Analyse how “Brave New World’ makes use of the themes of control, morality and individuality to alter the method in which we think about society

Brave New world is Aldous Huxley’s fourth novel. It is a science fiction novel based mostly in “this yr of stability” AF632 (632 years after the Ford Model T was first put into mass production). It is about one mans try and try to match into society which has a really strict but widely accepted way of conducting oneself. By attempting to slot in, Bernard Marx brings again a savage (John), from a North American Savage Reservation a spot where folks reside without science in a poor however less complicated way of life to supposed ‘civilisation’.

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At first John is awed by this spectacle of innovation and expertise but then with the premature dying of his mom attributable to Soma (a drug distributed freely by the Government to control the public). His original admiration makes him see this ‘Brave New World in fully different mild.

This e-book was published in 1932. It conveys – in a satirical means – Huxley’s views on the society of the 1920’s – 1930’s where individuals have been beginning to loosen their puritanical views and ways of life.

This novel is Huxley’s means of raising his concern in regards to the fee of change in society. I feel that he wished the people in his day to be shocked by the practises in AF632 so they’d slow down the social change. This enforces a lot of people’s ideas (York Notes) that this could be a e-book of concepts.

This novel relies on using ideas and themes, quite than character plot and setting.

The proven reality that this novel is ready 600 years after publication does not affect the principle operating of the story, it is just a platform for Huxley to put across his philosophies and is a approach to reinforce, the metaphors and images plausible. For example the graphic portrayal of babies being ‘decanted’ – poured type a bottle, like alcohol which has been fermented for a purpose – somewhat than born, is rather more believable in a science fiction novel. Therefore Huxley is ready to make the reader assume realistically in regards to the scenario rather than dismissing it at first look. So it permits the reader to have a second thought and skim more in depth. It is obvious that Huxley’s strengths lie in the messaging and ideas quite than a fiction writer. This is type of reasonable to assume as a end result of his early work consisted primarily of novels, which he later known as vehicles for his ideas and in 1972 he launched his volume of essays, ‘Proper Studies’, to specific his philosophical and social views.

In Brave New World control has emphasised dramatically to specific Huxley’s views. Soma is a drug, which makes all of your troubles go away, and propels users into ecstasy. This is used as a way of controlling the general public and preserving social order. Soma is a metaphor, which relates to the savages of Samoa off the coast of New Guinea. The tradition there’s much like that of Brave New World, in that the people have been in a neighborhood of an entire and not in households with mothers and fathers and which childbirth was the work of ancestral gods. These ‘ancestral Gods’ are what thee people of Brave New World would take to be folks like Henry Ford who changed industrialism an a sensational way – that of mass production and standardisation – and unwittingly worship them in a non secular method. Huxley tries to demonise Soma so that we’ll look upon it as a scourge and tries to enforce the idea that having management of our senses is highly essential and nearly sacred factor. For example soma causes the untimely demise of Linda (the savage’s mother) this enrages the savage to start throwing Soma capsules out of the hospital window which finally ends up in a hoard of Deltas to attack him in mindless zombie-like trend. This is likely one of the key moments in the book and Huxley has used John the Savage to lift his issues about society directly and show how folks can get carried away with out pondering of the consequences of their actions.

Other than Soma, society is controlled by rigid social prejudices, which have been engraved within the publics’ minds through the years of social conditioning. This social conditioning – teaching individuals philosophies, emotions and reactions to issues by way of intense repetition while asleep – is doubtless considered one of the ways that Huxley makes us take into consideration how propaganda and our social stigmas can be used to influence our views and the finest way the media may be manipulative to use us for its own ends. In Brave New World the individuals are moulded to socialise with folks of their own caste, just like the things that may profit society, and co-ordinate themselves so that they have the socially beneficial position. This relates to how we in daily life are pressured by society, the media and organisations to buy certain products, have the actual image applicable to ones class.

At the very high in Brave New World issues are kept the way they’re by means of totalitarianism, and the effect of this, is that anybody who goes against the grain of society gets shunned by their caste and in extremes will be exported to a far colony in order to preserve social stability. Here, Huxley is criticising governments and organisations for being too powerful and corrupt.

Being alone in Brave New World is looked on as a taboo. The view is that if are not around individuals or are having a quantity of companions then you’re a social outcast. In the 1920’s there was a cultural unease due to a loosening of morals. I feel that Huxley, by taking the morals of the time, turning them the other method up and blowing them out of all proportion to realize a supposedly ridiculous state of morality, is breing overtly satirical to shock the general public and is attempting to sluggish this modification in morality. He uses John as a mediator in the e-book so that individuals will grasp Huxley’s philosophies and not mistake his viewpoint. I doubt that Huxley, when writing Brave New World would have expected that in seventy years time, some of the way out scientific elements of the e-book, like infants being engineered for a objective would ever have become a realistic risk. But that is precisely what Brave New World is trying to warn against earlier than it becomes a risk. I imagine that Huxley believes life is a thing that shouldn’t be tampered with and pre-ordained by exterior components like social class, upbringing, variations and social strain. He believes it is as much as the person to have the final say of their standing on morality and selections in life.

Aldous Huxley has used the theme of individuality to specific how he feels about the greatest way society treats people. Brave New World has no singular focus on one particular character. Having a decentralised character scheme permits individuality to be expressed on a spread of ranges to indicate how oddities are viewed by society. Bernard Marx is excluded from society as a result of he’s shorter than the common Alpha Plus male and he acts in another way to other folks. He has a dislike of Soma as a outcome of firstly, it does not have the effect on him that it has on different individuals and secondly, Soma reminds him of his social impotence. For instance in Brave New World ‘solidarity services’ are held as an different to spiritual ceremony involving the consumption of Soma. Once the service is over a picture of Bernard’s feelings is constructed up. “He was as miserably isolated now as he had been when the service began – extra isolated by causes of unreplenished is useless satiety. Separate and unatoned, whereas others have been being fused into the higher being”. This exhibits how he has been made to feel like an outsider. It expresses Huxley’s ideas on how society as a complete can make individuals feel isolated, alone and suicidal.

Brave New World is an excellent example of a novel that’s so clogged thick with concepts and imagery that it does not should depend on the characters and plot. The characters in Brave New World are comparatively flat, they are there as a tool for Huxley to voice his opinions satirically and plainly depending on the character. The plot is fairly drab and doesn’t hold any unexpected twists, it’s obvious that Huxley has paid much less attention to creating this a clean working novel and has concentrated extra on the message of his work. Huxley’s use of images and ideas is highly thought scary. He uses themes of management, morality and individuality to vary the best way we take into consideration society. His very satirical and didactic tone is a key issue behind Brave New World’s effectiveness. As a outcome I actually have been left with widend view of society and my awareness of the social temperament of the 1920’s and 30’s.

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