Analysis of Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore is the author and director of the extremely related documentary movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, which is a movie explicating on the financial crisis throughout 2007-2010 as nicely as the opposite elements such because the economic stimulus bundle with the government dedicated in resolving the economic order of the United States and capitalism. The strategy used in the documentary movie is the dialectic strategy. This type of strategy was finest utilized within the documentary whereby it uses two contradicting concepts that try to overpower each other.

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The film narrates and explains on the monetary crisis as well as of other subjects that are encompassed in the movie. However, a devil’s advocate that serves as an opposed critic emerges to challenge or question the points raised by the other. Thus, this causes a wholesome discussion and arouses the important considering of the audience. The documentary movie though appeals to most people; nonetheless, the satirical sense of the documentary focuses on the personalities within the authorities as well as the people primarily involved in the fruition of the ideas mentioned in the documentary movie.

Overall, the documentary movie is an eye-opener for the public that leaves room for the viewers to critic and consider. The fallacy in the documentary movie is the contradicting definition of capitalism expressed in the film. The creator, Michael Moore, expressed the Marxists definition of capitalism and that it wants the state, which is the very reverse of the true definition of capitalism. However, as the movie shows how the government dips its control through the completely different programs of actions in try and resolve the issue.

The arguments offered by Michael Moore are quite convincing, especially by way of his dialectic approach that make the viewers critically consider the ideas offered and conduct their very own deductions. Although the ideas are more abstract, the viewers make up of the gap by way of their logical and significant thinking.


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