Analysis of Books about Failure

“To Err is Wrong” by Roger Von Oech


In “To Err is Wrong” Roger Von Oech argues that failure is critical to the “creative course of.

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” Oech points out that from an early age; the education system influences people to believe that “right is sweet and wrong is unhealthy.” Oech argues that success and failure are both outcomes of the same task. He continues to support his claims by explaining how studying to not make errors might lead to a timid thought sample in which there is little stimulation for new and original ideas.

Oech recalls a number of conversations he has had with people in a big selection of professions to back up his declare. Many of them mentioned how they embrace failure and how it could be a good indicator for his or her development as a company. These accounts indicate a perspective during which failure is pretty widespread when thinking up new original concepts and assist guide us to be progressive in the “creative process.”


I agree with Roger Von Oech’s perspective and arguments because most of the examples he offers are similar to the situations of other individuals I have observed. An instance could be Elon Musk who is a well-known innovator of at present with many multiple corporations. Although, individuals largely give attention to his success, there are numerous chapters in his life that could be considered failures. When he was young, he utilized to an web company referred to as Netscape in 1995 and was rejected. Because he could not get hired, he determined to make his personal web company.

This is solely one failure out of many in his life. As he ventured by way of life he has been through many ups and downs corresponding to getting kicked out of his personal corporations zip2 and PayPal. He eventually decided that he needed to make his company named SpaceX in hopes of making space exploration commercially out there to the world. The firm had a rocky start as individuals refused to promote him rockets because he was too young and blew up three rockets consecutively in 2006, 2007, 2008 placing him at the brink of chapter. Despite the failures and other people doubting him; Elon has preserved and continues to try and make space exploration business.

“In Praise of the F Word” by Mary Sherry


In the article “In Praise of the F Word,” Mary Sherry argues that the menace of failure can be utilized as a catalyst to work exhausting and achieve success. To back up her claim Sherry shares her perspective and observations from being a trainer for an grownup literacy program, and a mom. From her position as a teacher she has read many writings of her students whom have persevered by way of varied hardships of life, but nonetheless try to be higher. She realizes that they’re afraid of failure to an extent that’s not dangerous. This worry is motivational to them greater than it’s intimidating. She additionally calls upon a story by which her son’s teacher was going to fail her son because he was slacking off. After she relayed the message that he was going to flunk he improved his grades in a quick time. These examples assist her claim by exhibiting how the specter of failure have lit a fireplace of dedication in her students and son.


I agree with Mary Sherry’s view on introducing failure as encouragement as a result of most people don’t take failure flippantly. It is apparent that individuals do not want to fail as a outcome of generally a failure might trigger an individual to lose a privilege or something of worth. In an identical case to Sherry’s son; a highschool pal of mine in our junior yr of excessive school started to neglect school work to prioritize events. He was then vulnerable to flunking and being moved to another campus of the college identified for its status of getting students who were troublemakers. He additionally knew that this is in a position to imply separation from his closest pals in a most crucial year of highschool, which is senior year. He began to check onerous and ended up passing because he did not wish to be left behind.

“Zero” by Paul Logan


In the article “Zero” by Paul Logan argues that though failure can be an unpleasant experience it does not need to be a conclusion to a person’s success. He exhibits that it may give new perspective and flip the change in an individual. To support his claim Paul Logan makes use of a narrative of his personal experiences from highschool and school. In his experience, he had been bullied which brought on his priorities to alter. He began to concentrate on being popular and abandon his examine habits and go with the flow of his classmates simply to get by. Because his priorities drastically changed, he failed his first semester of faculty and needed to work at a warehouse retailer where he needed to acquire carts; which result in him coincidentally running into his old pals. The embarrassment that made him seem inferior made him notice that he may and wanted do better. Therefore, he went again to school, regained his study habits, after which handed with a GPA.


I agree with Paul Logan’s argument that failure does not imply you have to give up and that it teaches you a lesson to make you stronger. Many instances, failure can lead an individual to depression and the agonizing pain of failure can even push folks into giving up. I can relate to Paul Logan’s story because when I was in my senior yr of excessive school, I started to concentrate on school less but nonetheless managed to get decent grades and went with the circulate and received accepted into school but was not sure of what main to enter. I ended up choosing Computer science just because people informed me it had a great outlook for jobs.

Unfortunately, I ended up failing two classes, subsequently my GPA was not high sufficient to be within the major, so I ended up being undeclared. This was a traumatic experience for me because this was the primary time, I had failed in school. My failure brought on me to hate myself, however I saved going to excessive school anyway and started to explore my options and found that Geography appealed to me probably the most, so I introduced up my grades and determined to strive for degree in Geography.

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