Analysis of a Movie about Coach Ken Carter

Coach Carter

Vision and mission:

In this movie, ken carter was a coach of the basketball group within the Richmond high school and his teaching type was very completely different from others. He performed a lead role in this movie and he at all times motivated his peers to take constructive steps toward the success. In the starting of the movie, basketball gamers had been undisciplined and really violent, rude and towards the carter rules but at the finish of the film he gained their respect and believes.

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The coach had a transparent imaginative and prescient in course of his work and he wants his college students should equally emphasis on their sports activities and lecturers. So, he made rules concerning tutorial which must be adopted by every participant. The First rule was, everybody seated within the front of sophistication and second was, each pupil must keep a 2.3 GPA in their study. By good tutorial score, gifted basketball gamers had the opportunity to get scholarship of their greater education. The primary vision of coach carter was developed positive attitude within the staff, moral values and make them academically robust.

He is a good motivator for his effort, he efficiently instilled motivation into the group. to make his staff more punctual, he introduced some guidelines regarding to game and punished those gamers who got here late in the fitness center or did not observe the principles. For occasion, these gamers who are merely 5 or 10 minutes came late in gym, punished with 1000 push up or a hundred suicides run. He all the time asks the query to the players “what’s your deepest fear? “(movie coach carter, (2005) 35:30), the aim of this question was making their vision clear to objective as a end result of they primary fear of players was not to do anything however the consequence of efforts is the biggest worry.

so we should eliminate this situation, only concentrate on our objective and do their finest. He additionally taught the players how to play within the group and the means to work collectively. For occasion, tom Cruz unable to did 2500 push-ups and 500 suicides, other gamers did help in push ups and different activates. He made a powerful staff and supplies the expertise of accomplishment and failure because they’ll study from it and ultimately, they can win the sport, perform within the group rather than individually. During competition matches, he all the time assigned a role and duty to each player, for instance, who cross the ball, who places into the basket and who defend the ball. Eventually, he will get in his job and his staff reached a peak point.


Ethics is knowledge of moral and values. Ethics means correctness and do work in life the correct means and in addition ethics educate us about moral values in life. In this film cater instilled moral values in his gamers. He inspired his friends to call him ‘sir’ and behave with respect and speak in the identical manner each time once they meet the primary time. He taught his college students to deliver self-discipline in life, to maintain a discipline in life, he made some rules, he fixed basketball apply time at sharp three who got here late after 2.55, got punished with push ups and suicides, even his son came late in gym in first day and did not make excuse just due to father-son relationship, received punish with 1000 push-ups. He made a contract during which everyone maintains 2.3 GPA in his teachers and also carry out properly in the game. If they are, they unable to fulfill requirements, they cannot play sport. The Main function behind the contract that everyone will get admission in school and lives a better. He all the time inspired his students to take entrance in school and put on a shirt and ‘tie’. He always talks about respect. At first, no one respects the coach however ultimately when they realized his coaching strategies then everybody showed respect.

He cared extra in regards to the boys passing the classes with greater grades rather than solely profitable the game. The main aim of the coach was making an attempt to ensure that everybody enjoys crime-free life. He at all times gave extra emphasis on schooling over winning the championship. He inspired the boys to make a strong bond and carry out in group rather than individually and taught them to be ‘we’ as a substitute of ‘me’. When some peers obtained low grades, he locked the gym and punished the whole for not getting the good grades. Many people opposite his determination even gamers and their parents as a outcome of some parents argued with the coach that their son was away from city gangs simply because of basketball. But this step taken by coach brought optimistic effect in gamers and so they maintained enough grades a chance to enrol in college increased. The gamers of Richmond gained 5 college scholarships and 6 gamers went faculty.

Leadership effectiveness:

Carter had the completely different type of leadership traits similar to trustworthy with his group, great communication ability, self-confidence for bringing change, to offer inspiration to group and respect.

Coach Carter used administrative rules approach. Three utility of the approach to doing work; self-discipline, the divide of labor and unity of direction seen on this film. firstly, he successfully maintained self-discipline in the team. Discipline proven through the court was held when Carter locked the fitness center because his players did not fulfil his expectations and did not keep enough grade within the study. Carter stated if boys are unable to satisfy the requirement of this simple settlement how would they face real-world issues and turn into accountable citizens of the nation. At the end, Carter was successful to teach them discipline lessons through the contract. secondly, he divided the roles according to every participant energy. This evident that the place he decides who was answerable for three level shot and how should move the ball. For instance, Carter choices the Cruz for three-point shot due to his capability. Carter used management principle which leader should selection his staff member in accordance with their speciality. Last but not least, unity of direction means achieve a typical objective. Carter made technique to win the sport and every participant had to adopted and executed the plan. Unfortunately, they misplaced the ultimate match however they turned an actual champion of their life.

Contingency principle:

Fiedler contingency concept greatest match coach carter because he cared concerning the relationship, task structure and position power. In this principle, chief should change his leadership style according to the situation. Coach changed his leadership type according to the angle of players with him and surrounding. At the starting of movie, Carter gave much less freedom and proper to his friends however on the finish, he improved the connection together with his players and gave more freedom once they were mature and have become more responsible. He used his energy like the leader when locked the fitness center and inspired his student in direction of examine. coach make clear the aim and objective of team regards to sport and examine. he modified the perspective of gamers towards him and in the direction of the college and hone the basketball skills.

Personal management development:

Key lesson in your life:

1. It is important to have ardour and dedication to sports in life however schooling is most dominant as a result of it sharps the mentality of the person and makes a great determination taker.

2. I learnt from coach carter to make the objective of life and work more durable with out altering angle in path of the aim and achieve with a wise means. all times follow your ethics in life ‘give respect, take respect’, develop a self-confidence, optimistic perspective and be disciplined in life. For example, don’t be latecomers, at all times reaches on time everywhere.

4. take heed to your mother and father or teacher because they know what is incorrect or right. For occasion, if teen doesn’t care for their senior, they could take pleasure in crime activates.

Apply in your job: at all times work on time with planning instead go away on tomorrow. For instance, I really have worked in an auto business in India, but as a end result of lack of planning, I couldn’t full the duty on time, after realizing the ability of planning, now I can able to do a task on time.

2. do not work for brief time period targets always give consideration to long run objectives.

3. enhance your communication ability and develop good ethics worth such as respect, attitude and behaviour within the workplace.

4. all the time be able to confront the difficulties and push out yourself from consolation zone as a outcome of problems develop the knowledge in individual and every person should learn from their errors in future.

As a project supervisor: a project supervisor I should understand the ability of team as an alternative of labor alone. For instance, the project manager should construct a good group and direct them to achieve a common objective.

2.always listen to your coronary heart and struggle on your belief. Coach Carter put his job in risk due to the higher lifetime of his peers.

3. be lifelong learner.

4.remains clam in a difficult situation.


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