Analysis Of Database Security Techniques Computer Science Essay

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24 November 2021

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The undertaking is concerning the evaluating of assorted database tools and strategies used in totally different DBMS in the market. For the intent of research, three kinds of DBMS are thought of – Prophet, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server as they are the most preferable database direction techniques out there. These techniques are used to acquire the cardinal database system and protect the data from unauthorized entree. It entails the safety constructs, assaults and utilizing totally different tools and techniques to guarantee the database safety.

Database choice makers ( DBAs ) setup assorted person histories, watchwords, and privileges.

Research Methodology

The enterprise contains the analytic section, synthesis phase and the critical evaluation part. One key approach for analysis is the literature reappraisal which is the systematic reappraisal of the present cognition on the thesis topic. Observation is apart from used partially for the analysis as the enterprise involves programming on the techniques for the database safety. As a portion of sources for the research, secondary data is used.

The assets used are assorted books ( print and ebooks ) , diaries, articles, documents revealed in conferences and other positive assets on the cyberspace.

Ethical consideration

The diploma one ethics self-audit in relation to the proposed enterprise has been accomplished and no smart foreseeable hazards are identified ( see Appendix – A ) .


The MSc enterprise is carried out underneath the supervising of Mr. Stuart Hutchison.

Time program with cardinal deliverables

17/01/2013 – Undertaking Registration

31/01/2013 – Undertaking Proposal

25/04/2013 – Undertaking bill of change entry

16/05/2013 – Concluding entry of Undertaking

Support Required

Guidance of Mr. Stuart Hutchison

Library resources

Online resources

Academic Skills Centre

Skills Audit

Scale: 1 to five, 5 being the higher limit

Undertaking be aftering – 4

Time direction – 4

Analytical accomplishments – 3

Problem work outing – 4

Communication expertise – 4

Structuring and exhibiting paperwork – 4

Knowledge retrieval – 4

Learning capability – 4


Administrations are using the database techniques to maintain day-to-day actions and minutess.

In such instance, the safety of the database turns into the most of import problem to be addressed. The database is most susceptible to be misused and broken by either exterior menace or internal menaces. Harmonizing to Bertino and Sandhu ( 2005 ) ,

“ Security breaches could be typically categorised as unauthorized informations observation, mistaken informations alteration and informations inaccessibility ” .

The most of import concern for any company is to guarantee the safety of its databases which is so a complex issue. The safety steps tend to be advanced relying on the complexness of the databases. Security measures arrange an built-in portion of database even from the preliminary stage which incorporates the origin each bit good as the design stage. Modern techniques used to supervise the safety of databases handle the safety and protection munitions at completely different levels: host, physical, purposes, web and information.

The DBA has to set in upper limit makes an attempt for protecting the physical unity of databases, significantly the recordings in opposition to sabotage. A simple and fundamental method to hold through that’s by taking common backups. The unity of every database part will assume that the value of every area could also be constructed or modified by authorised customers merely, that excessively if the input values are right. The entree management is being done bearing in mind the constraints of the database determination maker. DBMS will use the security policy of the database determination maker ( DBA ) which are to run into the under calls for: ( Burtescu, 2008 )

Server security. Server safety includes limiting entree to informations stored on the waiter. It is essentially the most of import choice that needs to be taken in consideration and deliberate fastidiously.

Connections to the database. Using the ODBC will maintain to be adopted by look intoing that every connexion corresponds to a individual consumer who has entree to informations.

Access management tabular array. The entree management tabular array is the commonest signifier of procuring a database. An applicable usage of the desk entree control involves a close coaction between the decision maker and the bottom developer.

Restriction tabular arraies. Restriction tabular arraies will embrace lists of diffident topics who may open delay Sessionss.

Undertaking Overview

An administration, whereas implementing database techniques, has to chiefly see the data safety. The safety components as said by Jangra et, Al. ( 2010 ) , are:





Directory Access Control

Positions and Gun triggers

Privilege direction


Authentication ensures that merely the right customers are connected to the database and to link, the consumer has to produce their certificates. Creation of User-id/passwords which will be alone, digital individuality of the person, totally different keys and biometric hallmark are some of the steps to be implemented to keep away from the hallmark job. Authentication goes into three levels – web, DBMS and operating system.

Oracle helps a robust hallmark at levels of web and database. It is apart from built-in with the hallmark companies of 3rd celebration web. Oracle has many hallmark instruments like internal person hallmark, runing system and net hallmark tools.

IBM DB2 supports sturdy hallmark at levels of database and working system and besides completely different 3rd party functions. It helps the policy of secure ID or the taking item which is besides referred as tough item. DB2 makes use of external hallmark in which the petitions are handed on to the working system and/or to 3rd celebration merchandises like IBM ‘s Tivoli ( Jangra et. Al, 2010 ) . To again up this characteristic, the DB2 model eight.2 has included unfastened plug-in structure.

Microsoft SQL Server supports the database hallmark through the operating system security. It is actually just like DB2 ‘s execution. It uses the active directory constituents which are available in Microsoft admin waiter. SQL waiter has a close integrating with merchandises equipped by Microsoft for working system hallmark


Once the person is authenticated to the DBMS, the consumer mandate assigns the person Idaho with functions based mostly on the information the consumer can entree and the operations performed by the user. The mandate can be supplied to single user Idahos or group as a complete. Oracle mandate is predicated on users and features, which may both be native to database or enterprise broad managed with LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ) compliant waiter. DB2 provides mandate to customers and teams. Functions that are set of privileges are supported as predefined system functions. In the group mandate, the users are attached to teams outside the database, into the operating system. In SQL Server, there’s a difference between waiter login and database login Idahos. The waiter login and the database login need to be mapped and there are 2-level mandates – waiter degree login and software degree login.

Content and safety management can be implemented at 2 totally different degrees – object diploma and row degree. Positions are the answer for row degree safety. They are supported by all forms of DBMS. Oracle and DB2 assist the positions to restrict informations entree. In add-on to positions, Oracle offers execution of row-level safety with Virtual Private Database ( VPD ) and Label Security ( OLS ) . VPD permits the execution of row-level safety into the database and the OLS manages labelling of each informations and users. This assault assures excessive public presentation throughout run-time safety cheques. Both Oracle and DB2 have the advantage of RACF ( Resource Access Control Facility ) in mainframe environment. SQL waiter helps object flat safety.


Protecting informations saved in the database against unauthorized users is enabled for both DB2 and Oracle by informations or column encoding. Merely Oracle helps tablespace degree encoding and SQL waiter does non back up informations encoding. Encoding of login operate and utility function watchwords is stored on the waiter and catalog information, similar to position and triggers definitions. DB2 provides column diploma encoding utilizing this map and permits encoding of all the values in the column with same key referred to as encoding watchword. Oracle enables encoding inside the database and offers four growth rhythms for informations encoding sweetenings. SQL Server maintains many unfastened symmetric keys inside the database connexion. Every encrypted worth has the key identifier used for encoding. Encoding can assist forestall informations loss every bit good as prevent fraud within an administration. Cardinal constituents associated to encoding that the security professionals need to grasp – information at remainder versus informations in theodolite, algorithms and cardinal path. Data encoding takes topographic point at totally different degrees – software encoding, file/disk encoding and database encoding.


Auditing is maintaining record of user actions in a tabular array of database to track the consumer exercise and to guarantee that the person has done the right actions on the saved data. This is done by DBA. Oracle uses the LogMiner public-service company and it does non drop records even when alterations are made to it and is used for recovery of database. It allows the client to scrutinize the database based on system privileges. Oracle maintains report of all of the operations regardless of whether or not they are successful or unsuccessful. Oracle has 15 safety certifications whereas DB2 and SQL Server have merely one certification every. DB2 makes use of Tivoli merchandise to heighten the traits of scrutinizing like login and entree to the resources. There isn’t any rival for Oracle in footings of scrutinizing because it maintains a mandatory log file to maintain path of all entries into database. DB2 because of its plug-in hallmark architecture has a bonus over SQL Server.

Directory Access Control


Positions and Gun triggers

A database place is used to curtail the selection of informations from the big sum of information within the tabular arraies under consideration. A place is used to reveal chosen database Fieldss or full tabular array. Positions may be sorted to type the order of information and grouped into units for the present of records. They produce other options corresponding to sums and subtotals. User interaction with the database is carried out using the database positions. Properly selected set of positions is amongst the keys to make a utile database. All positions should maintain a position definition query to state Oracle which tables, columns and rows are traveling to do up the brand new position. Positions may be built from other positions. The ‘data concealment ‘ skills of positions present yet one more software in our safety toolkit.

Gun triggers, as said by Ullman and Widom ( 2008 ) , are event-condition-action rules. They differ from the database restraints in 3 ways said below

Gun triggers are activated merely when any event already specified within the database happens. They by and large embody insert, replace or delete to a peculiar relation

Once the occasion activates the trigger, it tests a standing. If the status fails, there will be no response to the occasion when the trigger occurs

If the standing is satisfied, DBMS performs the action relevant to the set off. These actions may embrace implementing referential unity, stop invalid minutess or another sequence of database operations like garnering statistics on table entree.

Privilege Management

A privilege is a right to put to demise an SQL assertion or to entree one other user ‘s object. There are two types of privileges: system privileges and object privileges ( BCU Moodle, 2012 ) .

System-level privileges – are basic objective security rights that apply to the user as an alternative than to anyone object within the database. Merely the database choice maker ( DBA ) or a person with admin-level rights can permit system diploma privileges.

To publish a privilege, GRANT statement is used. For illustration, a person created in the hallmark section has to be allowed to link to the database and farther create tabular arraies.

Object-level privileges – are more particular and concentrate on a database objects like tabular arraies, positions, or indexes. In this privilege, the rights could be given by the proprietor of that object and this strengthens the diploma of database security.

If a privilege to any function is granted as “ public ” , it can be executed by all other users. Besides, sysdba can non be granted as “ public ” .


Appendix – A: Degree One Ethical Review Form

1. Potential physical or psychological harm, uncomfortableness or emphasis

( a ) Is there a necessary foreseeable potency for psychological damage or emphasis? NO

( B ) Is there a essential foreseeable efficiency for bodily harm or uncomfortableness? NO

( diploma Celsius ) Is there a necessary foreseeable hazard to the analysis worker? NO

2. Protection of research succesful confidentiality

Are there any problems with confidentiality that are non adequately addressed by the undermentioned actions:

( a ) Non-attribution of single responses ;

( B ) Persons and administrations to be anonymised in publications and displays ;

( diploma Celsius ) Specific understandings have been made with respondents sing any suggestions to confederates and associating to any publications. No

3. Data protection and consent

Are there any issues of informations managing and consent which are non dealt with by established processs? This would suggest ensuring:

( a ) Conformity with the Data Protection Act with mention to safe/secure storage of informations and its course on completion of the endeavor.

( B ) That respondents have giving consent sing the aggregation of private informations by finishing a Consent Form.

( diploma Celsius ) That there aren’t any particular issues originating refering confidentiality/informed consent. NO

4. Moral issues and Researcher/Institutional Conflicts of Interest

Are there any particular moral points and/or struggles of involvement identified? NO

( a ) An illustration of battle of involvement could be the research worker compromising research objectiveness or independency in return for fiscal or non-financial benefit for him/herself or for a comparative or good friend.

( B ) Particular ethical issues or concerns might originate, for illustration, where the intents of analysis are hid, the place respondents are unable to supply informed consent, or where analysis findings would encroach negatively/differentially upon the involvements of participants.

5. Vulnerable participants

Are any of the individuals or interviewees in the research susceptible, e.g. youngsters and immature people? NO

6. Bringing the University into discredit

Is there any facet of the proposed analysis which could convey the University into discredit? NO

Overall appraisal

The ego audit has been carried out and confirms the absence of moral hazards which can be reasonably foreseen. Hence there isn’t a demand for the 2nd degree signifier of ethical reappraisal signifier.

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