Analyse Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses in Counselling Skills

Use your work from P3 and analyse (consider in detail) it e. g. what are your strengths in counselling skills, why you assume they’re your strengths and where do you utilize them. What are your weaknesses, why do you think they’re your weaknesses and what can you do to turn them into strengths.

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For Egan’s first stage I assume the strengths that I really have in counselling could be that I explained to the client about the contract and confidentiality that’s included into the contract that’s kept between the counsellor and the consumer and so with this I was able to make use of this to have the ability to show the client that this is a professional relationship and so this is explains the guidelines of what will occur between the counsellor and client throughout the periods and outdoors of periods if contact is needed.

This is a strength as a outcome of the client will suppose that I am professional because we want to undergo the contract first earlier than the beginning of any sessions so then they know what’s going to occur in the classes that they are having.

It would even be a power because if I did not clarify the contracting firstly of the session then the consumer wouldn’t know what the counsellor does about contacting, name, handle, and likewise if they have been referred here by their GP and clarify to them if they need extra specialised assist and so they would clarify at the start if the counsellor would have to refer their shopper onto somebody more specialised so this would be a shopper which may have ingesting or drugs issues and so they would wish to clarify first that they could refer in a while in the classes and the warning of sending them on.

I was additionally in a place to clarify that confidentiality was also a power as a outcome of if the consumer didn’t know that the confidentiality during the periods then they gained’t be open to telling me the counsellor about what their issue is and so then I would possibly take the data that they’ve stated already and be in a position to spread so I was able to explain the confidentiality in order that they know that all they are saying will keep between me and the client except they are at danger of harming themselves or others and so I would have to break confidentiality there and I would alarm them of that I am breaking confidentiality by informing others of what they’ve accomplished.

This is a strength because I was able to explain all about confidentiality in order that the consumer is in a position to know all the knowledge they wanted about what will happen in the counselling classes. I would use confidentiality with every patient I am with because they will not trust me in any other case and I wouldn’t have the flexibility to help them with their points and that they’d want me to maintain every little thing they stated otherwise I might be putting them at risk of being harmed.

Another power that I had was that I was in a place to give unbiased data which signifies that I was not adding any of my very own opinion to the recommendation that I was giving the client. I assume that this was a energy as a outcome of I didn’t let myself give biased info which may lead me into bother in the occasion that they adopted my advice, this may additionally cause the client issues in the occasion that they had been being abused they usually adopted my advice and I put them at harms way because I informed them to make a decision about what their circumstance was and that I might doubtlessly lead them into getting extra hurt than they already was.

I would use this strength with all of the clients that I am attending to as a outcome of then I am not dependable to be topic to being prosecuted as a end result of I told them that they want to do this and that and so this meant they may be homeless, severely harm or even worse that they’ve misplaced every thing because of one little thing that I truly have mentioned to them and so unbiased info also protects me the skilled from not being subjected to court docket because of seeing them within the classes and offering this information to them.

Eye contact is a power of mine as a outcome of establishing eye contact with the clients that I even have to work with allowed me to have the ability to present them that I was listening to what they should say and so this made it so that I was not being impolite to them because of not taking a glance at them and so this meant they was able to specific extra to me because of me the professional ready to pay attention and see the emotion they’re expressing with what they should say and if they do not seem to be saying anything then seeing the emotion that they are ready to transpire by being quite however are wanting to express what they wish to say without really saying it.

I suppose it is a energy as a end result of they want eye contact to know who they’re speaking to especially if its couple or group counselling that is going down. I would use this when being with my purchasers as a result of they would wish to have the ability to know that I am being assertive to them when they’re expressing what they’ve bottled up for a very lengthy time and so this allows them to know that they will belief me.

During the session a power that was pointed out what that I was in a place to mirror all through the session and this can be a strength because it confirmed that I am being assertive and being able to reflect back to the client everything they stated and also expressing the identical emotion that they informed me again to them to point out them what they’re doing and so this exhibits them what emotion they’re placing in with their phrases in order that they know the way they’re feeling a few certain topic.

I suppose this could be a energy as a result of they can show that I am not only listening but additionally taking within the info if I am in a position to reflect it back to them with the same emotion they’re using and so this helps for once I have to offer them unbiased information that may relate to the presenting concern. I would use this with the purchasers I actually have within the counselling periods to show that I am capable of helping them if I even have the data of what they have stated to me and be ready to switch it again to them for the next session so that they’re ready to vent it all to me so then they will have help.

Summarising was also a energy that I was able to do in the counselling session as a end result of on the end of the session I was in a position to soak up all the knowledge that the consumer has discussed and summarise it in order that they know I was ready to do this by listening to every little thing they said. I suppose this can be a energy as a end result of the client is going to trust me more after which we are in a position to start building a serving to relationship by being ready to be sure that every thing that the consumer has said I take it into consideration even if it’s the smallest factor.

This can be used once I am with clients as a end result of showing them that I am in a position to summarise all what they have mentioned reveals that I want to assist them with their presenting concern. Showing professionalism and exploration are a power as a outcome of I was capable of characterize myself that I am professional and never being personal so that the shopper can solely see me as a professional and never someone who’s being non-professional and so it is a energy as a outcome of then they aren’t in a place to now personal things about me which are personal and can only make the consumer confused of who is within the room my private self or the professional facet and that exploration I was able to find more information about the consumer by asking open questions so that I was capable of help them with the presenting problem at hand. I would use this with the clients as a result of then I am not letting them see my other facet and sticking to professionalism and that exploring is a better method to finding all the data the consumer has on that matter and so this implies being able to help so much quicker and perhaps even resolving the issue.

The weaknesses that occurred in the first stage was that at the start of the session I was not being focussed, this is a weak point as a result of then I was not paying consideration to the client and so they might need stated something important or urgent that needs attending to for instance if they mentioned they was going to kill their family and I ignored that then I may doubtlessly making her household vulnerable to being hurt and even murdered as a outcome of I was not paying attention. To turn this right into a strength I have to be extra focussed that means I have to be focussed as soon as they enter the room in order that I do not miss anything they say or express on their face.

Another weakness was that I was also judgemental to the shopper with what they say and this can be a weak point as a end result of I should not being judging them on what’s going on with their life or how they look as a result of I do not know them or their life so this could have been the greatest way they was born and judging them only makes me feel responsible about what I am thinking about them and can lead me into getting distracted. I can flip this right into a strength by making sure that irrespective of who my shopper is I am not allowed to judge as a outcome of no one is ideal and never all folks have the identical life as me and so that they might want extra assist.

Egan’s second stage I think that the strengths I even have are that I was challenging the client by asking open questions in order that they’re pressured to tell me more information and never just a easy yes or no answer and something that they’d have to consider, this is a power because it made them feel like I was caring because I was asking the open questions to have the ability to dig deep into the presenting issues and so this is ready to help me have the flexibility to resolve the difficulty and help them with their life. I would use this to e in a position to deal with the client that have difficulty in expressing what they wish to say as a outcome of they are either scared, nervous or scared of what my reaction might be. Another power I have is repeating the difficulty to the shopper to permit them to continue where they might have left off, I think it is a strength because it may be that they had been heading is the proper course as a outcome of this may be in regards to the presenting concern that they have and so allowing me to repeat it to them to continue allows them extra probability to get every little thing they’ve probably needed to say off their chest.

I would use this with each consumer I see because a minimal of I am showing them that I bear in mind what they stated and also permitting them to recollect so they’re in a position to express what they want.

The weaknesses that I occurred by way of the second stage was that I made the consumer really feel uncomfortable by leaving awkward silences I assume this is a weak spot as a end result of if it’s a new client then this means I nonetheless am attempting to know this individual and they gained’t be pleased that they’d tell a whole stranger all concerning the secrets and techniques they have been hiding for years and so this meant I was waiting on them to reply certainly one of my open questions or ready for them to current a difficulty that I am capable of help them with, the way I would turn this right into a energy is that as an alternative of ready on them to reply me I could get them to do activities like drawing or ball game in order that they’re in a position to trust me and start the conversation going. Another weakness was that I launched myself again and so this is a weakness as a result of this could be handed on to the client as if I am forgetful of who my clients are so I have to introduce myself again and this might lead the shopper in not trusting me because if I even have to do that then I probably can’t keep in mind the conversations that I am having with my purchasers and who they’re. To flip this into a power I need to not introduce myself once more but ensure that they are aware that I am there as a professional and so the introduction needs to be occurring initially of a brand new client.

The strengths that occurred in the third stage was that that I was in a position to look back on the final session which is reflecting and it is a energy as a end result of I was more capable of categorical all of the emotion that they had put into the conservations over time and so because of this I might help them more they usually can see what emotion they are expressing to me when I point out a sure topic and develop on this as a outcome of if a topic that they mentioned is much more expressed than one other than this might help the shopper be capable of assume more about this subject and if it could resolve the presenting concern. I would use this with my consumer because they should know that I am being aware of what they are saying to me and in addition the emotion they’re putting into it.

Another power was that I was in a place to recap on the SMART targets that have been set within the second stage and so this is a power as a end result of when recapping on these targets it may possibly help the client be capable of present me that they have achieved some of their targets and likewise review those that have not been met and see if we cant change it to make it smarter in order that they don’t feel like they’re unable to attain it, I would use this energy with all my clients as a outcome of having the flexibility to set SMART targets enables not only me but in addition the client to be focussed on what they wish to do so this would possibly imply setting a target corresponding to if my client was pregnant and wanted to inform the father than this implies the target will have the flexibility to help her have the power to tell him using the SMART example and that this might make her really feel better because if she will do this then she’s going to be capable of set different targets than can do with this subject and if she can’t for fill the goal for some purpose then possibly we will change the target to ones that are simpler. The weaknesses that occurred in the third stage was that I spoke an extreme amount of to the consumer and this is a weak spot as a result of this meant that I was overloading the consumer with an excessive amount of info that they may not have the power to take it all in and so feel actually confused with what I am saying and then really feel like they do not seem to be able to ask once more because I would possibly say it all once more and overload them.

I assume that to turn this right into a power is that when I need to inform them data is just too inform them first that I want to offer them information and make it clear to them and then ask in the occasion that they got everything I said and that they understand. Another weak spot was that I was not centered again which meant that I didn’t turn it right into a strength because I was in a position to do it once more and this mean that this is a weakness as a outcome of I didn’t take heed to my very own recommendation of being able to turn it right into a power and so because of this I must be extra focussed in any other case it can lead to penalties on the client and likewise me the skilled. To flip this right into a strength is that I want to remain focussed on each consumer that I see even when I don’t imagine the client or that I know they are telling lies because they have adjustments their story from the previous session.

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