful contributions within the authorities, enterprise world, the army and plenty of more sectors. Around the globe, there have been many women in positions and energy. We shouldn’t cease combating and advocating for gender equality. The concern Meg and plenty of other qualified females are facing is a cultural problem. It has more to do with gender discrimination than anything, if the glass-ceiling was exhausting to interrupt by way of the walls-ceiling shall be even more durable. Let’s be advocates for equality, what’s right, for girls all round the world who’ve a voice, however can’t use it. Yes we are women, but we deserve the identical quantity of respect as males. It has to begin out with company and so they have to start by educating themselves and their staff from their positions on down.


What is the main problem on this case?

The major problem on this case is that there’s clearly discrimination towards ladies in the office as it is very hard to miss here in this specific case. The company has a tradition that affects those on the surface and those beneath the surface. Depending on the level you’re at is how you’ll mainly be handled. Meg being the primary feminine V.P. didn’t get invited to the Golf Tournament subsequently, inequality between genders exists here.

What are the Forces of Cultural Change at First Union?

The changes of Cultural change want to start from the top and taking place. Whether it be the supervisor or someone who holds a high place on the Union who started to set the tone as for how women can be treated, they need to cease doing that. It is a workplace and everyone seems to be a part of a group including women. No yet one more and nobody is made much less both. So to start out these modifications, all discrimination must stop, cultural differences amongst employees must stop as properly, whoever has power and thinks they have the authority to do one thing as a outcome of they’re on top additionally they have to stop. What face are we giving the corporate if that is what individuals are hearing that happens on the inside? Everyone is equal and everyone should get an equal opportunity not mattering whether you’re a male or a feminine.

The use of power at First Union

The managers or the ones on top need to be those to set the instance for the others. If they set a bad example the others will observe that, but when they set a good example then the workers there’ll follow that very same good example. Having energy doesn’t mean that you get to do what you want, it signifies that having power you’ll find a way to make the great happen somewhat than selecting to do the dangerous.

What Political Tactics Should Meg Use?

Meg should use Political Tactics which are perceived as applicable in the office to progress in optimistic relationships. Meg may use the tactic of being a mentor to the other females in the workplace by being a pacesetter as the primary female V.P. She can educate these women about cultural modifications and what can be done to make the workplace and work environment higher for the ladies as nicely for the men. She can be the one to alter the perception of ladies within the workplace.

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