Analysis “10 Mary Street” and “Migrant Hostel” by Peter Skrzynecki

The ideas of ‘Place and Displacement’ has conveyed through the poems ’10 Mary Street’ and ‘Migrant Hostel’ by Peter Skrzynecki, and the Ted discuss ‘What does it mean to be a refugee’ directed by Biljana Labovic. Place means a sense of belonging of the individual to a spot, whereas, displacement means a sense of not belonging. From three different texts, techniques might be recognized and analyzed the theme of place and displacement. The poem ’10 Mary Street’ by Peter Skrzynecki has instilled the concept of place from the eyes of younger Peter looking at his family new life after they migrate to Australia.

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In the primary stanza, a sense of consolation is established. He has used the buildup to disclose the ordinary every day actions they participate in, creating a sense of belonging. Simile and the monosyllabic sounds, similar to, ‘shut’ and ‘lock’ brings up a way of safety. Following up, the approach of imagery when they cover the vital thing beneath a rusty bucket is suggesting that the relative security of the era.

Moving to the fourth stanza, the consolation of residence and the belonging experienced are expressed. The enjambment effect has brought on emphasis to fall heavily on, ‘We stay together’. It is inclusive language when it’s using plural noun group and home is a spot of togetherness.

The center of stanza is written with accumulation impact, the pictures of sharing cultures and connection with folks give a way of belonging. Hence, these strategies allow the reader to see the brilliant sight of immigration’s life and to be sympathy with migrant for how they need to change to adapt in a model new life.

Displacement is expressed by way of the poem ‘Migrant Hostel’ by Peter Skryznecki where the migrants are experiencing the bodily and emotional journey. In the second stanza, it emphasizes the distance between totally different nationalities. The picture of circling evokes a sense of dizziness and dislocation.

Metaphor is conveyed in the last two strains of the stanza, hunger and hate create virtually physical limitations for belonging. Words such as ‘partitioned’ is a figurative language suggesting separation, it’s additionally a barrier to attach or share experiences with different tradition groups. Alliteration of the ‘h’ sound evokes the harshness of war-time experiences and prejudices. Abstract nouns also carry the strength of the forces that pull folks apart. The last stanza highlights the lack of belonging within the Australian society.

The imagery method represents a bodily barrier intervene the migrants to really feel settled in Australia. ‘Rose and fell like a finger’ using simile reinforces the image of the barrier rising and falling to permit certain people through create a sense of alienation and discomfort. Contrast of ‘begun/dying’ demonstrates the little management of the migrants over their lives. Emotive language of dying is suggesting uncertainty in regards to the future and a way of belonging. Thus, all through the poem, it has clearly explored the idea of displacement and it has introduced up a practical perspective of a migrant.

The TED talk, ‘What does it mean to be a refugee’ directed by Biljana Labovic has explored the concept of displacement via the details about refugees and their plight. Loneliness and isolation is caused by bodily and emotional displacement. When the speaker mentions, ‘That persecution may be due to their race, faith and is commonly related to war and violence’, in the background, there was a picture of a gray sky which is perceived as impassive and pessimistic. While the sounds of the black birds are like crying miserably, the somber tone of music is the demonstration of loneliness, isolation and even despair. In distinction, whereas some people choose to attend the refugee journey with their households, others determined to come back alone and reunite with their households later.

The visible strategy of a lady standing lonely on the arid land, facing the wind refers to the feeling blue. It matches the sadness of the refugee with every word the speaker spoken. From watching the Ted speak, it creates the sympathy toward the watchers to the refugees due to how refugees are facing xenophobia and racism in their lives.

As we can see, the poem ’10 Mary Street’ by Peter Skryznecki has instilled the concept of place via the experience of migrating to Australia. Similarly, ‘Migrant Hostel’ by Peter Skryznecki and the Ted speak by Biljana Labovic have expressed the idea of displacement from the principle perspective of the migrants and refugees. At the tip, all three totally different texts have successfully conveyed the idea of ‘Place and Displacement’.

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