Analyse your contribution to the selection course of for the place of Classroom Assistant

Assignment M2

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In this project I will analyse the contribution of the interview and choice course of that leads to the position of Classroom Assistant. I took part both as an interviewee and observer therefore I am in a position to compare how the different roles have contributed to the process.

Before being chosen by way of for the position, there are three levels that each applicant must face: the pre-interview, the interview itself and the post-interview. Each of these phases plays their part in permitting the employer to rigorously choose the potential candidate.


When making use of for a position or job role, it’s essential that an software form is presented and that the candidate should meet the standards as identified within the individual specification so that they’ve the required expertise and qualifications to get offered the job.

As an interviewee, I have accomplished an application form that describes my qualification and experience with youngsters. It additionally has my data and previous employment as properly as any incapacity or diseases.

It is essential that each one these particulars are included correctly so that the office can make necessary arrangements to find a way to deal with the state of affairs. As necessary skills to work with kids are wanted, I included my communication and outgoing expertise, in addition to listening and understanding. I made sure that it was neatly represented and wrote it in black ink and block capitals. I was also able to meet important criteria as I discovered them hooked up on the website and ensure that it was clear that I met the needs.

As an interviewer it is important that the candidate come prepared and arranged with a full interview pack that includes every piece of material requested from the interview panel. This will greater their possibilities to raised alternative and will also present the employer that they’re committed and have what it takes to take on the function as a Classroom assistant. It is also necessary that the interviewer gets a report from previous references as so that he/she knows in case you are capable for the job. References will suggest you for the position and can tell your employer what makes you a strong team member or weaknesses that you can possibly have.

It is also necessary on what kind of interview gets chosen as a course of of assessing candidates for this position. During our interview course of, each candidate was capable of get interviewed by the identical interview panel and get requested the identical quantity of questions in the same means after which get assessed from there. This was attainable as a result of only eleven candidates had applied and due to this fact it was an easy course of to hold out. Also as a outcome of the observer is there to assess candidates, it is simpler for the employer to pick who is basically suitable for the assigned place. In the same method, there was no need to take aptitude tests or any sort of questioning as it couldn’t have been shorter listed. And as a outcome of the interview was carried out by knowledgeable who has been involved in recruitment for therefore lengthy and know that requisites for the publish there was no want for the method to be shortened.

At the end of the method, one candidate needs to be chosen for the job post to be supplied. This can be done in many ways, nonetheless as an interviewer, it is best to write down a job offer letter because it’s polite and formal and the candidate can greater than doubtless receive it which additionally saves on time and costs. On the opposite hand, candidates who didn’t get through will get a job rejection letter instead.


This is the process where the interviewer has a formal meeting with the interviewee discovering out why they need the submit and what makes them a great employees member in comparison with the others. As an interviewee I needed to make a great impression to spice up my chances by arriving early, dressing good, showing my persona by way of being formal and smiling and stating why I would actually like to work for them.

It was additionally important that as an observer I made it clear that every detail and personal data was going to be strictly confidential and that everybody had an equal and fair opportunity to get the job, due to this fact seating preparations and questions have been precisely the same for each interviewee and questions could not be requested by me to make interview unfair. I additionally needed to make sure that the interview was carried out in a Health and Safety coverage surroundings freed from any attainable danger or harm that could possibly be caused by equipment.

An interview check-list is needed and useful for both sided of the interview panel as it contributes to the process because for the interviewee can know what must be included in the interview pack and supply essential info while the observer or interviewer will use it as a way to guarantee that all points they’re on the lookout for are being lined. This may also help control the interview as a result of it’s mannered and well organised and interviewers are able to management their time and resolve what to say for each query. As an observer, notes had been also taken to maintain on observe of the candidates’ performance to guarantee that rank to be given on the end and meet the choice standards and proper documentation.

Communication between the interviewer and interviewee is essential as a end result of as an interviewee I had to verify I was listening fastidiously to questions in order that I could give the proper answers, however this was additionally made easy as I already had an interview questions document already prepared. This is also essential as a outcome of it showed the interviewer that I am able to listening and speaking nicely due to this fact in a place to work underneath command and directions given. I additionally used physique language to make the interview extra interactive and make more impression utilizing eye contact with each the interviewer and observer which made them extra fascinated to listen to what I had to say. Questions that were used had been all open questions which gave me the ability to clarify and fulfill them with my solutions.

As an observer I noticed that communication between the candidate and interviewer had been quite tense but body language are inclined to loosen the tension and make the interview more relaxing. I listened rigorously to solutions in order to take accurate notes and able to give suggestions to the employer. The candidate got here across really clear and I was capable of notice that they have been assured in their position and subsequently it helped with the method much more.


After the interview, that is the final stage of the method in which some candidates are rejected and others are offered the publish. It is also referred as recruitment as a outcome of the candidates are offers a response based on their interview and therefore then judgement is made as to who will get picked.

I informed candidates about their interview giving them feedback on what were their strong points and weak factors the place they might have improved via phone name. This makes it seem more professional as it shows the interviewee that the employer is making effort in reaching them and sending them their better of wishes for his or her future profession. As an interviewee suggestions shall be used as a method of improvement for the subsequent job presents and interviews coming forward. However before candidates could presumably be knowledgeable in the event that they had been unsuccessful, a job offer was made to the applicant that was chosen.

This happened before rejection letters were despatched out as a result of if the chosen candidate decides to refuse the offer due to misplaced of curiosity or new employment, then the employer would choose the following individual in line that was prone to get provided. This will therefore save restarting the whole course of again as the employer is assure that the chosen candidate accepts the provide earlier than telling the others that they weren’t as profitable and did not meet their requirements.

As an observer I also asked for feedback from the candidates who apply as to listen to from them how the process might have been improved and what modifications could be done for next time. I took all solutions into consideration as it’s going to give better opportunities to different candidates to make a profitable interview. I would additionally verify the chosen candidate’s reference to hear to their perspective on the candidate.

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