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The initial response I needed to my narrative Numbers 1:1-16 was that I discovered the narrative fairly strange and I was shocked that I had by no means heard the story before. I thought that it was interesting how onerous God lashed out against Mariam for talking unhealthy about Moses. Overall the story wasn’t extraordinarily strange, however I do think that there was one half that was strange. When Moses requested God to heal Mariam God responded with, “Miriam could be disgraced for seven days if her father had punished her by spitting in her face.

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So make her stay exterior the camp for seven days, before coming back” (Numbers 12:14). I thought that was a strange analogy. I don’t understand why God used getting spit in her face by her father to make some extent.

The half that I discovered uncomfortable was additionally the half I discovered unusual. I assume it’s sort of strange to compare a punishment to being spit in one’s face by their father.

I wish to know why this story seems to end so quick and virtually incomplete. It looks like Moses is speaking to God after which all the sudden it is the finish of the narrative. One level within the story that resonated with me was when Mariam was punished for talking bad about Moses. I assume that reveals us not to speak unhealthy about individuals, not just God. This story makes me feel like I am lucky that God does not punish me for every mistake that I make, as a outcome of I would be in a lot of trouble.

I do not necessarily really feel like I join with any of the characters. I feel like they are all very totally different from me. Moses was a prophet, and whereas I am a Christian and I love God, I am not a prophet.

I feel like Mariam was very jealous of Moses despite the actual fact that he did not do anything to get special treatment. I feel like Aaron needed to be a undergo for Mariam. Because each of the characters appear to be very extreme in a method or another, I don’t really feel like I join with them. I have no idea exactly what the meaning of the story was, however I am going to try and connect the dots and guess. I assume that the purpose of the story was to show people not to be jealous. I assume it was additionally attempting to explain that if we are jealous of God or any of his followers it’s a sin. I also imagine that the story is meant to point out how much punishment we deserve for jealousy.

After taking Biblical Scriptures I, I feel as if I can perceive this story more. When I learn the story extra early within the class, I took every little thing very literally. For example, when God compares the disrespect of Mariam to being spit in her eye by her father, whereas that will not be something that would occur within the 21st century, God is comparing how defeating and awful it would be to have that happen. God can also be explaining how much of a punishment that might be. Another instance of what I learn completely different this time was towards the end of the story. In Numbers 12:thirteen God provides Mariam leprosy. Originally, I was not very sure what leprosy was. After taking Biblical Scriptures I, I now understand how leprosy was such a large problem in Biblical times. Reading the narrative of Numbers 12 has been enlightening, however I began to grasp it extra because the semester went on.

There is a large amount of background data on this narrative. We know that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. Given that Numbers is the fourth guide, we are in a position to purpose that Moses wrote the guide. Another instance of how we are aware that Moses is the writer of the Narrative from Numbers 12:1-16 is how Moses is spoke of so highly. According to Budd within the 1984 World Biblical Commentary, in Numbers 12:three it is written “Now Moses was in fact very humble, more so than all men who have been on the face of the Earth.”. This passage in a means shows Moses showing off somewhat bit. Moses appears to virtually be flexing in his writing and bragging by saying that he was the humblest particular person on the face of the Earth. This is plausible as a result of people usually are not good and are boastful, identical to Moses was being by tagging himself because the humblest.

Numbers 12 is a half of the fourth e-book of the Bible. Obviously, that makes it part of the Old Testament. We can see this through God having prophets. God uses Moses as a “Faithful servant” to which he provides clear information about the Lord and his authority that is as a lot as Moses to disperse (Bellinger, 2001, P.225). During the studying of three commentaries, it was tough to search out an exact date, but through some online analysis, it became apparent that the date of this narrative being written was somewhere around 1440 and 1400 B.C. ( Along with when the narrative was written it is necessary to perceive who the original audience of the narrative was. From my analysis, I imagine the narrative of Numbers 12 was written for people who talk negatively in regards to the Lord God and challenge his authority. This is obvious as a end result of Mariam was responsible of challenging authority and he or she was given leprosy and turned white from it (Riggans, 1983, P.103). God uses Numbers 12 to assist people not disrespect others, but most significantly not disrespect God or problem his choices.

In Numbers 11, the Israelites were in a bunch of about 600,000 individuals. These individuals were wandering in the desert. They had been hungry and wanted food. God informed them that they’d be given a lot meat to eat that they might begin to hate eating meet. Later, a flock of quails had been blown in by the wind. People started to kill and eat these quails. This made God offended. God was not indignant at the individuals for being hungry, as an alternative he was indignant that they’d craving. God then gave all these people a plague and killed many of them. This narrative helps us interpret the passage by understanding where the people have been at of their journey. We know that they are most likely short in relation to emotion and are drained physically.

After Numbers 12, within the next two chapters, we now have a narrative of the Israelites spying and then attempting to take a village “flowing with milk and honey” over. The people in these subsequent two chapters once more defy God and don’t consider in his power. God will get angry with them. It appears as if God is making an attempt to explain that they should belief in him as a outcome of they are caught in a desert and they do not have some other probabilities, but to believe in him. I feel this passage relates to Numbers 12 in the means in which that it explains how we have to trust and consider in God whatever the state of affairs, because with out God we are principally simply individuals wandering a desert.

This narrative is known very well by students. While I consider that not all scholars have the identical belief on it, I assume that it can be used to assist us study. To understand what scholars believe about this narrative we have to look into each aspect of the story.

Starting off with the start of the story, students believe that Moses, Mariam, and Aaron are all together. According to Riggans on web page one hundred and one of the 1983 commentary of Numbers, “The trigger for the Lord’s intervention was given instantly: “Mariam and Aaron spoke in opposition to Moses.””. Riggans also writes about why the Cushite girl Moses married offended so many people. Riggans writes on web page 102 of his commentary that it could have been offensive because of the truth that “she was not a follower of the Lord”. Another principle that’s in place by Riggans is that people were not solely offended by the reality that she was not a follower of God, but they were extra upset with Moses for marrying somebody after his previous spouse Zipporah. This anger or jealousy may be explained by easy “family jealousy” (Budd, 1984, P. 135). Either means, Mariam is upset and jealous of Moses and talks badly behind his again. As we go further by way of the story, we see that Mariam is punished for what she said in regards to the prophet Moses. She contracts leprosy. While Budd believes that the leprosy contracted may have been extra of a tradition that she obtained leprosy, not all students imagine this. In Numbers 12:6-12 God is very angry with Mariam. God used his anger to burst out against Mariam and because of God’s anger and wrath she contracted leprosy (Bellinger, 2001, P. 226).

After Mariam has contracted leprosy she and Aaron are scared and start to regret their choice to talk badly about Moses, and ultimately God. Whenever Aaron sees that Mariam has leprosy, he tries to beg Moses that her situation is removed as a outcome of Aaron and Mariam knew that they had made a poor choice (Bellinger, 2001, P. 226). Aaron was not punished as a end result of she has a bigger role within the story and in contrast to most biblical tales, is the main character (Riggans.1983, P. 104). As the story goes on and Mariam just isn’t acquitted of her disrespect against God and Moses. Instead she is punished. She is kicked out of the camp for seven days. The reasoning behind that is to publicly disgrace and “balance her personal confrontation” (Riggans.1983, P. 104). From every of the texts cited it can be reached that many various takes to the story can be had, however the following message is evident, God nor anybody he prophesizes should ever be disrespected.

The authentic context of this story is fascinating. Originally it might be seen that the Israelites are in exile for 40 years. During this exile they must roam the desert. We can see that the people appear to be shorter tempered and quick to succumb to their senses. This might be due to the tough condition that they needed to endure for therefore long. From Numbers 11 we study that there is a lack of meals and persons are ravenous and wish meat. While in exile Moses desires to assist free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. This concern is heavy on his heart and he wants to resolve it. The context of this story helps us perceive why persons are making poor decisions not solely in Numbers chapter 12, however chapter eleven and 13 too.

These commentaries were useful, however I suppose they principally furthered my data and stored up my beliefs. Overall the commentaries explained the story in a way that was very comparable to the way we mentioned it in class. For example, in Riggans’ 1983 commentary he explains how Mariam was the only one punished and she mentioned first and since she is necessary. We also mentioned how if a girl is discussed in scripture she is usually a vital a half of the story. An example of how my viewing of the story was changed is in Bellinger’s 2001 commentary, on web page 225 it’s discussed how Mariam being upset with Moses is an example of household jealousy. I by no means although of the narrative in this method until I learn the commentary. Overall these commentaries helped shape my data in more of a detailing way.

Now that I have learn scholarly opinions, I really feel like God is very strict to those individuals. They have been through a lot. While I understand that Mariam sinned by negatively speaking about Moses and God, she was given leprosy. I feel as if that is very harsh given the circumstances that I even have read about in these commentaries. I really feel as if God desires to shape individuals in a really specific means. I feel that I interpret this narrative as God being very strict, now that I have read these commentaries.

The Bible is greater than a e-book of tales. In the Old Testament we are reminded time and time once more how Moses had to undergo by way of so much with his individuals. In the Numbers 12:1-16 narrative, we learn about how Mariam and Aaron sin by speaking badly of Moses and God. This narrative helps us be taught to not speak of others in a bad tongue. We can perceive narratives like this significantly better by reading the work of biblical scholars. From this paper I really have taken that God is strict, but simply, and he is conscious of tips on how to make a point to us as people.

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