An perfect is an ignition stone distinctive spark lighting up out from

An best is an ignition stone, distinctive spark lighting up out from friction.

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An best is a fireplace, igniting the extinguished gentle.

An best is a light in the dead of night, illuminating the street of the night time.

An perfect is a highway, leading you to the dawn.


In an age of hunger, the ideal is Live life at a subsistent degree with enough meals and a roof over your head.

In the age of subsistence stage of life, the best is civilization.

In the age of chaos, the ideal is stability.

In the age of stability and safety, the best is prosperity.


Ideal makes you look at life with a smile on your face.

Ideal makes you tenaciously resist towards the destiny and problem.

Ideal makes you forget your vicissitudes of life and grey hair.

Ideal makes you childlike and innocent with a head of grey hair.


An best is an alarm clock that shatters me up from my unrealistic dream.

An ideal is a bottle of shampoo that washes selfishness and evil thoughts away.

An best is a means of being obtained.

And but the perfect is a means of sacrificing.


An perfect is a compass, guiding a ship to its vacation spot.

An ideal is a boat, carrying you throughout the ocean.

An perfect is sometimes the arc of the ocean assembly with the sky.

But typically, the best is like falling dominoes that torment your bold spirits. Dreams collapsing one after the other.


If perfect brings you honor.

That’s only a by-product of it.

And extra is the loneliness of being misunderstood.

Laughter in loneliness, sourness in laughter.


Ideal usually brings a devoted person misery.

Ideal forces unfortunate folks to find rescue in determined circumstances.

Ordinary people are turning into successful with their beliefs.

One day, a person with perfect will try to achieve their goals.


There are all the time individuals on the planet who abandon and turn away from their beliefs.

But beliefs never abandon or turn away from anyone.

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