Analysis of John Nash”s nobel prize speech

“I’ve all the time believed in numbers. In the equations and logics that result in cause; but after a lifetime of such pursuits I ask, what actually is logic? Who decides reason? My quest has take me via the bodily, the metaphysical, the delusional and back, and I even have made the most important discovery of my career… the most important discovery of my life. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical causes can be found.”

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This is a quote from John Nash’s fictional Nobel Prize speech.

In precise truth, he was by no means requested to talk upon his acceptance of the prize. Regardless, this combination of words still speaks a robust message, one that contradicts western society’s fashionable beliefs that love is irrational. He states that the one logical causes lie inside a sense, an emotion that we now have termed ‘love’. Nash was a person who lived his life based mostly on “verifiable, empirical data”. He believed in one thing only when he might explain why.

So why then would a mathematician of such high status ever state something that so blatantly went in opposition to his system of belief?

I imagine that this assertion came as a result Nash’s ordeal with schizophrenia. Because of his psychological disease Nash was pressured to have a look at life in a extra idealistic method. His trust in substantial proof was challenged as a outcome of his senses had betrayed him. His thoughts was not trustworthy. He noticed and talked and interacted with people that did not exist, people who solely he could see.

Everything he believed in was based on his ability to show its truth. When his judgement turned out to be flawed he wanted to discover another approach to discover the reality, a means that would differentiate his delusions from reality; a brand new type of logic.

Logic is defined as the science or methodology of reasoning. Most reasoning is dependent on visible, inarguable truth. However, John’s new logic depended largely on the consequences of one thing. He knew that his delusions had no interplay with the physical world. The little girl as she ran by way of the pigeons could not scatter them regardless of how much she shouted and “the prodigal roommate” could not open doorways on his own. In observation of this his decisions about whether one thing was actual or not relied on the effect it had on actuality.

John Nash goes on to say that his wife’s love is the one purpose he stood on a stage in Switzerland accepting the Nobel Prize. That she was the one reason he was alive; solely due to her love and devotion, her religion in his capacity to overcome and her belief that one thing extraordinary was possible. The astonishing impact that love had on his psychological well being was in reality his “verifiable, empirical data”. No different person had ever earlier than lived normally with schizophrenia, yet Nash was in a place to overcome his delusion and proceed his work solely due to the support his wife’s love provided.

When John Nash asked his future wife whether or not their love warranted a long-term dedication she requested him, “How huge is the universe?” He replied, “Infinite.” She retorted, “How do you know?” and he replied, “I know as a result of all the info signifies it’s infinite.” She continued, “But it hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

“No.” he stated. She continued to query, “You haven’t seen it?”

“No,” he repeated. “How have you learnt for sure?” she asked.

“I don’t, I just believe it,” he responded. She completed, “It’s the same with love I guess.” She had challenged him to think outside easy definitions of reality and to trust in what he knew in his coronary heart to be right as an alternative of what could be proven by an algorithm. So there have to be some truth to his statement. There may be no physical presence of affection but it can be compared to the wind. You can not see it but its results may be felt and could be seen in probably the most unimaginable works.

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