Analysis of Aquarius Company”s Problems

Analyze Aquarius in terms of the five contextual variables

  • Goals: Aquarius has realized a huge problem in regards to the speedy turnover of their main accounts. An agency reorganization would be a sensible goal in changing their aggressive strategies. This reorganization would possibly be succesful of set them apart from the other agencies by reducing their response time and growing the communication between the totally different departments to spice up effectivity.
  • Culture: In my opinion I believe that Aquarius has a really low and undefined organizational culture.

    It looks as if the staff are all looking for themselves and trying to get forward of everyone else. These values although unwritten present the glue to having everyone on the identical web page and are absolutely important in offering purchasers with top of the line work.

  • Size: Since Aquarius is a mid-sized agency with various specialists on the professional workers of the operations and advertising divisions I would say they have wherever from 1000-1500 employees. With this many staff it is crucial to have efficient communication between the completely different departments.

    This would in turn improve flexibility in this unpredictable environment.

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  • Environment: Changes in the setting is the principle purpose why the company is considering the necessity for reorganization. It is typical for promoting businesses to gain/lose clients rapidly, that is why is it so important to have everybody within the group successfully communicating with each other in order to fulfill their clients and scale back turnover.
  • Technology: Aquarius has a variety of different specialists on their group that work together in helping their purchasers, but there might be all the time room for enchancment with regard to higher communication.

    It would appear to me that Aquarius would have numerous totally different programs and websites to help them attaining their companies.

A new organizational construction that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case and the data flows is the divisional structure. This construction is suited to fast change in an unstable setting and offers high product or service visibility. A main drawback that happens in Aquarius is that every consumer account is coordinated by an account government who acts as a liaison between the consumer and various specialists. Unfortunately this isn’t adopted as a result of typically the account executives don’t even know what’s going on until per week later.

The divisional construction results in buyer satisfaction because product accountability and contact points are clear. This in flip entails excessive coordination across functions which will make everybody examine with the executive first to get approval earlier than contacting the consumer. Coordination throughout functions will allow their providers to adapt to the necessities of the person clients and carry out beyond their expectations. This structure would enable Aquarius to achieve their objectives while increasing their organizational tradition as a whole and having the power to adapt extra rapidly to this unstable setting.

Would a matrix construction be possible for Aquarius

In my opinion I believe that a balanced matrix construction could be hard to implement and preserve. This is as a end result of of the fact that account executives as one side of the authority structure would usually dominate over the specialists. In order for the account executive to do their job accurately they want everybody on their facet and in coordination to run essential info by them first.

Perhaps a better various could be a product matrix where the executives have primary authority and the specialists assign technical private to the projects and provide advisory expertise as needed. With twin authority I really feel that it would be irritating and confusing for everybody, there needs to be a transparent contact factors. There would all the time be a need for frequent meetings to resolve any conflicts between the completely different authorities, it would simply simply require to nice of an effort to maintain up the power stability.

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