Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid”s “Girl”

The brief story ‘Girl’ as written by Jamaica Kincaid, is an thrilling and fascinating piece that depicts a quantity of elements from literature and a reflection of assorted features of society. Most of the story is told within the second particular person containing a dialog between a mother and daughter; the dialog is about how the daughter ought to behave, tips on how to go about doing her every day tasks, and her life. The dialogue because it flows depicts a quantity of objects perceived as a how-to-do listing and to-do listing.

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The narrative structure, the characters, using literary gadgets, and the use of poetic qualities have all been utilized within the growth and articulation of this parent to child relationship story.

The narrative construction for the brief story shows depicts the struggle that occurs between a baby and a mom. The improvement of the story depicts a wrestle between mother and daughter; the mother is depicted as teaching the daughter tips on how to be an honorable and ideal woman within the society and as a outcome of the plot develops; the mother gets demanding.

When the daughter raises concern about the mother’s remarks, her mom retorts it to a snapback situation. According to Rabea et al., (3) the mother tells the daughter to not stroll bare within the hot sun and in addition the mom reveals the daughter how to sew a button and likewise how to make a button-hole for the button that has been sewed on.

The characters within the short story embrace the mother and the daughter. The mother is the main speaker of the story.

She is depicted as giving out an extended string of recommendation to the daughter I instructing her of the way of operating a household, dwelling respectably and honorably. The mom is seen scolding the daughter within her knowledge phrases over issues of promiscuity, which shows she cares deeply about the daughter’s wellbeing. The daughter is depicted as listening to her mother’s speech and solely makes replies twice as regards to remarks and considerations made. According to Rabea et al., (3) the mother is depicted telling the daughter of how to love a person and even showing the daughter how to set the table for tea, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Repetition of a poetic high quality has been depicted within the story ‘Girl’ a number of. The numerous parts used in the literature piece depicting poetic qualities embrace line breaks and capital letters added in writing, making it seem like a poem, repetition has been used so much as a poetic gadget. With repetition a rhetorical gadget; is commonly utilized in each poetry and prose, and it stands for the repetition of the identical phrases or words in a bid to clarify a particular thought or on another notice to create emphasis on a specific level. On several occasions within the story, the phrase ‘this is how’ has been used to begin a sentence on expressing a selected way of performing a specific task by the mother (Rabea et al., 3). The word ‘don’t’ has additionally been used severally as the mother expresses explicit features she disapproves or does not need the daughter to do the particular acts. The word creates a memorable urgent rhythm within the storyline, and also it exhibits the strain that is entrenched within the dialog. The mother tells the daughter to not stroll bare within the hot sun and to not squat down and play marbles in the conversation (Rabea et al., 3).

The story depicts the literature gadget tone. There are two tones depicted within the story, which include an authoritative and defensive one. The mom is depicted on a quantity of occasions being authoritative to the method in which she expresses herself to the daughter. The mom tells the daughter to not squat all the way down to play marbles as she just isn’t a boy on an instance because the story develops (Rabea et al., 3). The daughter is depicted as defensive as she tries to defend herself from her mother’s accusations like singing benna on Sundays. She refutes such allegation even though the mother doesn’t seem to note she goes on with the conversation. On the story plot development, the daughter denies allegations by claiming she does not sing benna on Sundays in any respect, not even in Sunday faculty (Rabea et al., 3).


The story ‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid is an ideal and well-presented piece of literature. It has employed a quantity of literature kinds, and devices in a bid to make the story fascinating, charming and well-articulated in expressing the literature facet Kincaid wished to move of a mom to daughter relationship. The narrative structure, the characters, the literary parts, and gadgets like tone and repetition, a poetic high quality have all been used to enhance and develop the expression and articulation of this father or mother to child relationship literary piece.

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