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Hillary Clinton offered this speech on 5th September 1995 at Beijing, China in the course of the U.N 4th World Conference at a Women Plenary Session. The speech is exceptional at recognizing females rights as human rights (American Rhetoric 1). Clinton’s posture and physique language offers an impression of bitterness versus the totally different inequalities subjected to women. Incidentally, Clinton graces the convention in a pink skirt swimsuit to seize womanly style. The theme of the speech is promo of women rights and acknowledgment of girls as crucial gender economically, politically and socially.

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The speech highlights the different abuses and discriminations that women take care of all through the globe. The tone of the speech is deeply sad. Clinton’s examples of different women rights abuses allow the audience to discover out with the issues. These abuses are triggered on ladies merely since they are thought of a lower gender. Hillary emphasizes on the importance of education, great well being care and work to girls. She utilized numerous rhetorical methods to ship and efficient, convincing and convincing argument on the importance of equality on females.

The paper seems for to assess how Hillary employed rhetorical techniques including pathos, rules and logos to guarantee that the theme is offered effectively.


Hillary understands the importance of participating feelings in delivering a strong argument. Clinton intends to develop a powerful reference to the viewers. Notably, Hillary’s physique language, facial expression and conviction of the guts join viewers emotions. Pathos is the rhetorical technique that is frequently employed in Hillary’s speech.

She highlights the assorted brutal situations that females are subjected to globally. For occasion, she states that in some parts of the world, being born a woman led to being drowned, starved or suffocated and at worse broken spine as a result of women usually are not valued within the society (American Rhetoric 2). She intends to draw sympathy and zeal to fight the vice. Clinton’s connection of selling women to slavery of prostitution is made to emphasize the level to which women rights are abused. She virtually drives the audience to tears when she notes that dousing women in gasoline, burning them to death as a result of their dimension of dowry is small, demonstrates critical human rights violation. She also sheds mild on women not being given opportunity to make decisions on the size of their families; hence, some are pressured to abort while others are sterilized towards the consent.


The audience is predicted to take motion against such abuses because the speaker states it with a deep conviction of the center. She claims this as a highest degree of brutality. Clinton employs pathos rhetorical method to infuse sympathy into viewers hearts. She notes that the folks doubting the importance of the conference should listen to voices of ladies at their homes, neighborhoods as properly as workplaces. Pathos rhetorical technique is employed to focus on the various areas of discrimination of ladies at all sectors of the society. A combination of pathos and ethos increases the zeal for agitation for women rights. She emotionally states that women regularly watch their children succumb to malnutrition precipitated by poverty and economic deprivation. It is true that many governments and monetary establishments fee women in one other way when analyzing credit worthiness.

Her assertion that women are denied the best for schooling by “own fathers and brothers” is emotionally disturbing however factual. Her posture in the course of the speech and facial expressions give emphasis on issues. It is emotional that some ladies work all evening as nurses, hotel clerks or chefs to guarantee that they stay with their kids during the day. To proceed, Clinton states emotionally that rape continues to be used as an instrument of armed conflict. Global refugees represent women and youngsters. This is disturbing given the situations which are skilled in refugee camps. Women discrimination is demonstrated by the continuous discussion of ladies rights separate from human rights. Moreover, she states that genital mutilation is a brutal, degrading and painful apply exercised on ladies.


Clinton’s speech highlights varied details and percentages to enhance credibility. Ethos is a rhetorical technique that acknowledges that credibility of a speech requires infusion of information and percentages of varied current statistical evidence. A speech that lacks information isn’t convincing. Therefore, Hillary creates psychological images to the viewers via stating various brutal facts on girls discrimination. She notes that ladies make up half of the global inhabitants. Additionally, she notes that about seventy percent of the worldwide poor and over two thirds of world inhabitants unable to read or write represent girls. This mental image seeks to cost the audience to demand for opportunities for girls to reverse the brutal statistics. Clinton effectively employs pathos and ethos when she notes that “It is a violation of human rights when the main cause of dying worldwide among ladies aged 14 – forty four is the violence they’re subjected to in their own houses by their own relatives” (American Rhetoric 3) Clinton’s speech is plausible when authentic facts are given. The audience is persuaded to proceed listening when reality is highlighted.

Access to credit, legal and political participation are dimensions girls are discriminated against. She is well informed regarding such points. Additionally, the audience connects nicely with these facts. Clinton states that there are individuals who doubt how financial and political progress mater to women and girls. She further emphasizes that conferences like this one compel governments and world viewers to pay attention, look and face world challenges together with the domestic violence addressed in Nairobi in 1985. This is factual. The use of ethos enhances the credibility of the speech and persuasion. Clinton highlights factual information on the contributions of assorted ladies across the globe. For occasion, Clinton states that Indonesian women meet regularly at their villages to converse on “nutrition, household planning and baby care” (Clinton 1). On the other hand, she highlights the contribution of South African women in struggle against apartheid.

Additionally, Denmark ladies express their consolation on conviction that their kids are secure and cherished after school. All this info assists in connecting Clinton to the global ladies audience. She demonstrates women thrive for financial prosperity mentioning Indian ladies who take loans for purchasing milk cows, rickshaws or thread. The significance of the connection is to point that availing credit score to girls would promote elevated success to households. Moreover, the information additional promotes the credibility of the speech. It is factual that though women are caretakers to most kids and elderly, they do not seem to be valued. Clinton facial expression on how historians, in style tradition and government leaders have ignored women is convincing.

The gestures promote a way of urgency to agitate for recognition and equality by fashionable society. Moreover, she highlights the plight of poor well being care by stating that “Women are also dying from diseases that should have been prevented or treated” (Clinton 2). This is factual. Economic deprivation and lack of schooling pressure some women into prostitution. For a long time girls are disadvantaged of entry to credit which implies poverty. It is factual that American ladies proceed struggling on minimum wages elevating children. Moreover, such ladies can not afford health care. The agility must be gender equality to make sure equal pay and access to credit for such women. Clinton recognizes that ladies should be engaged in political selections. In order to make certain that their vulnerability is tackled, it is significant to allow ladies as voters and as candidates for positions.

In fact, America had celebrated the seventy fifth anniversary of Women Suffrage. This implies that it had taken over 150 years for American girls to win the right to make a political choice via voting (American Rhetoric 3). Clinton employs ethos and pathos in highlighting the battle virtually in tears recognizing the efforts of various women and men to guarantee that ladies are concerned in political choices. The emotional enchantment and the sense of determination expressed by body language about the victory give the assurance that the struggle for girls rights is attainable.


Clinton’s speech is persuasive and the speaker delivers it in a reasonable method ensuring that the viewers is expounded properly to the issues. Logos are rhetorical methods that permit a speaker to declaim reasonably and persuasively in order to join with the audience by cultivating a collective agitation. Logos are used to point that the speaker is nicely educated on points the speech seeks to handle. Clinton develops logos by highlighting that “We come collectively in fields and factories, in village markets and supermarkets, in dwelling rooms and board rooms.” This assertion attracts the attention of all girls in varied social courses. She additional states the motion attracts girls washing clothes by the river or playing with their children, or even them taking a break on the workplace water cooler. She states that all ladies come collectively to specific their aspirations in addition to their considerations. Logos are used to attract the attention of the worldwide women population on necessity of women rights. Clinton explains to the audience the importance of women role in the society that if ladies are wholesome and educated, their households would succeed.

Additionally, she further states that if girls are freed from violence, given alternative to work and remunerated equally, their households would also succeed. Clinton understands that women are discriminated each at their houses and workplaces. She notes that the success of families translates to success of countries. The use of logos at this section of speech connects all women and men to grasp that the success of nation is determined by opportunities and therapy of females. She notes that everybody is essential in society that’s the reason “every girl, every man, each youngster, each family and every nation on this planet does have a stake in the discussions that happen here” (Clinton 2). Clinton additionally employs anaphora rhetorical technique to emphasize on numerous points. For occasion, she repeats the phrase, “It is a violation of human rights”. The repetition of the phrase lays emphasis on the importance of curbing the conditions and selling statement of human rights.

She also repeats the phrase “I have met” whereas expressing how various ladies, families and mothers she has met globally, are fighting for girls rights in varied ways. Her place as a primary girl and various encounters talked about serve to customize the battle for girls rights to the worldwide viewers. In conclusion, Clinton’s speech is styled uniquely. Initially, the writer thanks the organizers for invitation. The position of women and their societal positions is acknowledged. The speech is categorical in setting the necessary temper. The background of ladies rights agitation is developed stylistically. Clinton is tactical in making certain that the audience is developed to understand the inequalities girls continually face. She demonstrates how merciless the world is to girls.

The tactical intention of the speech is to cost the primary viewers as nicely as the global audience to recognize the place of women in the society. The combine between Pathos and ethos offers authenticity of components of ladies rights abuse. The assertive posture and emphasis of various points gives the look that urgent motion is important. This speech effectively creates an agitation mindset on all ladies. The speech concentrates on emotional appeals to acquire total assist by all audience. Clinton’s body language offers the required assertion on the audience. Her place gives the speech a higher authenticity in comparability with if another individual delivered the same speech. Notably, the simplicity of examples given facilitates efficient connection to the viewers. Finally, the speech is effective in creating agitation temper and assertive willpower to all women in the path of demanding for equality.

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