Analysis between Two Emily Dickinson”s Poems

Emily Dickinson became a world famend poet after her demise. Much of her work includes using nature as a metaphor along with common meter. Dickinson uses metaphors to present her interpretation to both the world around her, and the ideas inside herself. We might be analyzing Dickinson’s views of demise and how they compare in poems like “I heard a Fly buzz after I died” and “Because I could not cease for Death”.

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In both works, Dickinson describes the expertise of demise.

Death is one thing that is unavoidable, however not necessarily unfavorable. “Because I could not stop for Death –He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage held however just Ourselves –And Immortality.” (Dickerson, Stop). Though the narrator seemed to be busy, we will see that dying had stopped to wait for them and take them to eternity. It can be stated that Dickerson is hinting at the afterlife and the way constructive it could be. Just as a outcome of our lives as people finish, does not mean that each one is over.

In “I heard a Fly buzz after I died, Dickerson chooses to concentrate on the second before dying. The Narrator is at their final moments on their deathbed once they discover a fly. Typically a fly is simply seen as a nuisance. However, in this case, the fly turn out to be the middle of the narrators attention: “With Blue – uncertain – stumbling Buzz – Between the light – and me – And then the Windows failed – and then I couldn’t see to see –“ (Dickerson, fly).

The only thing between the final “light” and our protagonist is the uncertain, stumbling buzz of the fly. Why did the fly turn into so interesting? It may be stated that the fly only became attention-grabbing because it might have been the last worldly thing they’d see. To be held up from dying because of the buzzing of a fly may be seen as, on the very least, truly important towards ones last thoughts in life. The narrator has given up all possessions and has prepared for demise with their loved ones surrounding them.

The only left to look at in demise is what was missed during life. Death in this case can be seen as a metaphorical eye opener. Dickerson could also be saying that although we should someday close our eyes for good, that ultimate moment will give us the chance to open our eyes to the most missed things round us.

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