Analysis of Andy Mulligan”s Novel Trash

Rat, is a small but clever boy who actually does live as much as his name. He is quick but sneaky, soiled however charming and is friendly. Rat is always getting things from the mission college as he appears to be sweet and ineffective. He saves the money that he’s giving so, surprisingly is one of the riches folks on the dump.

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Quotes about/by Rat:

“Rat is a boy- three or four years younger than me. His real name is Jun-Jun.

Nobody calls him that, though, as a end result of he lived with the rats and has come to seem like one. He was the one child in Behala that I knew of who had no family at all…” P.19 “The kid was sitting up, simply in his shorts, gazing at me with frightened eyes and his massive broken tooth protruding of his mouth.” P.22 “I am the most effective hearer, the most effective jumper, one of the best runner-they suppose I brag, but they know it’s true!” P.

159 “Rat saw a as quickly as we needed to dive back in among them… It was the smarted factor he ever did.” P.163

Trash (2010), a novel by Andy Mulligan, ends with the protagonists Raphael, Gardo and Rat beginning their new life together. In the course of the novel, they confronted many challenges and their friendships grows. Each character has qualities which helped build this friendship. Raphael shows the qualities of friendliness, kindness, caring and selfless. Gardo shows the qualities of empathy, cleverness and leadership. Rat shows the qualities of trustfulness, sneakiness and considerate.

The boy’s friendship holds the vital thing to their survival, serving to them to go away the dumpsite and discover a better life.

Raphael’s key qualities are friendliness, selfless and intelligent. Raphael shows the quality of friendly in the scene where he listen to Rat when no one knows what he’s doing. A quote which supplies proof of this quality is “and I’d hearken to his chit chat singing” (Mulligan,2011, p.23). Another important high quality that Raphael exhibits is selfless. He demonstrates this quality in the scene where he needs to offer Rat some meals for him to eat. A quote which provides proof of this high quality is “I thought, I ought to have brought him a little bit of food” (Mulligan, 2011, pg.22). Finally, Raphael’s quality of clever is shown within the scene where he attempting to determine the code for the words. A quote which gives evidence of this high quality is “ go to the map ref the place we lay search for the brightest my child.” (Mulligan, 2011 , pg.152). All of these qualities assist Raphael to beat his hardships and be an excellent pal to Gardo and Raphael….

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