Analysis of “A Mother” by James Joyce

In the short story, “A Mother”, James Joyce highlights 4 completely different elements: Theme, Style, Language used, and the Characteristics of the Characters. There are 5 different themes highlighted within the story. The first one is Paralysis, which is the central theme for all of the stories in “Dubliners”. In this story, paralysis is shown with the story’s main character, Mrs. Kearney, who is consistently relying and relying on her daughter, providing her with a very good training and making her follow a profession in music.

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Paralysis may be seen with Kathleen Kearney, who was forced by her mother to follow a musical profession, and the best way some individuals eventually say that she has no future in music in any way. The second theme, marriage, offers with the way it is portrayed in a unfavorable way. Mrs. Kearney obtained married “out of spite”, and there isn’t much romance in the relationship between her and her husband, though this doesn’t suggest that she has fully given up her romantic concepts.

We additionally see the portrayal of husbands and wives, or family life normally, in a unfavorable way.

The third theme is class distinction. This is to do with how Mrs. Kearney retains on bragging to her pals that her husband is taking her and her daughter to Skerries and they spend their cash on Kathleen’s schooling and music classes, to assist put together her for the concert events. Another facet that highlights this theme s Ms. Kearny’s use of language, which is that of an higher class, and this exhibits that she received an schooling that was pretty much as good as her daughter’s.

The fourth theme is culture and faith.

Certain aspects of tradition are highlighted after we are told concerning the grand concert events, that are part of the Irish revival. Also, we see the way the Irish language is saved alive, like the way Mrs. Kearney and her associates say good-bye in Irish. As for faith, we discover out that Mr. Kearney was very religious and he often went to church by himself. The ultimate theme is materialism. This is to do with the means in which Mrs. Kearney is opportunistic, and how she is persistent together with her daughter receiving money for all her performances.

Joyce uses a satirical writing fashion on this story. This means that he’s “making fun” of the characters indirectly/subtly. For instance, the narrator refers back to the concert events as “grand”, when in actuality they are a failure, and the way in which Mr. Holohan’s associates name him Happy Holohan. Also, the way he refers back to the artists within the live performance as “artistes”. Another facet of Joyce’s type is impressionism. This is to do with how the narrator simply tells us in regards to the story (gives us a feedback) with out revealing anything to us.

For instance, the narrator tells us the story through the best way he sees it. He doesn’t state his opinion, however as a substitute he leaves us with what info we obtained from him to provide you with our personal conclusions of the characters. Naturalism is another facet of Joyce’s style. He uses actual places and actual names within the story to give the reader a sense of place. The language Joyce assigned to the narrator is simple and flamboyant. For instance, “People mentioned she was very clever, a very nice woman and a believer in the language movement” (p. 155).

There are two types of language spoken by the narrator: Speaking about the characters and offering info (Miss Devlin had become Mrs. Kearney out of spite… She was educated in high-class convent… ), and talking on behalf of the characters (People said… she was a really nice girl… ). When studying the story, we reach a couple of conclusions about the characters. Mrs. Kearney is revealed as a snob, immodest girl residing in middle-class Dublin, and acquired a high-class education. We see that she has a harsh and chilly attitude (“Her ivory manners had been admired…

She sat among the many chilly circle of her accomplishments”). Mr. Kearny is a pious and sober man, he does not have a romantic relationship along with his wife (not sufficient love), but he’s all the time there to assist and help his spouse. Mr. Fitzpatrick represents the adverse aspect of the male characters. Because of him, the concert resulted in failure. In this story, Joyce has highlighted many aspects, ranging from themes to fashion, and he elaborated on them with element, which helps the reader understand the way he portrays “real” life in Dublin.

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