Analysis of Heroism in Movie Hancock

From a personal perspective, the film implies that any particular person is often a hero as lengthy as he/she desires to become one. Each one can contribute in his/her small method to do noble deeds which may make the world a better place to live in. At first, everyone hated Hancock, and no one believed that he could be a good man due to so many misdeeds he has dedicated. However, it took only one particular person to appreciate him and his efforts, for him to realize that he could be transformed and turn out to be a well-loved superhero in Los Angeles.

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The movie Hancock is the story of a special type of superhero portrayed by Will Smith. Hancock is completely different in that, he becomes each protagonist and antagonist in this film. The primary character as antagonist finds lots of anger inside himself, because although he knew he had superpowers, he could not bear in mind the place he got here from or how he came to have those powers.

Everybody hates him, and he didn’t actually care. All he knew was that he wished to drink, and that he might help anyone if known as upon.

However, his ways were not likely well-appreciated by the bulk as a end result of he didn’t care much if he destroyed properties while conducting his efforts of helping out within the metropolis. Later on in the movie, Hancock turns into the protagonist as he’s remodeled right into a super-hero by Ray, the only man who believed that he might nonetheless turn into the superhero that he was meant to be.

Some twists within the plot are revealed later on though which exhibits that Ray’s wife Mary is definitely Hancock’s wife from eighty years in the past.

The conflict in the story exists within the character of Hancock, which was effectively portrayed by Will Smith. The preliminary portion of the story shows the everyday conflict of ‘Man towards society’ the place Hancock was hated by the individuals of Los Angeles. Later on within the movie, the ‘Man against man’ battle is depicted when the prisoners within the establishment who have been put in jail by Hancock, gang up on him in search of revenge. Another instance of ‘man against man’ battle is exemplified by Hancock having a bodily battle together with his wife as he sought to get solutions to questions about his previous.

And then of course, the conflict of ‘man against himself’ is shown during the time when Hancock was drowning himself in alcohol because he felt helpless not figuring out anything about his past. The foreshadowing element is efficiently used in this movie with the meaningful glances happening between Mary and Hancock, who, as the movie unfolds, are actually husband and spouse from centuries previous. Hancock’s epiphany comes at the moment he gets to kiss Mary after tucking within the drunk Ray in his bed, because Mary reacts violently, thus revealing that she had super powers identical to him.

There are also a lot of dialogues delivered by Mary connoting dramatic irony, however which solely leaves Hancock all of the more puzzled about his previous and Mary’s peculiar reaction in path of him. The climax comes when the lives of both John and Mary are put in grave hazard as they are both badly harm and are exhibiting their susceptible sides because of their proximity to one another. This leads to a falling motion as John leaves the scene ensuing to the denouement as he continues to stay away from his spouse in order that they may nonetheless both retain their lives, energy and immortality.

The major theme in the movie is parallel to the Spiderman quote: “with great power comes nice responsibility”. For Mary and John Hancock, being collectively means losing their powers and ultimately becoming mortals, hence their determined desire of being separated from each other. Upon changing into a superhero, Hancock learned that he may have more significance on the earth by helping out those in want, and he had to select of either staying near his liked one, Mary, and finally turning into extra vulnerable and less a hero, or maintaining away from her and continuing his mission.

He most well-liked the latter, hence, it meant giving up on his love for her, and allowing her to stick with Ray. Nevertheless, since they have been immortals, it isn’t impossible for them to determine to stay with each other and turn into mortals in a while of their lives, once they get fed up with their superhero existence. Some minor themes additionally depicted within the film are:

  1. good always triumphs over evil;
  2. ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan; and
  3. the fairy godmother (portrayed by Ray) who repackages Hancock to turn into a superhero (Wordsmith, 2008).

The moral lesson of the movie is that change is possible so long as there is someone who believes that it is. This is proven in the method in which that Ray believed in John Hancock, who, at first was only a bum with superpowers. Just because he needed to return the favor of John saving his life, Ray provided his providers so that John might be reworked, to sort of repackage John’s persona in order that he is often a genuine superhero that the residents of Los Angeles will respect and regard extremely.

Although there are some critics who say that “this superhero movie had no morals and therefore slipped and fell a lot of the way through” (Riley, 2008), one way or the other, the hero’s actuations were justifiable because of his amnesia which deleted a lot of his previous recollections. It is attention-grabbing to note nevertheless is that one review refers to Hancock as a metaphorical representation of the United States – “ultimately America should go away for awhile… and we simply stow away in a dark corner” (Coll, 2008).

Several other issues are alluded to which refer to the same metaphor like:

  1. Hancock’s image which is an eagle;
  2. Hancock’s “Pass” participation within the anger management prison conferences, said to be parallel to US participation on the UN; and
  3. the name John Hancock which is synonymous to the US Declaration of Independence (Coll, 2008).
  4. The level of this movie is that there’s a hero in every person, and it only takes one believer to make this hero come out.

The film caters to the emotional aspect of the viewer by creating the love triangle between John Hancock, his wife from means again, Mary, and Ray, his newfound good friend. I personally felt that this film is significant as a end result of certainly, there are a lot of ways by which one person can make a distinction – as exemplified by the way Ray made a difference in John Hancock’s life. The same was also emphasized during the time that Hancock was imprisoned and the incidence of crimes rose, meaning that regardless of his unhealthy traits Hancock additionally made a significant contribution to taking the dangerous guys off the streets.

I feel that I can make a difference on the planet by following my passion, caring for my fellowmen and trying to see the good in others. I will strive to emulate the greatest way Ray saw Hancock – to see beyond what’s bodily, not be biased or discriminatory, not let hatred or jealousy get the higher of me, and make the most out of my existence. In this way, I know that I can contribute to making the world a greater place to stay in.

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