“Anak” Reaction Paper

Based on the movie Anak, what specific points do OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) dad and mom and their kids face? Give three concrete examples. a. Unfamiliarity of members of the family and change in behavior

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In one of many first few scenes of the movie, Josie arrives in the Philippines. A friend and her children greet her however she doesn’t notice her kids immediately. She gracefully greets her kids the moment that she discovered that it was infact them already all grown up.

Since she was overseas for a very very long time, her youngsters didn’t know how to react to her gracefulness and felt slightly awkward, especially for Daday, the youngest of her three youngsters, whom she left at a really early age. So there is an unfamiliarity of the face and ofcourse in habits. Children develop up and ultimately get used to not being round their OFW dad and mom so their behavior in direction of them also change. Struggle to reconnect to 1 another

It was also evident within the film that the youngsters have been struggling to be open to Josie, most particularly Carla.

Carla felt like her mother betrayed her by not coming back home and not calling them when she was gone. So she grew up not having a mother who would look out for her and train her the nice values that she needed. Carla ended up being influenced by the wrong individuals. When her mom finally got here home, she felt like her mother was not a part of her life anymore and just stopped caring about her.

She never informed her tales of what occurred to her life. Also, Michael had a struggle to tell her that his full scholarship obtained voided, and Daday had a tough time being comfy with Josie. All this is because of the experiences of Josie’s kids that she missed. She wasn’t capable of be there for her kids during the occasions wherein they wanted her the most. So the kids misplaced their sense of security and struggled to get it back. Living in the Philippines

As simple because it sounds, I believe that OFWs discover it very onerous to live in the Philippines once more. Just like in the movie, Josie and her friends’ taxi enterprise was not that successful. It additionally impacts the life-style of the kids identical to how Josie needed to pay Michael’s full tuition payment for him to check in school. She used the business’ money to pay for that. Aside from the wrestle to reconnect, that is a further burden for OFWs so sometimes, like in Josie’s case, they return overseas and simply attempt to get a extra first rate job from there, and as quickly as once more, away from the household.

How do transnational families (families with OFWs or migrant workers) problem stereotypes or photographs of the normal family? I think they just strive their best to reside a standard life. When it comes to speaking with the OFW parents, they see to it that they make use of any kind of communication like letters, phone calls, and in this current technology, we now have video calling. They do this in order that they feel like their parents’ are with them and their reference to them won’t be broken. In the film, it was seen the Josie’s bosses hindered her from speaking to her family at house and in addition from going again home to the Philippines when her husband died. So, the connection between Josie and her youngsters obtained broken ever since that occurred.

What other points confronting the household have been present in the film? Justify your answer by giving concrete examples. One of the problems in the movie is Carla’s involvement with illegal substance and teenage pregnancy. She does this to deal with her robust experiences. She talked about within the film that she was like that because she never had a mom to tell her not to do these kinds of stuff. She never had a mother’s safety that’s why she felt like she can single-handedly do stuff without the allow of anybody. Another problem is the wrestle to maintain up with native business. This was seen when both of Josie’s associates backed out of the taxi business because of monetary issues. This, and family issues, left Josie no alternative but to only go back to Hong Kong and work there once more.

Give two concrete recommendations to unravel issues confronting transnational families and/or other family-related issues that have been present in the movie. There should at all times be communication between the OFW parent and his or her relations. With this, they are up to date about each other’s lives and they are linked. Also, the youngsters will nonetheless one means or the other feel the safety of the dad and mom although they’re not physically with them. Try to go to as much as possible. Even though there’s communication, seeing a liked one personally continues to be better. There is more shared skilled when an OFW mother or father is physically along with his or her youngsters and due to this fact, there is a stronger bond amongst them.

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